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Hilarion      February 01, 2014

Beloved Hilarion
David Christopher Lewis
February 1, 2014   8:55–9:16 pm CST
Hopkins, Minnesota

The Joy of Truth

Healing, Music and the Emerald Ray

            I aver that you are real! Do you accept your reality as a God being now? [Audience responds: “Yes! Yes! Yes!”] If so, I would speak on the joy of truth.
           You know that the truth sets you free—free to do and be what? some may ask. Others, never having thought of what freedom is, do not access that freedom, through truth, to be God. From my perspective, truth that liberates you allows you to be free to love, to co-create, to envision and to live a virtuous life, joyous in the spirit, reverent in the knowledge of the One and, within the implicit and within the limitless, victorious in that truth and eternal freedom in the light.
            As a proponent of truth in many dimensional planes of being, I often testify before great councils of the Brotherhood of the Spirit about that which transpires upon Earth in various realms and also what transpires in heaven, likewise, from the perspective of the All-Seeing Eye and the Great Silent Watchers, from whom I take many cues, dearest ones. Upon the screen of life and the akashic records, all is recorded and therefore all may be known and replayed to verify that which has in reality manifested. If mankind would accept this one truth, that they may never get away with anything, for all is seen by the All-in-all, they would realize that it is futile to go against the grain of the Almighty, to move against the currents of light and truth, to somehow attempt to avert cosmic law and that which is, in truth and in reality, real.
            Well-beingness manifests from the emerald ray of truth; for if you see into the true you, you also see the elements that are at odds with your true sense of oneness, your purpose, your essence. When you participate with the healing masters of eternal truth, the scientists of the Spirit, in a higher form of healing, wholeness and wellness, you see what limits the soul, what attempts to divert the spirit, what in any way is in opposition to the eternal aspects of your Self. You work on these, first and foremost, and the other elements of your self come into alignment naturally, blessed ones. If you only work at the outer levels of being and the outer shells of awareness, far away from the core of your reality, do not expect to make the greatest progress in wholeness at the deepest core levels.
            Unfortunately, as you know, the healing methodologies upon Earth at this time in the Western world are often not conducive to this higher way of light. Therefore many of you are invested in participating within the healing sciences of today in an infusion of the truth, the way and the life of the ascended masters and our eternal principles and values into your being rather than using compromised medical practices that use matrices of darkness, which take you away from causality to exist on the peripheries of being.
            As you have within the science of life an understanding of cause and effect, it follows that if you work on the cause, you will affect the effect. If you work only on the effect, you will never get to the cause. Therefore work on quickening the consciousness of students everywhere to work on the causality of all, and in this they will discern meaning and, through that meaning, eternal truth.
            Now, consider the science of being, the psychology of the ascended master higher awareness that we are attempting to promulgate and inculcate within our students of light.  When you go to the cause and core of your self and find those elements yet unresolved within your own psyche and work on these assiduously day after day and attempt to resolve them, giving your best to yourself, eventually, dearest ones, through love and through the interplay of light within your self, there is progress, there is resolution, there is advancement. I teach in my retreat this science of spiritual evolution and the resolution of all as the highest form of healing for those evolving upon Earth. For, as you know, what you work on within your own blueprint in the etheric eventually cycles into the physical through the mental and emotional planes.
            There are technologies and scientific advancements within our retreats that are in the process of being divulged and inspired upon those in many of the sciences and scientific fields upon Earth. Pray for those aware and advanced souls who have incarnated upon Earth in the last three decades to receive this inspiration and to make it tangible through the advancements that they can collectively solidify and objectify in the world so that the progress required may manifest and civilization as a whole advance.
            You see, we are involved in many realms and not just within the emerald ray manifestation of healing alone. There are advancements in music that we desire to make. For, as you know, the music, or what is called music, upon Earth in this hour is literally not music as we conceive of it or as the muses of heaven originally manifested it. It is simply cacophony, dissonance. And it is, at its core, diametrically opposed to that which the angelic choirs emanate and sing to give glory to God and to sustain the cosmos through harmonics, through the music of the spheres and the radiance of the soundless sound of love and light.
            Many of you have considered how we can change music upon this Earth so that it ennobles a culture of harmony and love, brotherhood and spiritual evolution. What you have heard this night, dearest ones, is exactly what God would bring forth to recreate this Earth in harmony and peace. Therefore, shine forth that light through your own essence, through the harmonics of your heart chakra and all of your chakras. For each of these has a tone and a specific vibrational hum indicative of who you are as a God Self-realized one. You have your keynote; you have your essence manifest as your vibration; and in this, the harmonics of light are played out through the strings of your own God-awareness.
            Have you even imagined that it is possible for you, as an instrument of the Divine, to play holy music through the lute of yourself as you pray, as you emanate through your chakras, each of which has, like a string, a particular tension, as it were; as you pluck the light of God through your sacred centers in a certain way—through chanting, through the giving of bija mantras, through toning, through the playing of crystal or Tibetan bowls and other instruments that you may have either mastered? You may also play music by other advanced souls who have mastered the science of light through their compositions and the musical representations that they have offered to the world through their performances. You can co-create through your own being a magnificent orchestration and symphonic offering to the planet that is causative of greater healing for mankind.
            When you merge your own essence with an instrument that you have mastered, the effects are even more dynamic and far reaching, such as what you have heard this night. You see, dearest ones, a masterful performance requires great discipline, a great activity of repetitive self-mastery of one's instrument. And through this self-mastery, there is great God-victory manifested through one's soul and one's eternal Spirit.
            If you were to study the lives of many of the most masterful composers and performers of classical music of all kinds, you would see, shining through the veil, the light of their Presence through their heart, through their crystal-ray chakras—especially their hands—and often through their voices. The light passes through their lips from their lungs, and through their lungs from their heart. And you would see the breath of the Holy Spirit also manifest through all of the instruments using wind, using the breath.
            I could speak for hours on this subject, and yet the limited time tonight does not allow me to do so, blessed ones. Suffice it to say that you may study more in my retreat over Crete. And I invite you to come regularly if you would learn more from the composers of the Spirit, from some who played in the baroque and classical eras who have now ascended and who stand before mankind to assist in the transformation of society and civilization. You will learn much that you can bring to bear daily in your prayer work, in your invocations and your meditations to support the Great White Brotherhood in and on the emerald ray.
            I thank those of you within this movement who have caught fire and caught a vision so that the music of the spheres may emerge in all manner of offerings of heartfriends through this activity. We see it as a great cornucopia and tapestry of light—the offerings of those with great personal attainment and those who simply love to hum, to sing, even, at times, off key. As you know, it is the heart that truly matters most in this science, and therefore one heart wed to God and to the angel choirs, through love, can make a great difference in the anointing of the Spirit that comes to humanity and in the blessings that are bestowed by that Spirit through love.
            I leave you with this this evening, dearest ones. And to my beloved, I offer a kiss of peace and prosperity and quickening; and to each of you, a gift from my heart of inner abundance and flow, which may assist you in all your endeavors to be victorious, to be focused and one pointed, to accomplish the miraculous, the glorious, the magnificent.
            I AM Hilarion, and through the laws of levity and through the joys of joviality, I seal you in the Spirit of emerald light.

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