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David Lewis      June 21, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Darshan
June 21, 2014   12:15–12:29 pm MDT
Reconnect with the Divine Mothers: A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Ascended Master Madiba

Question: Beloved masters, Nelson Mandela has made his ascension and we in South Africa call him Tata Madiba. Can you tell us what his ascended name is and tell us more about his African Council portfolio? Also, can you tell us about one of his previous lives and how it prepared him for his final embodiment?

David: I believe I already shared, and you may not have heard, that his ascended name is Madiba. So you can refer to him as Master Madiba. If you desire to call him Tata Madiba, that's fine. He will respond either way. He'll also respond to Nelson Mandela, the more English, anglicized name that he took. Madiba has an inner meaning, and I don't know if that was shared at the time that this was released. He truly was a mother, m-a, and a divine, d-i, brother, symbolized by the b-a—a mother-divine-brother for his people.

            So that name integrates the Alpha and the Omega within his life, within his being on behalf of all the brethren in both South Africa and Africa as a whole, and on behalf of Africans, African-Americans and black people throughout the world who have looked to him for inspiration. They have seen him as a key to their own liberation within their own nations. People throughout the world responded to what happened in South Africa when apartheid finally ended. Even though things were not perfect immediately, it took time and is still taking time to allow for divine and human justice to manifest throughout that nation. At least the process was begun; the flame of truth was manifest; and a stand was made for freedom, equality and liberty.

            As far as one of his previous lives and how it prepared him, what I am seeing from the heart of beloved Jesus is that in one incarnation on Atlantis, Madiba was a very humble representative of an area of Atlantis where people were thought less of than in certain other areas because they were poor. In that area they did not have as many of the riches that other areas of Atlantis had, with their industrialization, with the flying machines, with solar power, et cetera. These people actually chose to live a more humble life, being more integrated with nature than those in the great cities of Atlantis. They chose this because of their deep inner spirituality and because they saw what was happening through the decline of Atlantis.

            In that incarnation, Madiba would travel from that area to the central city—I guess you could call it Poseideas, a very large city—and he would speak with great authority, alacrity and persuasiveness on behalf of his people, about the ways of the humble initiates who chose a life of service, a life of living in the natural world. At times he warned against strategies that were being implemented by those who saw them as imperative for Atlantis, because he perceived, with his great vision, that they would ultimately be destructive to that culture.

            Through his insight and attunement, both with the Divine, with the Great White Brotherhood and with his people, he was able to persuade some, yet not all, to change course. The few that did respond were those who themselves had inner attainment and were able to save many individuals who left Poseideas, the great city, and with other initiates traveled to other parts of the globe to retain certain records, to bring certain focuses of light and to actually deliver very important documents, records and foci, as I said, of that civilization to various areas of the globe. He was one of the ones who helped his people to maintain their spirituality. Even though many did ultimately perish, their souls moved on.

            What I'm seeing through this record being outplayed is that within the African Council of the Great White Brotherhood, which he is now a representative for and of at their table, he is advocating similar understandings. He sees that permaculture is a very important element of the change and shift that is required in the Earth and that it is essential for it to be embraced throughout the Earth, especially by these humble native peoples, who have often lived very close to nature and know nature in its integrity, much more so than the people who live in the great cities.

            He is collaborating with George Washington Carver in this regard, who is an ascended master, and other amazing divine personages to attempt to transform Africa from within so that her resources are secured from the international bankers, the International Monetary Fund, the World Bank and those who basically go in there and pillage and rape the nations of the resources that they deem essential to their ultimate schemes and plans. With the right leadership a lot of this can be averted and the people can live in peace and in harmony in the natural world. Of course, many of the native peoples of Africa and other nations did live primarily in peace before a certain perversion of industrialization came, whereby through mining and other activities their resources were stolen.

            So it's a problem for these nations, for these peoples that the powers that be, which we can refer to as “the powers that were,” are continuing to try to stifle the divine plan within these nations. Having so recently ascended, Madiba is a great advocate for peoples of light, and especially the humble ones throughout the Earth, who often feel powerless to stand up to and deal with these international forces of darkness. We can pray for leadership within all nations and especially amongst tribes, amongst those peoples that don't have an articulate representative, one who can stand in truth for them without resorting to the more destructive aspects of violence and force to coerce people to follow their ways.

            One of the things Madiba is integrally involved in is raising up inspired leadership so that we don't have situations that we see in a number of nations in Africa where individuals come forward with the power of the sword, the gun to destroy and to take, to rape women and to kill children of other cultures or tribes, et cetera. He is advocating a type of leadership through the sponsoring of young people who are empowered through education to make their mark for their people in the light.

            So you can see how this is very crucial to the saving of, often, thousands and tens of thousands of lifestreams, because when these dark ones come in to Rwanda or Sudan or wherever they are and do their dirty work, souls are impacted. Lightbearers are caught in the web, and very well-meaning individuals who have an impulse for freedom, divine justice and liberty sometimes get caught up in movements that are not always of the highest light. He himself was an example of one who at one point advocated violence because they saw no other way. They felt trapped in a matrix of ignominy and injustice within South Africa. Yet because of the intensity of his inner fire, his sense of divine justice, true freedom, equality and liberty, he has learned the lessons and can very articulately exemplify and share them with the inspired leadership on that council of the Great White Brotherhood so that they can then implement their strategies in the Earth.

           I am seeing him clothed in this amazing garment of divine Kente cloth and radiating such power and fire that you almost literally have to shield your eyes to see the blazing love within his heart for all of humanity and for the peoples of Africa.

            So thank you, Madiba. And all that teaching can be transcribed and be part of our book if we desire.

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