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Babaji      July 08, 2014

Beloved Babaji
David Christopher Lewis
July 8, 2014   7:00–7:10 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

I Come to Inspire You to a New Level of Spiritual Intensity on Your Journey

O, the rigors of the path. O, the joy of the fire that may be experienced within the initiatic journey. I hide myself from the profane, and I appear to the affluent of heart, those in whom God is etched with the eternal love fires of ruby compassion, that which heaven demands of those who seek immortality, oneness with their Source.

            As your Babaji, I come to inspire you to a new level of spiritual intensity on your journey. And I am here for any one of you who desires, truly, the path of initiation, with its rigors and sometimes with the branding love fires of the masters of the East who come to weld you to a higher identity and to goad you to a fresh new outlook beyond the human domain and the valleys of life, where accommodation of the not-self is the norm.

            How can we, O Lord Shiva, win them from that which allows them to remain surfeited in illusion? How can we incite them to this level of beingness that we know, which is only of God, in God, where love is present and the power of the Presence sings and soars within the soul. Some have sat at the feet of the Brotherhood for lifetimes and yet they have accommodated and acquiesced to a level of spiritual stasis, where progress has come to a halt. We must wean them from themselves. And therefore this day, the fire itself comes and delivers some who choose a higher walk with their own God Presence, a more intimate correspondence with us.

            O Lord Shiva, press in your fire now as you dance around them to burn through the concepts, the particles of an identity outside of the circle of our oneness with Brahma and Vishnu, and radiate that which each one requires as essential for his or her eternal union. Yes, we step up the heat for some because it is time for them to grow up. And how may this procession of Spirit occur unless a few are able to sustain, on behalf of many, the levels of intensity that are required for more aspirants to engage in the sacred journey with Morya El, Kuthumi, Djwal Kul, the Holy Family and us?

            There is a searing fire that descends now to touch those points of unreality within the lives of some who claim to be disciples and yet who know little about the rigors of the path. Let them feel what they have placed as a burden upon some, including this one who speaks for us, so that they will be humbled in their mien and know truly whereof this fount of light originates.

            Now, blessed ones, sing and soar and climb the highest mountain of perfection, the perfectionment of the heart, where illusion and maya recede and where Divinity shines forth in all her glory. If you desire me in your life, be ready always for the fire. Be ready for the Word and the transformational power of God within it that claims you as the new you each moment within the eternal Now.

            Shiva, I love you. Shiva, transform them. Shiva, dance with us today.

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