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David Lewis      May 04, 2014

Beloved Saint Germain
David Christopher Lewis
May 4, 2014 12:09–12:22 pm MDT

Saint Germain's New Alchemical Formulas for Spiritual Success
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Getting Beyond the Sense of the Limitations of Time

David:  Does anybody have any others questions or comments or sharing regarding the seminar, any points that you feel are unresolved or that you would like clarification on? Feel free to text or to get up in front of a mic and speak.

Participant 1:  I've got a question, and it's probably evident to everyone else here, but it's something that I struggle with. I think I have at least some mastery in getting projects done and with alchemy in general. What I run up against is that it requires my attention and time, significant time. There are a lot of things that I could do. There are things that our leadership of The Hearts Center passionately would like to get done, and I feel that as a pressure. I don't blame them or anything like that, but there are just a lot of different things.

            There are many, many, many more things than I feel that I have time to do, and I'm left with this idea that I have to just focus on one at a time and do my best, and they can only happen in a certain time. But I frequently get frustrated and I wish that God would just give me a way to get them done faster. I actually fall into some resentment that I don't have a little more magic sometimes. I remember at least another lifetime where I could do full-on instant precipitations and levitate and things like that. So I get a little bit frustrated and maybe resentful that I can't do that anymore. I only want it in order to get these things done for The Hearts Center, so it seems like the motive is right, but I am just looking for a resolution. Maybe it would be good for all of us to hear it.

David:  First of all, you have already done phenomenal work. You have to put everything into perspective so that you never enter the state of being self-critical or blocking the flow through frustration or anxiety, because that will just divert energies. You don't do that as a whole. It's just that I feel this frustration in your voice. You actually used that term. You also said the word struggle. When you keep using those words—struggle, frustration—you're recreating that. So the first thing is to not use those words, because you actually are at times in this state—not 99 percent of the time. But the 1 percent of the time when you feel that frustration, anxiety or struggle, you're your own worst enemy. This is true for all of us. This is a teaching for all of us.

So how do we get beyond the sense of the limitations of time? We expand time by looking at things from God's timetable, which is timeless and universal. We focus on love as it is outpictured through whatever we're doing and realize that love will perform the alchemy of whatever we're working on in the perfect timetable without there being concern or undue contempt for the fact that we seem limited in this body temple and that being somewhat limited is part of the dynamic of living at this time on Earth. We just accept that limitation and then move through it without feeling frustration, anxiety, tension or the sense of struggle.

            The one thing the Master encourages you to do is to multiply yourself by using at least a quarter of your time in training others, because there will come a time when you will not be here. You are carrying so much for this movement on your shoulders, on your back that it would fruitful for you to look at the totality of your life and realize that you have to begin now to pass some torches, to train others or find others who have your skill sets in order that you can do other work that has to be done even beyond your lifetime. If you can focus in your mediation on seeing this as crucial for the movement as well as for you, then you can step back, feel the release of the pressure and realize that by using more of your time in training—and I'm not just talking about training someone to do little things here and there, I'm talking about training someone who will actually be your replacement—then you will feel new energies coursing through you of joy and happiness that everything will happen according to the right cycles and we will fulfill everything we're supposed to fulfill.

            I've thought of this myself in terms of who's going to carry on when I'm gone? The Holy Spirit gave the answer that the Holy Spirit will pick the person. It's not up to the leadership of The Hearts Center, necessarily, to say that they approve this one person or this other person, or whatever, and fight over it. The Holy Spirit will move as the Holy Spirit is directed and as the Holy Spirit directs the individual who will come forth to carry on the mission. I, David Lewis, won't dictate it, and I won't necessarily choose my successor or the person who will carry on. The Holy Spirit will do it. So when you're in league with and in tune with the Holy Spirit, you will be at the right place at the right time, and you are 99 percent of the time. No one is saying that you're not doing a perfect job already. I think everyone appreciates you. [applause]

Participant 1:  I do feel appreciated, honestly. It's not that.

David:  I know. However, all of us—the president, vice president, treasurer, secretary—can think about and spend part of our energy and time in training and in helping those who are coming after us. __________ has been treasurer for a number of years and __________ is taking over. Has __________ had the time to meet with __________ on a regular basis and share some things? No, probably not, because she's been maxed out on another project, maybe two or three projects. And __________ has been maxed out working for the San Mateo event and now for Mount Shasta, and she was working with me and is continuing to work with me on a project. __________ is not the only one who is maxed out.

            Maximus can help us to not live in this sense of feeling maxed out. Maximus, come forth and find those who will help __________ and help all of us to feel fulfilled, to accomplish things according to the right timetable without frustration, anxiety, tension, stress or a sense of burden. Maximus, we know that in you we find the perfect space of beingness and that everything will magically be fulfilled in divine order, according to cosmic cycles and that we will be happy in the process. We will simply be able to levitate, move through walls and accomplish miracles in magnanimous and wonderful ways. We are grateful. Amen.

Participant 2:  First of all, I would like to thank Saint Germain for making this available, for your role, David, and all the people behind the scenes, and of course the people who have supported me in getting me from the San Mateo event to the event here in Mount Shasta.

Two things come to mind. Yesterday you mentioned through Saint Germain that the symbols of alchemy were present in my aura. So I'm definitely interested in what I need to do personally to activate those and utilize those in their full capacity in being of service. In the personal clearing I got from you in San Mateo, you mentioned that Heros was making himself available to work with me. So in the context of the workshop we've had this weekend, how to work with Heros to maximize alchemical mastery?

David:  Great questions. These formulae and these symbols that are matrices of light in your aura are there for you to draw forth consciously through meditation and through actually working with Saint Germain and with Heros and Amora. Heros is the Elohim of love. I think we all feel your soul and your love in what you've already shared. So it will be wonderful for you to have this sponsorship and for you to be divinely inspired in whatever you do, through your loving attitude, your loving ways, your loving life, to draw forth that love and use these symbols in your aura for divine magic and for alchemy.

            What are these symbols? It's not really for me to reveal today before everyone else. It's between you and Saint Germain, and you and God. I can assure you that they are additional formulas that will be revealed as time unfolds in your life. You have already prepared yourself to teach, to share, to expedite and facilitate things. Your training in facilitation has obviously been great and you have a way with words, with your voice and with your speech patterns that can really help Saint Germain and the masters in a number of ways.

            I would find opportunities to share the ascended masters' teachings in the area where you live and to make The Hearts Center, the ascended masters, Saint Germain more common knowledge. Let people know what we're doing, about upcoming opportunities with events, pilgrimages, Meru University courses and anything that you desire to initiate where you live. If you work in conjunction with others in that area, there's a lot that you guys can do. I'm expecting great things, and Saint Germain is expecting great things from the heartfriends in that area of San Francisco, San Jose, where you've lived, et cetera. And those in Northern California, Mount Shasta, Saint Germain is expecting great things from you.

            Now that we've had this class, more will be expected of you because you have greater keys and you have greater light. You have all of this teaching. One of the first things that__________, the transcribers and I will be doing is taking all of this teaching, getting it transcribed and getting it ready for the book. When the book comes out, those of you who have paid or will pay in full the $333 will get ten copies of the book. Right there Saint Germain had a strategy for marketing his book. How many people do we have attending all over? Probably over sixty people, right? Sixty times ten is six hundred books. Boy, we're going to be spreading his message far and wide right from the get-go, right from the word go.

            I am looking forward to great things from all of you who have taken this class in terms of your alchemical work. Saint Germain is recommending that as your alchemies are completed and fulfilled that you please notify me and The Hearts Center to share your victories, because there is great joy when you are victorious in accomplishing an alchemy, and we should celebrate those victories.

            Now that we've said all this, let's celebrate the victory of this class—form a circle both here and in Mount Shasta, hold hands, and we're going to do a little alchemy.

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