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David Lewis      December 24, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
December 24, 2013   7:35–8:00 pm MST
Christmas Eve Service
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Our Challenge and Calling to Move Forward with Jesus' Message

            Each Christmas Eve or Christmas Day when we commemorate the birth of Jesus the Christ, we reenact a sacred event wherein the light of a Son of God came to Earth, was witnessed by a multitude of angels, of shepherds, of initiates known as the Magi or the Wise Men, by many nature spirits and, verily, in etheric octaves of light by many souls and spirits who awaited this great event with cosmic anticipation and expectation so that a holy mission could ensue, the world could be transformed, a new way of light could begin.

            Although the world has come a long way since that time, there are still Herods alive today. There are still those who would snuff out the light of the Christ within you, within me, within the unborn child. So we have much work to do to bring to many the Gospel, the message of hope and enlightenment of how to access eternal freedom, oneness with God, through a pathway that Jesus beautifully demonstrated in his sacred incarnation, beginning in Bethlehem, continuing in Nazareth, and then, moving on with his mission, in the Far East during his teenage years and his twenties. He returned to his homeland in what we call the Middle East, or the Holy Land, and then returned to the Far East after his resurrection and ascension to a mystical type of life, which is recorded in akasha and which record we will someday witness to in our finer bodies, thereby assisting the beautiful lifestream of Jesus, Issa, Yeshua, to fulfill the greater mission of planetary freedom, enlightenment and the glorification of the Earth—as Above, so below—as heaven returns to this footstool kingdom.

            We are called by God, by our Higher Self, by the light of the Christ within us to fulfill the same type of sacred mission that Jesus did. This we can do if we would follow in his footsteps and pass the same initiations with great ardor and love for the Divine, first and foremost—following the commandments, being obedient to our high and holy calling, and being invested in the sacred work of this often unseen and unheralded sacred brotherhood of the Spirit called the Universal Great White Brotherhood, whose work extends across the globe and is not yet finished.

            It is up to us as initiates to assist Jesus and to espouse the same eternal truths that he did in ways that are crucial for today, for the challenges of this world that we find ourselves incarnate within. It is a different Earth and yet many of the same challenges are still here. Women do not have all the rights that they deserve and, by cosmic law, should justly have. Children are still being abused and maltreated throughout the Earth, especially in certain impoverished nations. They are being smitten by unbelievers and the nefarious ones in all manner of ignominious ways—through child molestation, abuse and, of course, infanticide within the womb, which is now commonplace and acceptable by human law, though it is the ultimate violation of cosmic law.

            How do we take Jesus' message now, for today, and move forward? This is our challenge, this is our calling. We must be bold as he was bold. We must be forthright in fulfilling our high and holy calling. We simply must move forward with the shield and buckler of the Lord1 before us, with Archangel Michael and thousands of legions of angels in front, to our side, behind, above and below us. And we must, if we are to be true to Jesus' mission, accomplish our purpose in coming to Earth. We must give our gifts, as the Wise Men did, with utter humility and with dauntless daring.

            We must not be tempted by the little things that set us apart from our holy brothers and sisters of all faiths. We must lock arms, minds and hearts as one body of God upon Earth to decry the insipid banalities that yet exist across this world and that attempt to snuff out the light—through the media and all manner of diabolical offerings, if you could call them that, and through those who have formed a matrix of unreality across this globe, mechanizing so much of our society in a way that is demeaning to our spirits and would debase us into carnality and an animalistic life.

            We are much more than this! Jesus demonstrated it. He resurrected, he ascended and he proved the law of being that we are composed of light. We are composed of God's essence; we are made in God's image and likeness.2 If we would simply accept who we are, then we could, by our faith, move heaven and earth to become Freedom's Star—a divine paradise again, Eden upon this holy planet, washed clean of the spilling of the blood of its citizens and again crystal clear to fulfill its purpose as a planet of love, compassion, kindness and divine friendship.

            We must make every effort possible within the realms of possibility, and even beyond what we can humanly conceive of as possible, by entering the domains of light with the ascended masters and hosts of the Lord to engage heaven in a new dynamic of miracles and sacred offerings. Friends, we must give of the last essence of our being so that we may make Jesus' life meaningful now. Why would we celebrate his birth unless we are willing follow him all the way and prove that we too, loving him as a divine example, are obedient to his words to love one another as he has loved us,3 as we are continually called to do day by day, again and again?

            In the spirit of Christmas, in the spirit of the Wise Men, the angels, the shepherds and especially the Holy Family, we of The Hearts Center community, united as one, share in this mission of the Spirit. And I am grateful for your participation, your giving, answering Jesus' call just a few short days ago to give. Thank you, many of you, for your givingness. And for those who have not yet either heard the message or been able to respond, thank you for your intent to respond and that which you have already given, which has been blessed and returned to you by angel hands in so many ways.

            I pray that this message of light tonight—our singing of these Christmas carols, the reading of the Gospels and of this message—will go forth north, south, east and west to be heard through Facebook and all manner of media opportunities so that many of you who see and hear it will be moved by the Spirit, your own Spirit, one with God's, to join us in this holy enterprise. I pray that you will be emboldened to act, to learn of what we are doing in our community of light—largely virtual and yet becoming more tangible day by day. I pray that you will join forces, flowfields with others in your area and share in this work, that you will find encouragement—material as well as emotional and spiritual support—and that you will have the keys to fulfill your own higher identity, becoming one with God through the sacred means outlined by Spirit for you, which is unique and beautiful.

1. Psalm 91:4.
2. Genesis 1:26.
3. John 13:34
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