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Goddess of Purity      March 04, 2014

Beloved Goddess of Purity
David Christopher Lewis
March 4, 2014   7:00–7:24 am MST
Livingston, Montana

If You Would Be Pure, Align Your Consciousness with the Sun Presence of God

            As your Goddess of Purity, I come, investing the light of God vouchsafed to me for a new impression of beauty, grace and holiness to manifest upon and within the Earth and within the lives of each of you, blessed ones. For it is time that purity be known in a greater context and manifestation in the lives of thousands and millions upon Earth who have not sensed the light of God within themselves as that pure stream of beingness and who now, by your example, may live virtuously, gloriously, purely in their Presence with joy, spontaneity and great tender loving care.

            Did you know that the light of purity, as I consider it, is one of the most caring of the virtues of God? For when you wrap yourself and others in this light-essence through meditation, through contemplation, through obedience and simply through a loving attitude of gracefulness, there is brought to bear every aspect of God in the 360 degrees of those radii, which are the rays of God emanating out from the centrality of being unto all.

            Compassion, kindness, givingness and even the aspects of forthright love, which at times may be intense, are all revealed and manifest through the light of purity. For when one is pure, one seeks to rid oneself of everything that clouds, demeans or gets in the way of the pure light of God. And when you work assiduously to erase, to transmute and to let go of all that no longer serves as the pure fuel of your greater God-beingness—which God burns within you as the oil of your true essence, which God shines forth through you in every musing upon the Divine, in every way that is meaningful and beneficent to life—then, dearest ones, you enter a new level of purity. And I say this day that there are many.

            Some of you have worked very diligently on purifying your diet, your feelings, your thoughts and even your memories. These are just the beginnings of the dynamics of what may be known, ascertained, comprehended, accepted and what you may become of the greater light of purity, which the ascended hosts, angelic choirs and Solar beings know in their focus upon the Divine One, the Pure One, the All-in-all, the Creator, the Source. You see, there is nothing within the Source except light, virtue and love.

            Therefore if you would be pure, align your consciousness with the Sun Presence of God within you and within all of the Solar Lords and Ladies of the Flame who live in the ascended-master consciousness of purity. True yourself to that which is purely of God and in God. And allow that stream of perfection, of divine glory to be yours in every moment of your life, through every thought that you clothe with substance—the substance of mindfulness and the substance of caring, which is holy attention upon and seeing each one that you know, meet and interact with as godly, as immaculate, as pure.

            I will teach you of the higher laws and aspects of purity if you call to me, sing to me and abide with me, even for fleeting moments of your own time and space within your lives, blessed ones. And when you begin to feel these higher wave patterns and cosmic essences of solar purity, galactic purity, universal purity, there dawns within your life a new radiance, a new blessedness, a new virtuosity and godliness.

            Yes, you have heard that cleanliness is next to godliness. Within cleanliness, as I know it and as I envision it within you, is the pure light of the Almighty, the omniscience, the omnipresence and the omnipotence of the majesty of the great threefold flame that burns within the Great Central Sun, which is also individualized within you, each one, my beloved. If you can truly feel your threefold flame and accept its glory, its majesty, its divinity within you throughout your days, your nights, your wakefulness, your sleepfulness, your work and your play, your time of activity and your time of rest, then you shall know the Alpha and the Omega of purity; you shall know true beingness within your Presence.

            Gracious ones, I extend light rays throughout the Earth this day from my retreat, penetrating into those areas that require greater illumination, a greater manifestation of mercy, of kindness, of acceptance and understanding, even into those areas of potential calamity, destruction and nihilism. For when purity is known, even as the light of the ascension fire, nothing can live that is less than God within that manifestation. Therefore all attempts to demean, to destroy, to debase and to debilitate are erased in the light of purity. A sanctum of the immaculate is created and the light of purity is bestowed, like the fresh new snows alighting upon Earth on a glorious, calm winter morning.

            Breathe in the light of purity now within every cell of your being and feel the empowerment that I bring and bestow this day deep within you, O soul. If you choose a greater level of soulfulness and self-mastery of who you are, then these pure essences must be a part of your daily diet; these pure mindstreams must refresh all of your thinking and cognitive processes; these quintessences of joy must eradicate the doom-and-gloom consciousness and the more morose aspects of what, at times, plays through your feeling world. And I will not enumerate what I have beheld within some of you that at times takes hold and grips you in an astral miasma of unconscious awareness within your feeling bodies. These may be released now, if you choose, forevermore. And as you simultaneously embrace joy, acceptance and the beatitudes of grace, your lives will shine; you will model what a divine being living upon the Earth is; and many will come to you for nourishment, for learning. For they will feel in your presence your outpicturing of true beingness, of true understanding, love, compassion, unconditional kindness and gnosis.

            O gracious ones, there is so much more in store for you as you contemplate and, through silence and inner stillness, breathe in the light of divine purity in your lives. Try it; you will like it, I say. And as you grow in this sense of acceptance, even liking and loving yourself in a new framework of divinity, your light will grow, your auras will shine and the majesty of the Divine One will always be yours to ply in the divine trades of givingness, beingness, mercy and understanding.

            Now I also stand within the nation of Ukraine and I charge forth the light into every territory, into every home, school, business, organization, playground, campground, valley, river, mountain fastness, garden and church and into the sacred spaces where the lightbearers dwell. This light will be sustained for a fortnight and more, if required, for the dissonance caused by the engines of war to be dissolved; for fear to be transmuted, even the fear of the seeming victorious conquerors, who outpicture through their human obedience something less than the light of God.

            Many ascended masters have already implored Alpha and Omega for greater dispensations, graces and intercessions to forestall destruction, killing and the expansion of continental or planetary war. Dearest ones, your rosaries, your prayers of devotion are the spiritual substances that are holding the finger in the dike of a greater outpicturing of planetary debauchery and darkness. Maintain your light through your virtuous giving of self, and in this much will be forestalled and mitigated; thousands and even tens of thousands may be saved.

            The Prince of Peace appears in the midst of potential war now, and a sword of fire is held within his hand. “Thus far and no farther,” he says to the legions of darkness that are behind those troops set to overtake a people and their freedom to be sovereign.

            All make choices. Ensure that yours are true to your purpose, O souls of mankind, the higher purpose within your Higher Self. The blessed Mary also comes, and through the majesty of her Presence many called to prayer are secured in her love and light, sealed in an envelope of fire and protection from darkness and death.

            As you pray and give yourself fully to God through your words, the divine emotions that flow through you within your prayers and your holy visualizations of intercession and victory, I am there, flowing through you, manifesting and emanating through you, blessed ones, even as there are many ascended lady masters overshining and using you as vehicles of light, as emissaries of divine radiance and peace.

            Peace! Peace! Peace, be still and know I AM God and Purity within you.

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