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Rex      October 26, 2013

Beloved Rex
David Christopher Lewis
October 26, 2013   8:50–9:01 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Saint Germain Invests a Cosmic Amethyst of Light
from His Own Causal Body on Behalf of the Youth

            In the name of the living God, in the name of the reality of every child of God upon Earth, I come to accentuate what you have invoked by the light of the Sun Presence of pure beingness from within the source of all love, light and holiness. I AM Rex. And this day I cast out the hex of darkness that has beset the Children of the Sun. With Nada and Bob and Pearl, I am here to invest—within the youth of this world who are ready for the path of initiation—divine truth and understanding. For, blessed ones, it requires intercession from divine realms for some to be quickened, enlightened and enfired by a new reality, a new opportunity to rise into self-transcendence outside of the domains of what would, if it could, keep them embroiled in a vibration less than that which is desirable of and in God.
            You have asked how we may save the youth, how we may reach them, how we may inspire them within their own language, reference points and ideations, even the technology that they use, the media that they invest so much of their lives, consciousness and energies within. Dearest ones, every generation of youth changes, and yet the eternal principles and divine mores of truth are unchanging. We do recommend that you understand the dynamics of all within the current media that is available for you to utilize in touching the hearts and minds of the young people of America and the world, and yet, to compromise the message that is everlasting and valid from the reference point of the Almighty would be folly.
            Therefore, stick to that which is of the highest value to the soul and the ascending spirit that you would see manifesting within the youth. Call to their highest Solar selves. Inspire within them, through your own highest God Reality, that which will ennoble the God-light within all peoples; and lead by your own example of love, of charity, of beingness. When you as an elder or an adult live your truth, walk your talk and maintain the inner peace of your Presence through thick and thin, this is what the youth may hang their hats upon, seeking a fount of light and harmony and understanding.
            If you are wishy-washy and change what you present based on your own perceptions of what may reach the changeable generational matrices of those evolving upon Earth, especially during this cusp of ages, then through your own lack of clarity there will not be the laser-shining light of eternality as the guiding crystalline frequencies of perfection and beauty that those who are ready for the ascended-master path of light will note and then accept.
            Now the master Saint Germain comes and invests a cosmic amethyst of light from his own causal body on behalf of the youth of America and the world so that you may utilize what you have already received and crafted in a way that is meaningful through visual media for the youth. For you are accelerating in your abilities to refine this important focal point that the youth of today use in all of their communiqués and in their free time, in their gaming and in their sharing. Imagine with me now, with the overshining presence of the Great Divine Director and Saint Germain, those amazing alchemical formulas precipitated into visual form that will amaze and stimulate the Higher Minds of the youth to perceive a new reality and to then be guided toward their own path of enlightenment. This is what you may focus and concentrate upon, blessed ones, in order that the message may go forth benign, believable and awesome.
            I thank you for your listening ears, your perceptive hearts and your agile minds ready for new and higher truths as the Lord God would reveal them unto you, each one. I AM Rex of the royal lineage of the divine hearts, one with the Lord of All. And I thank you.

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