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David Lewis      April 04, 2014

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
April 4, 2014   9:00–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

A Tribute to El Morya on His Birthday

Good morning, everyone. God bless you. Today is El Morya's birthday, and it was also the birthday of my father, Robert Odel Lewis, now an ascended master. On this fourth day of April 2014—4/4/14—I would like to use this opportunity to share my appreciation for the Spirit of the Father, the Spirit of Alpha, Spirit itself manifest through the masculine energy of the Divine One, who comes to inspire us, to motivate us, to encourage us and at times to spur us onward to victory.

            I remember one of the first HeartStreams I heard from El Morya through Elizabeth Clare Prophet, in which he said that he was cracking the whip and encouraging the caravan of The Summit Lighthouse to move forward victoriously. Obviously this was a metaphor, which is what El Morya often uses to help us move beyond the constraints of our lesser self, our sense of limitation and that which allows us to remain in a certain state of consciousness where we are not making the most progress or evolving to the level that, at least through El Morya's vision, we could if we put in the effort, the time, the energy, the devotion.

           I love El Morya as a father, as a holy brother, as the Lord of the first ray, the chohan of God's holy will. As a sponsor of our movement, El Morya is intimately and intricately involved in the doings, the happenings of our movement at all levels: the work of our staff, both paid and volunteer, and the energy of each heartfriend invested, through their givingness, in these morning broadcast services, all of our evening services, our events, our Meru courses, every prayer that they utter, every meditation that they engage in, every conscious word that they speak, and their lives lived to the glory of God.

How can one master truly understand all of what we all are going through? How can one master be so invested in each one of our lives to this level and extent? To me this is miraculous and yet indicative of this master's great attainment and God-consciousness. Even as the Lord God, through the All-Seeing Eye of God, beholds all of life, loves all of life, is invested in all of life, so a true ascended being, one with God, can multiply consciousness to the extent that he is able to know us intimately, to understand our path of initiation, where we are on our Solar journey and then be there energetically and spiritually for each one of us in the most miraculous and wonderful way.

When we give that prayer “I AM the One”1 and accept the radiation, the light-energy, the beingness that comes when we align ourselves with El Morya, he is there for us and works for us as a true father figure works for his children. You may think back to that which your father did for you, and hopefully you had a positive role model. If you didn't, look no further than El Morya (as many look to Jesus the Christ) for one who can father you, can dote on you, can nurture you, teach you, guide you, direct you.

These ascended-master father figures are amazing spiritual benefactors for all of us on the planet. And when a chohan of the ray, who emulates the Divine and who, through adulation of the One Source, can stream to us the light-energy that we require to master ourselves on the first ray of God's will, protection, direction, we can find ourselves moving in a higher orbit. We can see and feel ourselves engaged at a higher level. We go through the gear shifts, from first to fourth and maybe much higher, as we accelerate in consciousness, as we master ourselves through the various initiations that we are presented with throughout our lives. And with El Morya's overshining Presence, we move through them swiftly, without undue altercations with our lesser self. We move through them with alacrity, with self-mastery, with courage, with dauntless inner strength. We are the dauntless ones.

We are the intrepid ones, with El Morya, in this movement because we have taken the reins of God-power into our hands. We do not do this because of the human; we do this as co-creators, fully cognizant of our responsibility as initiates, adepts-in-the-making, masters-to-be, fully, where we are right now upon Earth. We take responsibility; we accept it. We accept that we co-create the world in which we live by our awareness, our conscious presence. We accept the authority that comes when we take this responsibility for every action, every thought, every word, every vibration, every feeling. Because we are taking responsibility, we are given greater authority and power to co-create in this world. And this comes because, as sons and daughters of God, we have applied ourselves to the divine principles and values and virtues of this new Solar Reality that we are living within.

            El Morya stands as an iconic figure, as a true shining light to the world of what a virtuous one can be who follows the lead of heaven, who remains tethered to the truth, the way and the life of the Christ, the Buddha and the Divine Mother. Through many incarnations El Morya passed the tests of God-obedience, obedient to the last breath—to God first and to man second, to God first and to king second, even to the point of being beheaded or killed because he stood firm as a man for all seasons before his king to fulfill the higher law of the Divine rather than bend to the human law created by the ego of a tyrant who had compromised himself and therefore was not in good stead with the Lord God.

Are we in good stead with God? Are we following the lead of the Master Morya through thick and thin to fulfill our purpose, our raison d'etre in this lifetime? Are we engaged at the level that we know in our souls is required of us to reach our destiny in this lifetime and fulfill all that we came to this Earth to accomplish? It's a question we can ask ourselves each day. And if we find that we are in that lower gear, first or second instead of third or fourth, then we can step back, observe, regather our forces and be reenergized in El Morya's Presence and by the diamond, shining light that he bears for us and within us so that we can make the progress required.

America has been a great nation because of the drive of her people to succeed, to accomplish, to discover, to be intrepid and to find new resources, new energies, new patterns of perfection. And through the acumen of the power of God through the Holy Spirit, America has been a model of freedom for the world. Yet much of this previous attainment is right now under duress, challenged by the energies of compromise, ineffectiveness, laziness, stupidity and that which could tear apart the delicate fabric of the sponsorship of this nation by the ascended masters.

We need look no further than ourselves to find areas within our own being where we have been lax, unfulfilled, have wasted resources, time, energy and the spiritual power that has been vouchsafed to us within our causal body and within our freewill opportunity to live as God-conscious ones. And if we find those patterns that we are not really proud of, if we find those compromising attitudes or situations that we have accommodated on a regular basis through habit patterns or simply through nonfocus or lack of deep devotional love to the One Source, we can choose to make changes, self-transform, grow and accept greater responsibility. And no matter what our age—twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties and nineties or more—there is still work to be done; there is still self-mastery to accept and model. There yet remains the work of the Lord before us, for the fields truly are white to the harvest and yet the laborers are few.2 And therefore the labor that we take up may be a little bit more than what most people are capable of doing, and yet, by God's grace and by the fact that we have taken responsibility, we can do that extra credit and fulfill what maybe two or three or four others normally would fulfill.

When I look at the schedule that we have accepted—the travel, the services, the resources that we are providing through the broadcast, the courses, the events, the pilgrimages, the HeartStreams—it is daunting. And yet together we are up to the task. As a greater collective team and circle of one, we can fulfill it all. Sometimes things have to take a backseat to more urgent and important projects, initiatives, directives. And therefore we together focus and with laserlike concentration we get the job done and then we move on to the next project. Sometimes we're juggling two, three, four, five or more projects simultaneously, and we concentrate and focus on one for hours or days. And then when that one is accomplished, we check it off our list and we are grateful, we give God the glory, we praise one another for our collective efforts and we move on. And we file that accomplishment and it is sealed by the Keeper of the Scrolls and the recording angels, and the perfectionment of our greatest efforts is there, shining within that file in each one's book of life.

Beloved heartfriends, El Morya is a man for all seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. He is here for us, and when we pray, miracles do manifest. When we accept his direction and sometimes his chastisement through me or through our Higher Selves, or the direction of any master who may come to goad us and crack that whip at times, then we can be our best; we can resolve our age-old karmas with others and within ourselves.

So what have you learned from El Morya in your life that has given you the push necessary, that has given you the impetus required to reach for the star of your God Presence and to find it and to draw it forth to assist life? I encourage you to share on our forum on this day, if you choose, what El Morya has meant for you. I would like him to receive our approbation, our kudos for what he has given to us. I would like him to feel our appreciation and gratitude for his sacrifice on behalf of a number of ascended-master movements, including the Agni Yoga Society, the Theosophical Society, Anthroposophy, the “I AM” movement, the Bridge to Freedom, The Summit, and now our Hearts Center. I would like him to know that we can be trusted to fulfill God's holy will and purpose as a movement, as a people and as individual initiates, disciples and adepts.

            I would like a tome to be delivered to the Keeper of the Scrolls today composed of our heartfelt offerings to this great master for what he has given to humanity as the Lord of the first ray, and what he has given to each of us as a sponsoring master, as an initiator and, as we have chosen, as a friend and a holy brother, as well as a beloved bapu, father. It is fitting for us to pause and reflect, to meditate and then to pen words so that the members of the Karmic Board themselves know that they can vouchsafe to this master further dispensations of light as he calls them forth, invokes them, requests them.

Let us enter into giving throughout this day, in moments, the call “I AM the One”—singing it, praying it—maybe on the hour, or whenever you choose, or all day long, and invoke that blue-fire, diamond-light energy and the new blue radiance from the Great Central Sun, focused through many suns unto our sun, which is recreating our world as we speak. Let this day be a holy day throughout our activity on behalf of El Morya. Let us give God the glory through honoring one of his servant sons who has been faithful and true to the end and to the new beginning.

            I encourage you, if you do not know El Morya as a lover of your soul and the diamond within your heart and mind and spirit, to get to know him by allowing him to move through your life, to direct the course of your soul, because he will lead you to all truth, all wisdom, all love and, finally, all power. Jesus said, “All power is given unto me in heaven and on earth.”3 When we have proven our faithfulness to fulfill every jot and tittle of the law, to be obedient to every divine request and to fulfill every aspect of our divine plan, we too, merging with the One Source, will be infused with that all-powerful Spirit, the Holy Spirit, in order that we may then give even more to life because more has been provided to us of the resources of love, wisdom and power.

We have Now, Zen and Always, the second book in our movement after the release of beloved Donna Korth's wonderful book: Promises of the Masters for the Golden Age. And then we have Advanced Studies of the Human Aura. El Morya is on the march today through our calls and prayers, and I expect miraculous manifestations. I expect exposures. I expect movement in a number of arenas across the world—in the governments, economies, in the media, and especially within our movement for the fulfillment of greater work.

I see El Morya as the first master who actually fulfilled Jesus' words “Greater works than these shall he do because I go unto my Father.” 4 What did El Morya do after he, as one of the magi, presented the Holy Family one of the three gifts? Maybe someday he will tell us more about his journeys; what he, with Kuthumi and Djwal Kul, as they were embodied as the magi Melchior, Balthazar and Caspar, did in their journey back home; the miracles that may have continued to transpire as they energetically supported the mission of Jesus the Christ at that time. Maybe El Morya will share more of certain intimate secrets, both of his past lifetimes and of what he is moving into as a spiritual master through the work of devotees of light upon Earth; and what transpires in the Darjeeling Council and other councils of the Great White Brotherhood in their deliberations, in their decisions, in their initiatives.

            If you choose to be a dauntless one, an intrepid one and do the necessary spiritual work to go to his retreat over Darjeeling and then observe, with permission, some of what is transpiring there, maybe you can share with us the memory of this experience through the forum or through some future sharing and inspire and enlighten us all by the mystical, the magical and the miraculous that may come into your life.

Beloved El Morya, we love you, and we sing happy birthday to you this day in honor of the God-light that you bear and the love that we together share. [David sings “Happy Birthday” to El Morya.]

Finally, I would like to say that those of you who would like to order additional copies today of Now, Zen and Always or Advanced Studies of the Human Aura will be privileged to have the Master El Morya's signature on those books. And the Master is prompting me to make this an opportunity for one week, starting today. Any orders we receive for these two publications—and he's saying also the “I AM the One” CD—will be signed by El Morya through me, and the energy of his divine light, through that ink, will be impressed upon these three offerings from our Hearts Center movement for you.

God bless you. Have an awesome day. I look forward to being with you again very soon. Bye-bye.

1. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer number 10.010.
2. Matthew 9:37; Luke 10:2; John 4:35.
3. Matthew 28:18.
4. John 14:12.

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