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Sarasvati      June 19, 2014

Beloved Sarasvati
David Christopher Lewis
June 19, 2014   11:15–11:24 am MDT

Reconnect with the Divine Mothers: A Summer Class for Soulful Devotion
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

A Song of Love from the Heart of Beloved Sarasvati

I am loving your soul; I am loving your spirit. I am soothing your soul now, my beloved children. I am washing you now in light. I am caressing you in the radiance of joy. I am here shining my light within your spirit, your being.1

            I AM Sarasvati. I am pure grace to you. I am your advocate of light, light, light and more. Lovely ones, come with me now as we fly to the sky. Come with me now, soaring higher, higher, higher to the sun. We are one in the sun now as we play with the devas. We are one in the sun now, dearest ones, of my heart.

            Playfully calling you, I supply you with those resources you require to live ever in love, dearest ones of my heart. I am your friend; I am your benefactor; I am your grace; I am your mercy field. I am one with you now and evermore, Sarasvati of the East.

            I have come at the call of Krishna; I have come at the behest of Brahma. I have come to serve with Shiva and his own beloved. Where is Vishnu? He is playing hide-and-seek, and we find him behind a tree. Where is Ganesha? He is easy to see, with his mighty being everywhere.

            If you would only be a child again, as Lakshmi has said this day,2 you would find your soul suffused in love. Dearest ones, God is amazing. If you would simply be who you are as a star, as a child, as an angel, you would know so much more of the lovely ways of the Mothers of heaven. For we are simply here for you to know.

            Therefore be at peace with yourself. Hug yourself every day. Feel valued and appreciated in the love-field that God has brought you, and in this you will always be happy, joyous and carefree. For love is our way, and love is a ray of the sun as it shines in your world, in your heart. O beloved ones, I am here shining rays. Have no fear—I dissolve every burden, every care of your heart. And now I kiss you, I kiss you, I kiss you on your heart.

            Brahma shares with me the divine image of each of you, which I place as a beautiful lei of light upon you now for you to ever behold yourself as the new you, the lovely you, the gracious, the beautiful you. Precious ones, I love you.

1. With the exception of the final paragraph, this HeartStream was sung by beloved Sarasvati.
2. Lakshmi delivered a HeartStream immediately preceding Sarasvati's.

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