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Goddess of Gold      November 02, 2013

Beloved Goddess of Gold
David Christopher Lewis
November 2, 2013   10:50–11:01 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

You Have the Cosmic Stuff to Create Magically, Artistically, Wondrously

Use the Substance Vouchsafed to You from the Sun

Blessed Ones,

            I utilize the love of Omega in my sacred work of precipitation, for long ago I too came to the point of understanding that love is the key to all alchemy. And as the Master Saint Germain has so lovingly expressed to you on a number of occasions in his treatises on the all-chemistry of God, it is truly love that allows the flowering of all elements of truth to manifest right where you are.

            The feeling of love is like no other. The emotive aspects of true compassionate charity allow transcendence to manifest within the worlds of any who choose to be the receptors for or the progenitors of this aspect of God's eternal nature.

            When you are love, there is no opposition; there is no battle or demon that can assail your co-creation. When you are love, and love sings within your cells, the music of the spheres is yours to behold, to hear and to utilize for your highest offering to the uni-verse, the creation itself. As I learned to breathe with Omega, to synchronize my breath with hers, I felt the universal aspects of love and then was able to draw forth through my own heart and being the most wondrous and magnificent creative aspects of the light of the sun where I am.

            You could say that the God of Gold precipitates the light in a formless form of gold. It is then my responsibility to fashion that gold in all manner of creative ways. For as an artisan of the Spirit, I utilize the skills and talents vouchsafed to me to allow that gold to be brought forth and crystallized into amazing alchemical formulaic representations, natural expressions of the sun's beauty and wisdom. You see, you have upon Earth entire industries that co-create the fashioning of gold into rings and other objects, which brings some aspect of heaven's grace into play within the atomic structure and the creativity of these beautiful forms.

            If you could view now past golden-age civilizations, you would see just how much gold was utilized within industry, commerce and the art forms within those cultures. It was I, blessed ones, who often inspired upon artisans the various creative matrices that they then fabricated as these beautiful art forms and expressions.

            Now utilize the golden, liquid light within your auric field that has been fluidly and gloriously placed right within the reference point of your beingness to co-create something that you desire. And through the magic of alchemy and the abundance of God manifest on this sacred day during this sacred vigil, there may be, if you choose to accept it, the outer precipitation and manifestation of what you visualize and conceive of, physically, for you.

            You see, dearest ones, it is your right to create, for you are made in the image and likeness of God. Do you think that the Creator would leave you without the wherewithal, the power to be expressive of your true nature, one with God? Nay. You have the ability; you have the frequencies; you have the cosmic stuff to create magically, artistically, wondrously. Therefore use the substance vouchsafed to you from the sun with majesty and cosmic abandon and bring forth your fruits of the Spirit in ways, expressive ways, that will glorify God and magnify the Lord within and through your life.

            Everyone can create something. Everyone, by simply being alive, may imagine and ideate beauty. Therefore make it so in your life. Experiment with energy as substance, with God as materiality. For within your flesh you shall yet see God1 co-created as that which you bring forth as a son or daughter of the One. Yes, blessed ones, through harmony, through love you co-create the beauty and the majesty of divinity.

            Now that you know that I exist and that I am one with your heart, I sing a song of peace to you on the inner as I allow now the treasurer of your movement to share with you her wisdom, her truth, her beingness. For she is my representative within this community of love. I thank you.

1. Job 19:26.

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