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Krishna      November 13, 2013

Beloved Krishna
David Christopher Lewis
November 13, 2013   7:00–7:05 pm MST

Livingston, Montana

Calls for the Mitigation of the Storm in the Far East

            May the light of the sun shine forth unto you, each one, this evening for the victory of the fire of God within your soul, the light of God within your heart, and for the wisdom of God within the Christ mind to be embodied within yours.

            We focus on the Far East in order to bring the light of God and the presence of divine love into manifestation for a holy purpose, for the saving of sentient beings, the salvation of some in the physical plane who may be affected by the torrential winds and the great storm that has affected life in the Philippines and is now headed for Southeast Asia. Dearest ones, you are lightbearers, you are lightworkers, and what greater mission have you than to wield the light within your auric field on behalf of lifestreams here and afar in order to assuage the hurt, to mitigate the effects of man's inhumanity to man?

            Project now the light from your heart into Southeast Asia and see a glow and a sacred fire now manifesting as a brilliance of divine radiance to counteract that which is manifesting now through this storm. Together, as one, with laserlike concentration and focus, there is the precipitation in the matter plane of this light of the Presence.

            Shine forth that light now, O glorious God beings, here and afar. Blaze forth the light of the sun and let the winds be mitigated. And let the core of that storm be dissolved by the grace of God, through dispensations of light and mercy from the heart of Kuan Yin, the Buddhas of the Far East and many who answer the calls of humanity, the prayers of the righteous for intercession in this hour.

            Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light! Blaze forth the light now! O winds, cease! O storm, be gone, by the power of the Word, by the light of Krishna and of the Christ and Christic Presence of each one who in this hour becomes an intercessor through living at the nexus of that light essence of his or her divinity.

            Blaze forth the light of the sun. Blaze forth the light of the sun. Blaze forth the light of the sun and let the elemental forces, the four cosmic forces now obey the Word of God spoken through his emissaries and ye, O precious hearts of fire, O conscious beings of light.

            Now we sing to Ganesha as the great lord of life, the remover of obstacles comes to stand in the way of this storm on behalf of lifewaves evolving in the Far East.

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