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David Lewis      June 21, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Darshan (inspired by beloved Jesus)
June 21, 2014   12:29–12:38 pm MDT
Reconnect with the Divine Mothers: A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Question from the Spanish Group

Developing Discernment and Becoming Better Instruments for the Brotherhood

Spain's group is made up of people with great joy and great heart. Please give us tips for teachers to have a stronger bond with their I AM Presence and advance on the path to be better instruments for the Great White Brotherhood.

David:  The people of Spain are people of the heart, as I have personally witnessed, having been for a time in Barcelona and Madrid. When you have the development of the heart, at times you don't always have the mental faculties of discernment to know what to do and how to do it to make the biggest impact for God-good. This is a great question.

               The antidote to lack of discernment is education, and to be educated in the ways of the initiatic path is key for those who desire to be teachers. Therefore it is incumbent upon us and our leadership here at the central Hearts Center to find ways and means of making the Meru University courses available for you. This is being done already in Chile, and they are taking those courses and translating them and re-presenting them. So one thing you can do is to collaborate with the Chileans.

               You will develop a stronger bond with your I AM Presence when you have the teaching on how to develop that, which has already been released time and time again through all of our courses. It has already been presented in English. We simply have to find the way to offer it to you so that you can have it in your own language and share it in bite-size morsels. You can't feed someone who's new in the teachings the whole teaching at once. They can't digest it; they can't assimilate it. You have to give it to them in small portions. And then you have to work with them and ask them how it feels to hear the teaching. Can they can look at it in terms of their life now and see the meaning of it? If they had had this teaching before, would it have helped them to prevent an issue, a problem, maybe an abuse of someone else toward them, a karmic entanglement, or whatever, and if so, would they like to share their experience?

               Focusing on and having that strong bond with our I AM Presence will give us the keys day after day to advance on our path, to be better instruments for the masters and the Great White Brotherhood, because we will avoid the pitfalls in life that trap many people. For instance, you may get caught in a web through interactions with individuals who do not have your spiritual benefit uppermost in their consciousness. They may desire to use you, abuse you or to simply manipulate you, or whatever. When you begin to engage in relationships with certain individuals, you have to be able to discern what their true motive is. We can know that motive by understanding,
through education, the dynamics of relationships, asking questions and then developing discernment.

              Many, many lightbearers in this movement and in previous movements have gotten caught in entanglements with individuals who have ended up limiting their ability to soar, to shine and to develop their inner spiritual gifts. Sometimes these individuals do make you stronger because you have to develop that virya and that fire within to move higher. Yet for some, it's simply an entanglement that's very difficult to get out of. You may be married to an individual who is very limiting to your own sense of who you are and where you would like to go in your development. Yet at times that person may be the money earner for the family. So what do you do? How can you free yourself from these situations? You develop that strong tie with your I AM Presence by focus upon, meditation upon the Great I AM. You work day after day to both rekindle that relationship and affirm it, reaffirm it and make it stronger and more active and powerful through prayers, through all of the spiritual disciplines that we've already talked about.

               One final key is exercise. When I look at the people of the Ideal Society whom we have interacted with, as a whole they are in phenomenal health. They take care of themselves; they have a disciplined diet; they fast one day week; they do Paneurhythmy. I have been concerned, El Morya has been concerned about the health, vitality and well-being of many heartfriends in this movement. Take a lead from those at Jaffray; observe the way that they live in community. Then make amends with yourself and make a pledge, a vow to yourself that one of the primary things you will do from this day forward for the duration of your life is to take care of your physical body temple. Get the exercise and sleep you require. Drink enough water—pure, clear, crystalline water. Don't overwork yourself, even at home at the computer, or necessarily attend every morning session on the broadcast without properly tending to your body temple. If you're overweight or know in your heart that you have a problem in this area, it would be better for you to spend a half hour exercising than to always listen to the full two-and-a-half hour broadcast.

               Jesus is asking me to share with you that in my case, I sometimes go for a bike ride in the morning, as I did this morning. I went to the track, walked a mile, ran a quarter mile to get my lungs really going while I was solar gazing and praying the rosary, and then went home, took a shower and came here, because we sit a lot at these events. At least we have the Paneurhythmy. It's actually difficult to have your arms up. By the time we did this one [demonstrates position], boy, my arms were tired. We in our movement have a lot to do to take care of our temples because we only have a certain length of time on Earth. And yes, we can have that bond with our I AM Presence, but if our physical body is deteriorating, how do you maintain that bond?

               I think what Jesus is saying today is that we have to have a temple that is full of light, healthy and vital in order for that bond to our I AM Presence to be advanced, strong and true and for us to be the best instruments for the Great White Brotherhood that we can be. If your body temple is falling apart, you cannot be the best temple and instrument. This is Jesus' message to all of us. It's not just for the people in Spain; it's for all of us.

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