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Aurora      November 10, 2013

Beloved Aurora
David Christopher Lewis
November 10, 2013   9:01–9:15 am MST
The Archeiai Speak on Raising the Mother Light
Class 1307
, Montana

Make Your Peace with the Sun

 When You Live in Harmony and Peace
You Accommodate Our Work on a Planetary, Solar and Galactic Scale 

Gracious Hosts Who Would Accommodate the Light of the Sun within Your Own Sun Center, Who Would Augment the Work of the Sun Right within Your Own Solar Plexus, the Center of the Sun within Your Being.

            I, Aurora, come and infuse within your auric field and around it a corona of sanctity and a radiance of your own divine spirit, born of God, so that you may have a greater awareness of your own Christic Presence, your own Solar Reality right within the framework of your being, the essence of who you are as a God-realized one. As you are involved in the raising of the Mother ray within your being, from the base to the crown, realize that the magnet of the sun of your own Solar Presence is essential for this dynamic to occur, for this holy state of beingness to continue to manifest within your world.

            When you are involved in the work of the sun daily by in some way garnering the energies of the sun in your work and service, there is an amazing alchemy that manifests whereby that light is perfused into all that you are involved in. The radiances of light, the virtues of the sun itself are inculcated within your world, your life, dearest ones, and you see yourself as an extension of the sun, as another resonator of the cosmic frequencies delivered by the sun to all life within its domain. And then you yourself become, through your own sun center, a distributor of the frequencies of God Light, of the quintessences of the Divine One within your domain, here and now, every hour of your waking consciousness and even during your sleep.

            The sun never sleeps, blessed ones; and yet you are required in the nighttime of your twenty-four hour cycle to garner the energies of Spirit again within that aspect of self that truly never sleeps and yet behind the scenes is involved in the daily workings of the spirit within you.

             You have heard of the cosmic angelus of light, composed of those beings that circumambulate the globe and deliver their spiritual quintessences at the dawn and at the dusk. Well, blessed ones, I am involved in this sacred work, and we are most happy to see those involved in solar gazing at the sunrise and at the sunset. For, you see, we invest a certain portion of the frequencies vouchsafed to us to bless mankind through the lives of those so involved in the work of the sun and who see themselves as ones through whom the sun may communicate, may deliver its life essences.

            Now, as you seek to take this science further into a Golden-Crystal Age, teaching and delivering to others aspects of this higher science, you may intuit through your own higher heart-mind connection what is next, what is progressive in terms of that which humanity requires for the raising of awareness en masse. The key, dearest ones, is to maintain presence, is to maintain peace within the center of your being. For when you allow peace to reside within a greater superstructure of light of your own higher energetic field, your Solar aura, there may be a perfusion of great cosmic light essences. And naturally there is also the higher revelation—born within you from your Source—that is essential for your life experience to be beloved,
joyous and fulfilling.

            When we come next week with beloved Amethyst and her beloved Zadkiel, Uriel and I will perfuse within your solar plexus and the seat of the soul the energies essential for a new wave of light to be instilled within the Earth and within your work for a decade, dearest ones. Consider ten years as a time period of great change, self-transformation and planetary transmutation. You see, our investment is for the long term and for a new wave pattern to be deposited and energetically radiated out from the center of the Earth, from the core to the periphery, and then through the entire consciousness of the planet and her evolutions.

            Now, as you work with the archeiai daily in some way, asking them and accepting their Presence to bestow within your world a greater action of light, we are allowed to deliver directly into the Earth itself, through our work, certain frequencies that do result, in time, in the elevation of consciousness of many. We will not reveal all to you in this hour or during this course. Suffice it to say that when there is trust, acceptance, belief and allowance of these higher light frequencies to be right within the center of the chalice of your being, you will see the results manifest in many domains—through your vision, through your feeling world, through your heart's love—whereby goals are realized and dreams are fulfilled for you and for many lightbearers.

            We do work with the sun of even pressure within the Earth; for, you see, it is also a sun center of light for more than this planet itself. There is a connection between the sun of even pressure of the Earth and all of the other planets of this system. And if you could see this cosmic dance and the amazing interplay of cosmic forces involved— geomagnetic and solar-magnetic realities—you would be amazed to know and to feel the cosmic impulses at play and the dynamics that affect life in all domains and in dimensions and planes of being beyond your current comprehension.

Therefore make your peace with the earth; make your peace with the sun; make your peace with one another. For when you live in harmony and have peace within, you do accommodate our greater work on a planetary scale, on a solar and even galactic scale for the balancing and harmonization of light in many multiverses, blessed ones.

            [Aurora, with Uriel, chants in angelic tongues.]

Uriel and I have chanted a sacred melody for an infusion of light deep within your core, for an acceleration of awareness of your own Solar Reality and for the victory of light right where you are.

            Thank you, blessed ones, for your presence of peace and the endowment of inner joy which you radiate to all life through your love. Blessings. I AM Aurora.

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