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Heartstreams Database-Messages From the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
12/6/16 26m Jesus Jesus' Dictates
12/4/16 42m Deborah TimberlakeThe Directors Share The Hearts Center's 2017 Business Plan
12/3/16 28m Goddess of Liberty Goddess of Liberty's Dictates
12/5/16 27m Cyclopea Cyclopea's Dictates
12/4/16 27m Godfre Godfre's Dictates
12/2/16 27m Saint Germain Saint Germain's Dictates
12/2/16 15m Victory Mighty Victory's Dictates
12/1/16 50m Maitreya Lord Maitreya on Loving-Kindness during Teleclass
12/1/16 26m Peter Deunov Spanish Services 2016
11/30/16 2m David LewisWith Your Support Our YouTube Videos Will be Found by Web Search Engines
11/30/16 15m Carla BaughmanLady Goodwill Speaks on the Dynamics of Sung Prayers and the Music of the Spheres
11/30/16 27m David LewisSecret Masters' Dictates
11/29/16 20m Serapis Bey Serapis Bey's Dictates
11/28/16 27m Divine Director Divine Director's Dictates
11/27/16 9m Claire BrownCampaign of Gratitude: How Your Giving Today Will Support Us in Early 2017
11/27/16 27m David LewisDavid Shares Comments from El Morya on Numerous Timely Subjects
11/26/16 26m Djwal Kul Djwal Kul: Exercise and Find the Divine Point of Balance in the Center of Your Being
11/24/16 12m Jesus Jesus' 2016 Thanksgiving Message
11/21/16 28m Saint Germain Saint Germain Enfires Us With the Light of Cosmic Freedom
11/20/16 36m Saint Germain Saint Germain Answers New Darshan Questions from Disciples on Advanced Alchemy—Part 2
10/15/16 27m Saint Germain Helping People in Pain and People Newly Entering the Path
11/18/16 27m Alena Alena Spiritualizes Our Auras and Quickens Our Consciousness Through her Crystal Fire
11/17/16 3m Cathleen AlexanderReasons to Support Our Campaign of Gratitude from The Hearts Center Treasurer
11/16/16 14m Jesus Jesus' Discourse on the Holy City Meditation DVD
11/15/16 28m El Morya El Morya Charges Wall Street to Return America to a Righteous Economic Culture
11/13/16 1h 13m Saint Germain Saint Germain Answers New Darshan Questions from Disciples on Advanced Alchemy—Part 1
11/12/16 27m Igor Igor Teaches Us How to Be Spiritual Warriors
11/11/16 15m Brahma Brahma Speaks as a Loving Father to Our Souls
10/15/16 21m Arcturian Arcturian, An Ancient Solar Lord of the Seventh Ray from Arcturus
10/15/16 1h 19m David LewisDavid's Life Story, More on The Angel Deva and The Spirit of Chile, A Mother's Role in Initiating her Children on the Path, the Attributes of Aqua Teal, and Uncreating Maya
10/15/16 10m Spirit of ChileThe Essence of Your Being is My Essence
10/15/16 14m Saint Germain The Release of "Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy" in Spanish
10/11/16 22m Jesus Music that Uplifts Us, Sustaining the Love Frequency, A Supreme Alchemy for Our Children Who Smoke, Overcoming the Fear of Public Performing
10/11/16 22m Jesus Our Personal Divine Muse Inspires and Works with Us in Our Creative Expressions
10/13/16 10m Victory Victory Mirthfully Urges Us to Prepare Our Stories of Victory that He Will Present as a Gift to the Karmic Board on Christmas Day
10/13/16 44m Casimir PoseidonHow to Reach and Serve Children, Growth of Small International Groups, Outings in Nature with the Youth, How to Secure a Dispensation from the Masters
10/13/16 13m Casimir PoseidonWe Can Call to Casimir Poseidon as We Co-Create a Culture of Beauty in The Hearts Center
11/9/16 7m David LewisUnity and Micah Work Closely with the Holy Spirit
11/9/16 6m David LewisThe Miracle Shield of Faith
10/13/16 8m El Morya The 7 Rays and 5 Crystal Rays outpictured throughout the Spanish-Speaking World
10/12/16 18m Sanat Kumara Sanat Kumara Reflects on Examples of How We Heartshare and Awaken Souls through God's Love
11/8/16 23m El Morya El Morya on Investing in God's Will
10/12/16 13m El Morya The Sponsoring Masters Speak of the Expansion of The Hearts Center Worldwide through Loving Collaboration
11/6/16 9m Steven MillerHearts Center Council Update by Council President: November 6, 2016
11/6/16 36m David LewisCyclopea and Virginia: The Joy of God-Vision
11/5/16 29m Kuthumi Use Loving-Kindness and Compassion to Transmute Reactivity to Injustice
11/4/16 31m David LewisBenefits of the Tithe by El Morya
11/2/16 13m Pallas Athena Pallas Athena: U Reap What You Sow
10/10/16 11m Mother Mary Mother Mary Speaks of the Importance of Prayer and the Rosary and Blesses the Pilgrims in the National Cathedral
11/1/16 26m Afra Afra and Saint Germain Raise Our Souls and the Earth with Violet-Joy Light
11/1/16 20m David LewisThe Dynamics of Chelaship and the Messengership through Public Initiations
10/30/16 10m Lakshmi Lakshmi Speaks of Her Second Coming with Vishnu to Us Now
10/28/16 32m John the Beloved Teachings on the Book of Revelation
10/27/16 14m Mother Teresa Mother Teresa on Purity, Patience and Peace
10/27/16 14m Cathleen AlexanderHearts Centers and Heartfriends Groups of the U.S.A.
10/15/16 21m Arcturian A Gift of the Amplification of the Violet Ray of Cosmic Transformation
10/15/16 12m El Morya El Morya Praises Heartfriends in Chile on the Release of the Aura book in Spanish
10/26/16 12m Jesus Jesus Sends a Ray of Light into the Earth, Impelling Us to Be the Christ
10/23/16 21m David LewisUsing Radical Forgiveness to Co-Create a Beautiful Divine World
10/9/16 15m Divine Director 2016 Argentina Conference
10/9/16 21m Divine Director 2016 Argentina Conference
10/9/16 8m Cuzco 2016 Argentina Conference
10/7/16 26m El Morya Teaching on the Threefold Flame
10/21/16 18m David LewisThe Alchemy of Public Confession and Forgiveness with Kuan Yin
10/20/16 29m David LewisReflections on the World Today and Our South America Trip
10/7/16 9m Holy Spirit The Holy Spirit Breathes the Holy Breath of God upon Us
10/8/16 13m Amethyst 2016 Argentina Conference
10/8/16 23m Zadkiel 2016 Argentina Conference
10/8/16 6m David Lewis2016 Argentina Conference
10/8/16 11m Kuan Yin 2016 Argentina Conference
10/9/16 37m Lanello 2016 Argentina Conference
10/9/16 9m Helios God Is the Answer to Everything
10/9/16 19m Emerald Ray Masters 2016 Argentina Conference
10/8/16 10m Hercules 2016 Argentina Conference
10/8/16 9m Saint Germain 2016 Argentina Conference
10/7/16 16m Michael Michael and Faith Spread Their Wings around South America
10/4/16 9m Faith Faith Seals Our Canadian Trip to Banff with Her Shield and Light of Joy
9/29/16 12m Michael Archangel Michael's 2016 Michaelmas Address on Friendship with Him and the Angels
10/2/16 35m David LewisLineage of Our Gurus and Our Mission Together to Transform the Earth
9/26/16 19m El Morya El Morya on Feeling God within to Align with the Will of God
9/25/16 20m David LewisThe Alchemy of Our Spiritual Harvest
9/23/16 13m Guru Nanak Guru Nanak: Seek and Find the Golden Light of Illumination within
9/22/16 25m Omraam Omraam on Solar Knowing
9/21/16 1h 28m David LewisDarshan with Saint Germain and Mother Mary — Follow-up on 2016 Body, Mind and Spirit Expo, Skokie, IL
9/21/16 19m David LewisThe Mantle of Messengership and the Dynamics of Prophecy
9/21/16 16m Krishna Krishna Helps Us to Feel the Love of God
9/20/16 3m David LewisDavid's Comments after Mother Mary's HeartStream
9/20/16 27m Mother Mary Mother Mary Requests a 50-Day Vigil of Rosaries to Protect America and the World
9/14/16 13m Padma Sambhava Padma Sambhava Leads Us in a Planetary Alchemy in Mindfulness
9/11/16 26m El Morya El Morya Calls Us to Repurpose Our Lives to Help Save America
9/10/16 16m Volta Lord Volta Charges the Earth With Cosmic Light
9/9/16 32m Unity Unity Blazes Forth the Light of Oneness Around the World
9/8/16 24m Compassion Compassion Speaks to Souls Everywhere of Divine Love
9/6/16 11m Jackie FlederMusings on How We Get from Where We Are Now to a Divine Economy
9/4/16 23m El Morya Discourse on the Initiation of the Visitation and How to Prepare For It
9/3/16 32m Maha Chohan Maha Chohan Inspires Us to Teach, Share and Deliver the Teachings Worldwide
9/1/16 20m Ahura VajraAhura Vajra Charges the Earth with Cosmic Radiance
8/31/16 15m Lanto Lanto Re-minds Us to Be Mindful
8/29/16 26m Clare de Lis Clare de Lis Shares Insights on the Importance of Our Spiritual Work
8/19/16 22m Godfre An Understanding of Commitment, Accountability and Responsibility