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Clare de Lis      January 12, 2014

Beloved Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
January 12, 2014   11:00 ̶ 11:15 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Clare de Lis Comes to Embolden Us to Make Greater Progress

Beloved Ones,

As your Clare de Lis, I come to shine forth the light of the Presence unto, through and within all of you so that you may be emboldened to act forthrightly, with great determination and understanding in your life in order to make even greater progress than you have imagined, to investigate higher consciousness itself, to move into fields of activity and gnosis that await you within the etheric octaves of light, even as you master within this domain the elements of the physical world within your work and service to life.

In one sense, dearest ones, what I have discovered is that the greater mastery you have in commanding the forces of light into the tangible world in which you live by making greater progress in your own alchemies and conscious works of precipitation, the greater heights that you may access simultaneously—yes, concurrently. Because progress in this world directly relates to and is in proportion to spiritual progress within a certain realm of beingness.

Consider now that book knowledge, remembering what others have said, or even being mindful of what the ascended masters have shared by memorizing their words and messages allows you to only reach a certain level of God-consciousness and Solar awareness. It is incumbent upon you, dearest ones, to be personally involved in your own accelerated learning on this path of light laid out before you. It is essential that you realize that you must put in the effort, that you must enter into a greater level of self-mastery, utilizing what you have learned in your daily life through practical experience.

As we have studied civilization itself and the progress made by mankind, spiritually as well as physically, we see that at times great souls consciously embody upon Earth in order to bring forth divinely inspired inventions and discoveries. Why, dearest ones, wait for another when there are so many opportunities presented by heaven and you can be the one through whom amazing results ensue?

Your daily alchemies are important to us. And often we are hovering in our light bodies so near and dear to you, unbeknownst to your outer waking consciousness, in order to provide certain holy essentials that will move you beyond the constraints and limitations of the flesh into those higher aspects of yourselves, into those new fields of awareness that you can access, dearest ones, when you are more conscious, when you are present and endowed with light to fulfill the exigencies of the hour.

The amount of love that you involve in your daily work has the power to move you into the new reality that you seek, an ascended-master consciousness itself. The amount of will that you proactively engage in your service likewise draws heaven into the arena of action of each of you. And the amount of wisdom, as practical knowledge, that you also employ in your daily efforts creates a stream of greater Solar awareness—a tremendous resource for you from our realms that also lends you the momentums of our victory and provides many an impetus for you to be successful, proficient and victorious. Yes, dearest ones, these three God-virtues combined, through a balanced threefold flame stirred by the Promethean fires of the divine world within your heart, are co-creativity in its highest amplitude and science.

What you learn in each Meru University course should not be left on the table or on the shelves. It must be meditated upon, assessed and consciously applied, else, again, it is only book knowledge and what others have shared. Make your lives real by effort and by your own co-creativity added to the equations that you learn from your mentors and spiritual guides. This is the way of the alchemists and of those who would return, through Solar imaginative knowledge and mythical thinking, to their Divine Source. Yes, dearest ones, be instructed and yet seek from within that which you already know and can access through your own Higher Selves for knowledge of eternal truth.

The way of the adepts is clear: taking responsibility for everything in your environment and in your world is essential to retain the highest heights of beingness and God-awareness. Do not relegate to others what you must do. Do not slough off to a system, to a government the accountability that rests squarely upon your shoulders and within your will to be rather than not to be.

If this activity would make the progress that Lanello and I and the sponsoring masters would see in this year, there must be greater action amongst all teams and within every beating heart. Thank you for your current service, your awareness and your givingness. Now, dearest ones, let us, through divine imagination and cosmic Self-realization, move mountains and re-create this world in a new and more glorious image of holiness, of compassion and eternal light.

I AM Clare de Lis. And, like Jesus, I am with you always,1 even unto the ends of your human experience and the beginnings of every divine thought, feeling and creative urge within you. Thank you.

1. Matthew 28:20.

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