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Omega      June 22, 2014

Beloved Omega
David Christopher Lewis
June 22, 2014   12:00–12:19 pm MDT

Reconnect with the Divine Mothers: A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Blessing by Omega through the Ritual of the Cosmic Egg

Initiates of Light, Initiates of Life,

    I, Omega, come at the noon hour to charge you with radiance from the Great Central Sun and the original blueprint of your being—the seed ideation of your immaculate conception within our hearts. And in this action this day, there is the sanctification of your entire being, the full resplendent nature of who you are as a son, a daughter of the One.

            Within your incarnation in the realms of time and space in the matter cosmos, you are offered opportunity to breathe spiritual light and fire from within your being to materialize within these realms the eternal nature of Spirit where you are. And this day we come to remind you of your high and holy calling, your true nature, your divine beingness so that you may always retain the eternal memory of your God Parents, your oneness with us, the fountain and the source of light that is always available to you from within your heart and that will ultimately reunite you, in Spirit, with us, through the grace that we bear within our bosom for you, each one.

            O holy and precious ones, life is sacred, and the light that manifests through your life is near and dear to us. For we ever hold you within our embrace within the great Cosmic Egg of our greater being, and we nurture you through the subtleties of the spiritual food that we offer you. And the distillation of these divine quintessences, which are within the etheric substance everywhere in space around you, may be breathed in consciously, may be assimilated within your very blood and being every moment of your life. For within the power of the Now, which you, by your freewill experience, may live within, are all of our virtues, all of our offerings, all of our gifts to your dear hearts.

            Now I come, charging the substance within these eggs with my very spiritual fire. And there is imparted to each one a living flame, which will abide as a focus and a talisman of the purity of God within this representative form of the Omega light—the egg, from which all hatches to live. Dearest ones, in this impartation you may receive—as you draw this egg to your soul, to your heart, to any part of your form in a conscious moment of acceptance and of a willingness to receive the divine current embedded within it by me now—my love for you, my heart radiation, the living energy of a Cosmic Mother whom you call Omega. You see, my name, with the Om and the egg and the a, is there as a sanctifier, as a beatifier, as a boon and a blessing for those who always remember their mother as the one who gave them birth, who provided a platform for their life within form.

            You, as spiritual beings, are hallowed in this hour as a community of one, as a family of holy brethren and sisters living in dimensionless planes of being, united through love to one another's hearts.

Now as you come forth and I smile upon you as an essence and extension of us, of God, of the One, breathe in the love fires that we share and know a new spirit aborning within you, which I, Omega, transfer and provide for you, if you would have it, this day. We are one in the Great Central Sun always.

Messenger's comments:

  As this ritual is being enacted, please play continuously, until everyone has their talismanic egg, Hayley Westenra singing “Hine E Hine.” The first ones that may come forward are the children, from the youngest to the eldest child, and then everyone else.

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