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David Lewis      May 03, 2014

Beloved Saint Germain Darshan 
David Christopher Lewis
May 3, 2014   6:58–7:05 pm MDT
Saint Germain's New Alchemical Formulas for Spiritual Success
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Sharing on Devotion

Calling for Divine Intercession for Those Who May Have Left the Path

 Any other sharing?

Participant:  I wanted to talk about devotion. Devotion has been the center of my path with God, because when I feel that love for God it's like doors open. I can see; I can hear; and it's just that devotion to God that opens many things. So through devotion I have been able to sometimes just think of a group of people and transport myself and see myself all dressed in white, sometimes with my rosary, praying and giving light to a lot of people. So I can be in Honduras sometimes—I can be in many places—and it's just through devotion. So I wanted to give this sharing because I think that it's important that everybody knows how important devotion to God is. That's the only thing that makes me see or transport myself, that love for God. It's not me; it's God. Thank you. [applause]

David:  Thank you. When you are devoted to God, Deity votes through you. In other words, Deity, God, emanates through you when you are devoted to God. So I vote for El Morya, I vote for Saint Germain, I vote for God to be the leader of humanity and of every nation and to inspire our leaders. And by my devotion to the One, I know that God votes or moves through me and through all of you. My path has also been one of devotion, and I've shared that many times—devotion to the Divine Mother, especially Mother Mary. And I know that that devotion is what has carried me for forty years on the path, in this life at least. Anybody else? Yes, go ahead.

Participant:  I'd like to know what we can do for our brothers and sisters out there who have chosen to go other ways, having once been part of the light.

David:  You can call to the restored angels to overshine them and help them to be restored to their perfect path. We don't necessarily know everyone's perfect path. We may sense that people should be doing something, from our perspective, and I probably feel this a lot myself. In a sense, that may actually be a little bit of judgment or dualistic thinking, and I admit that sometimes I enter that realm of consciousness. What I think you're sharing is that some people seem to have been really invested and then lapsed into old patterns, where maybe they're smoking, drinking, doing things that we know are not to their highest benefit. Maybe they're not involved in praying at all. Maybe they've entered a materialistic life. I think that's what you're referring to.

               The restored angels have a commitment to souls like this because they themselves were restored from darkness to light by angelic divine intercession when they finally bent the knee and said, “Okay, I get it now. I will serve the light only.” So because they themselves have been restored and received this grace of divine nourishment, they are invested in the lives of those who are temporarily lost. We can also call to Jesus himself because we know that he descended into the astral plane to preach to souls who were caught in the astral to free them. And he's a great initiate and one who so many people on the Earth pray to, and he has a lot of power to transform people. Look what he did with Saul, who became Paul. Look what he's done with thousands and millions of individuals, even through fundamentalist preachers and teachers who call people to the altar. Fundamentalism isn't all bad. People do get freed from the shackles of a very worldly existence when they praise Jesus and call upon him and see him as a savior. So it's not a bad thing, because people are at all different levels of awareness.

               Now, for those who once served the light very emphatically in a particular ascended-master movement and are no longer seemingly engaged, I think we should first withdraw our own judgment from the process and allow God, in God's timetable and through their Higher Selves, to dictate what they should be doing. Yet we can call to the restored angels, Jesus, the archangels and the archeiai and, the Master says, the rescue angels. Archangel Michael himself is a great rescue angel. So if we do novenas on behalf of friends, people that we've loved and cherished who maybe were involved in an ascended-master movement, these prayers do effect change and help life. So we can call to the restored angels, Jesus, the rescue angels, the archangels and archeiai—that's what Saint Germain is sharing.

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