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Heartstreams Database-Messages From the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
12/13/17 43m Pallas Athena Pallas Athena Says, "Stand and Face The Truth!"
12/11/17 53m Omraam Omraam Teaches Us through a New Darshan
12/12/17 44m El Morya El Morya Tells a Story about the Three Magi
12/9/17 56m Queen of Light Queen of Light Comes with the Princess of Light to Bless and Heal Us
12/8/17 21m Padre Pio Padre Pio Sheds Ruby Light on Our Path of Sainthood
12/8/17 12m Kali Kali Cleanses Us
12/8/17 16m Jesus Jesus Requests Holy Spirit-Empowered Prayers
12/7/17 24m Divine Director Divine Director on Dancing with God in the Light
12/6/17 54m Maitreya Lord Maitreya on the Path of the Cosmic Christ and Planetary Buddha
12/5/17 25m El Morya Tuesday with El Morya on the Divine Economy
12/6/17 18m K-17 K-17 and Cyclopea Radiate the Light of Cosmic Truth
12/6/17 8m David LewisBinding of the Fallen 2nd Ray Angels Working in the Media
12/2/17 59m Magda Magda Speaks on the Importance of Purifying Ourselves
12/3/17 58m Pearl DorrisLady Master Pearl Speaks on Love, Sincerity and How to Pass Our Tests
12/1/17 18m God Meru God and Goddess Meru Seed the Earth with Engrams of Solar Joy
11/30/17 57m Jesus Ascended Masters' Darshan with Heartfriends in Current Topics
11/21/17 28m Sanat Kumara Sanat Kumara on Divine Love
11/22/17 31m Jesus Thank God and Thank You! The Science of Givingness and Thankfulness
11/22/17 30m David LewisDavid Releases 'Light on the Path', a Daily Meditations Book Published by The Hearts Center
11/9/17 28m Jesus Jesus on Four Purposes of the Violet Light, plus You are a Miracle of God!
11/11/17 53m David LewisLecture at Mexico City Expo on Healing, Resurrection and the Ascension
11/19/17 26m Spirit of Ghana Spirit of Ghana Charges Us to Live Loving, Godly Lives
11/18/17 44m Hierarchs of the ElementalsHierarchs of the Elementals Teach Us on Restoring a Garden of Eden upon Earth
11/16/17 56m Kuthumi Kuthumi on Developing the Balance of Alpha and Omega Within and Darshan with Mexican Heartfriends
11/15/17 50m Clare de Lis Clare de Lis on Coming to Lake Titicaca plus a Darshan with Chilean Heartfriends
11/15/17 28m El Morya Overcoming Fantasies through a God-Directed Life
11/15/17 10m David LewisGuided Heart-Flame Meditation to Bless the Earth
11/6/17 16m Babaji Babaji on Loving and Forgiving Our Enemies with Passion and Fervor
11/5/17 24m Victory The Psychology of Victory
11/4/17 56m Padre Pio Padre Pio on the Importance of Strengthening our Hearts for our Spiritual Work
11/2/17 3m David LewisAn Important Message on Prayer Focus during November 2017
11/2/17 6m David LewisSharing from David and Baltimore Heartfriends
11/3/17 29m Lakshmi Lakshmi Speaks on the Mystery of the Acceptance of our Abundance
11/2/17 27m Nada Nada on the Artistry of Love and Givingness
11/1/17 11m Afra Guided Meditation by the Master Afra
10/28/17 59m Surya Surya on Accepting God's Light Within for our Victorious Life
10/25/17 42m Igor Igor Performs an Alchemy for Russia and America
10/23/17 57m Raphael Raphael Darshan on Healing and Wholeness
10/25/17 16m Lanello Lanello: You Are an Eternal Love Being—A Cell of God (VIDEO)
10/21/17 33m Divine Director Divine Director Darshan with Chicago Heartfriends
10/21/17 23m Divine Director Divine Director on Divine Science
10/20/17 27m Sarasvati Sarasvati Uses Her Mantra to Purify Nations, Continents and our Earth
10/18/17 52m Victory Mighty Victory Speaks to Chilean Heartfriends on Love and Joy as Keys to Our Victory
10/18/17 13m Lanello Lanello: Co-Create with Us Today Using Your Spiritual Talents and Gifts
10/18/17 17m David LewisThe Wisdom Teachings from the Past Serve as the Roots of the Tree of Today's Teachings
10/17/17 29m El Morya El Morya on Overcoming Subconscious Blocks, What a Divine Economy Requires and Input on Our Current Vigil
10/15/17 56m Anastasia Anastasia on the Fourfold Nature of Our Being plus a Darshan with Devotees
10/14/17 55m Serapis Bey Serapis Bey on the Importance of Joy on Our Ascension Path
10/13/17 31m Mother Mary Mother Mary Comes on the 100th Anniversary of the Fatima Miracle of the Sun
10/12/17 53m El Morya El Morya on Maintaining a Stress-Free Life and a Vision of an Ancient Civilization in the Yucatan
10/10/17 59m Mother Mary Mother Mary Comforts Us and Darshans on Interpersonal Dynamics
10/11/17 27m Saint Germain Saint Germain: America, I AM Still with You!
10/10/17 21m El Morya El Morya Requests Intense Daily Prayers for 4 to 6 Hours for the Protection of Freedom, America and the Planet
10/8/17 25m God Meru God & Goddess Meru: The Path of Initiation and Solar Beingness
10/4/17 6m David LewisHuman Aura Book Reading
10/4/17 15m David LewisWe Are Composed of Light - Go within to Access It
10/3/17 49m Saint Germain Saint Germain Blazes the Light of Freedom Over Spain and Speaks on the Issues of Today
9/30/17 49m Omraam Omraam Darshan on Maintaining Spiritual Balance in Our Lives
9/30/17 56m Spirit of Sweden Love and Conscious Awareness are the Best Way to Deal with Challenges
9/15/17 6m David LewisExpanding Prayer from a Universal Perspective
9/17/17 27m Afra Afra Darshans with Brothers and Sisters of Afra and Speaks on the 2019 Pilgrimage to Eastern Africa
9/16/17 1h 1m Saint Germain Saint Germain on the Violet Laser Light, Liquid-Crystal Beingness and the Ascension
9/15/17 39m David LewisThe World Teachers Share Teachings on the Peace of Purity and the Purity of Peace
9/15/17 29m Vagela Vagela Speaks on the Importance of the Thymus as a Focus of the Fifth Crystal Ray
9/13/17 53m Arcturian Arcturian Speaks on the New Beginning in Chile and Darshans with Disciples
9/13/17 10m Carla BaughmanCarla Baughman on the Holy Order of the Mothers of Grace
9/12/17 59m Jophiel Archangel Jophiel Speaks and Releases a Dispensation to Free our Minds to Embrace Higher Wisdom
9/11/17 1h 58m David LewisRadio Interview on Voice of Olympus
9/10/17 25m Melchizedek Melchizedek Adjures us to Rededicate Ourselves to Our Vows for the Saving of the Planet
9/10/17 7m David LewisAdvanced Studies of the Human Aura Chapter 20 - Heartstreams and Other Divine Transfusions
9/9/17 39m Lady Kristine Lady Kristine's Darshan with South African Heartfriends
9/8/17 45m Saint Germain Saint Germain on Advanced Alchemy Discourse and Darshan with Minneapolis Heartfriends
9/7/17 53m John the Beloved John the Beloved Speaks on Anchoring Infinite Light and Love in Our Finite World
9/6/17 42m Maitreya Lord Maitreya on the Liberation of Women to be Feminine Buddhas
9/6/17 16m Manjushri A Teaching from Manjushri on God Consciousness and Your Buddha Nature
9/5/17 47m El Morya Tuesdays with El Morya on the Divine Economy and Giving God's Executive Orders as Fiats of Light
9/5/17 56m Jesus Jesus on Courage, Commitment and Constancy
9/4/17 16m El Morya El Morya Speaks on Being Prepared and on the Flat Earth Theory
8/31/17 55m Mary Baker EddyMary Baker Eddy Shares Stories of Jesus and Darshans with Us
8/30/17 55m Lanello Lanello's Darshan with Disciples from Argentina
8/29/17 42m Saint Germain Saint Germain's Teachings on Buddha Breathing, His Connection with Mother Mary and Divine Enterprise
8/30/17 4m El Morya El Morya Speaks on Expanding the Threefold Flame
8/30/17 28m David LewisMore on Buddha Breathing
8/26/17 59m Maha Chohan Maha Cohan's Discourse and Darshan with Chicago Heartfriends
8/26/17 46m Victory Mighty Victory on the Virtues of Truth, Freedom and Victory, Creating a Win-win Situation and the 2018 Australia Event
8/27/17 55m Saint Germain Saint Germain Darshans with Los Angeles' Devotees and Speaks on the Soul
8/23/17 1h 3m Mother Mary Darshan with Chilean Heartfriends
8/25/17 14m Metatron Metatron Speaks of the Importance of Our Prayer Broadcast Services
8/25/17 25m Bonnie Blue Bonnie Blue's Meditation on Her Retreat Over Canada
8/23/17 57m Divine Director Divine Director on Inner Direction and a Darshan on the Importance of Active Work
8/23/17 15m Four and Twenty EldersThe Four and Twenty Elders Announce the Judgment on False Media
8/23/17 3m David LewisMorning Meditation and Prayers 2017
8/11/17 1m Enoch Enoch’s Melodic Formula to Dispel Darkness
8/9/17 48m Saint Germain Saint Germain on the Alchemy of Healing (Ashland, Oregon evening event)
8/12/17 15m David Lewis2017 Mount Shasta Conference
8/13/17 6m David Lewis2017 Mount Shasta Conference
8/13/17 3m David Lewis2017 Mount Shasta Conference
8/13/17 4m Victory 2017 Mount Shasta Conference
8/13/17 21m Melchizedek Melchizedek: Melchizedek’s I AM Discourses
8/13/17 21m Jesus Jesus: I AM the Light of the World (with special blessing)