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Buddha of the Ruby Ray      February 15, 2014

Beloved Buddha of the Ruby Ray
David Christopher Lewis
February 15, 2014   5:19–5:25 pm PST
Sealing the Fire Ring in Solar Light and Love—A Weekend Prayer Vigil for the Pacific Region

Vista, California

Use Ruby Love to Direct All within Your Life

            I AM the Buddha of the Ruby Ray. And from the center of the Earth, I emanate ruby love to all life upon and within the Earth. I come unannounced, and yet the love of Lord Maitreya has drawn me into the circle of your fellowship. And therefore I too desire to amplify love here and throughout the Earth, the oceans, the atmosphere and the fire within your heart, blessed ones.
            Ruby love is pure love. Ruby love is accelerated love. Ruby love is intimate love, the love in which the object of your love is drawn unto you, and there is union in the most meaningful and glorious yogic manifestation of that love, betwixt your heart and the heart of the beloved.
            Ruby love washes clean all in its radiance and engenders, through accelerated and concentrated kindness, compassion and understanding, the highest aspects of Buddhic-beingness. When you enter ruby love, beware; for that love will re-create you into the new you, which is beyond the old and undefined and dissoluble you. Yes, dearest ones, the lesser self dissolves and you are reunited with God within and through your Higher Self, through ruby love.
            Therefore, use ruby love to direct all within your life, to reach the source and the apex of being in a direct line, merging the two points of that line and collapsing the space and the time that define that line and keep those two points in separation. You see, blessed ones, love collapses time and space as you know it into an infinitude of beingness in the centrality and centeredness of God.
            As you live within your love-essence, I am there, redefining for you, through the ruby ray, what an integrated life is, what a unified being and consciousness are.
            [Buddha of the Ruby Ray intones five vowel sounds.]
            Through the five Dhyani Buddhic vowel soundings, I have extracted the poisons of unconsciousness and infused you with the Buddhic virtues of loving-kindness and accelerated love. Thank you.

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