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Maitreya      February 15, 2014

Beloved Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
February 15, 2014   4:48–5:04 pm PST
Sealing the Fire Ring in Solar Light and Love—A Weekend Prayer Vigil for the Pacific Region

Vista, California

The Restoration of Your Divine Blueprint as a God-Being

Precious Ones,
            I restore unto each one of you the original divine blueprint of your being, as God beheld you in perfection, one with his eternal heart in the beginning.
            This immaculate image and design of your being is now there for you to access again through higher mindfulness in your meditation practice, through your singing and chanting, and simply in your spending time, through the sacred moments of eternity within the immortal Now, in stillness with God. This etheric blueprint of your being is the highest representation of your divinity and the plan outlined for you by the Creator at the onset of your life as a spirit-spark of the One.
            As the planetary Buddha, I have beheld this image of you for quite some time in the timeless and spaceless realms of the Pure Land of the Buddhas. For you see, it is both my obligation and my joy to be a reminder for you of who you truly are as a God-being. And therefore I sought a means whereby, in addition to my holding firm for you this blueprint of who you are, you could more easily access this crystalline matrix of perfection for yourself.
            And therefore an angel of love-wisdom comes now before you and shines forth this pure essence of you for you to behold. And it will continue to shine forth within your auric field at a certain energetic level and frequency of being, which you may access each day to align yourself with your divine Source and to adjust cycles and processes within your lives in order to more infinitely and intimately connect with and allow this blueprint to suffuse its radiance within your lives.
            Yes, blessed ones, God is great and has great plans for you, both upon earth and within heaven—as you draw the heavenly design into manifestation upon earth, and as you etherealize substance through your heart and mind in gentle and gracious works of the Spirit as you live upon the earth.
            Now, you have heard that the Great Divine Director bestows this essence, and it is true. In the initial stages of co-creation, he is there for you to access all that is essential for your spiritual lives. I am there for the final topping and conclusive aspects of the defining moments when you are fully Self-realized in God, and the eleven becomes the twelve, and the twelve accesses eternity in the One.
            Yes, blessed ones, the blueprint of your being is an amazing cosmic array of light, color and sound in a multitude of frequencies beyond your 3-D experience. Through imagination, through higher mindfulness, which you will discern as you rise in awareness to behold it, hold this blueprint firmly for yourself as the True You—first in potential and then, through the application of kinetic energy, to be fully employed, utilized and mastered.
            The garnering of spiritual fire from within your heart is what allows you to access this blueprint. And loving-kindness is always, in my opinion, the most direct means of expressing that model and God-ideal of self, one with God.
            Since each of you has your own unique blueprint, relish it; and honor, through integrity, the uniqueness of each and every other God-being within the universe. Understand that there is both diversification and unification within the nature of oneness within the All. When you realize, through both objective and subjective logic and Logoic reasoning, how the mind of God may be employed—at times through the diversification and differentiation of higher thought and thoughtforms and at other times through their coagulation and unification—you will understand Buddhic-beingness and integration as we know it.
            Now I offer a blessing through the talisman of a rose-quartz egg, which, when pressed upon your heart, will ignite within you loving-kindness at a new and more noble and energetic level for you to employ in your conscious lives, in your spiritual givingness, in the practical ways that you live a life of meaning and of value upon our Earth.
            As the spark is conveyed to the innermost recesses of your heart, feel, dearest ones, my love and my loving-kindness for you, each one. And know that I am always available as your friend and benefactor, as one who smiles upon your endeavors and even at times upon the shady dealings that you engage in, the flights of fantasy that enter your mind or spirit, and the childlike ways that at times take hold of you as sentient beings upon Earth.
            Though there is nothing new under the sun, in one sense, the outplaying of the lives of initiates and spiritual devotees is something that we at times chuckle upon in our conversations in heaven. And you would be amused at the jokes that we tell about our chelas, seeing all that you do in attempting to live upon Earth as Buddha-beings, and sometimes as wayward prodigal sons and daughters.
            You see, blessed ones, no matter what pitfalls you find yourselves caught in, there is always a way out. And we may provide that way, that Buddhic way, through the Four Noble Truths, through the Eightfold Path that my friend and teacher Gautama has so nobly demonstrated and taught. Follow him, as I have, and you too shall walk the Earth softly, mindfully, lovingly.
            I AM Maitreya. I am real—and here and there and everywhere where you smile and where peace abides within your presence of joy.

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