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Clare de Lis      October 22, 2013

Beloved Clare de Lis
David Christopher Lewis
October 22, 2013   9:18–9:28 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Announcement of the Ascension of Jean Allison, Lady Joy

Request for New Web Pages That Honor Meru University's Courses

            I, Clare de Lis, announce to you the ascension of Jean Allison, whom you may refer to now and forevermore as Lady Joy. For Jean, in this hour, from Darjeeling has arisen in truth into the eternal light of the Divine. She is one in spirit with her Presence, her soul having taken flight and merged with the Great I AM of her Solar Selfhood.

            Lanello and I as well as beloved Annice Booth (your Lady Dorcas) and Florence Jeannette Miller (your Lady Kristine) were there to welcome her soul into the heaven world upon her transition. And she chose to abide with us and to attend sessions with the Master Morya in his retreat before ascending here, there in the presence of the master of the first ray.

            What she would like you to know, blessed ones, is that joy is, with love, the key to your victory. When you live joyous and loving lives, accessing your true divine happiness, you bring peace to all; and the flowering of truth manifests because people, through levity and light and laughter, can assimilate the truth and the divine light.

            Look at Jean's life example and learn from what she fulfilled through obedience, through her smile, through her attitude and can-do spirit. What one can do, all can do. And when you are trued to Morya's will, one with the divine will, all communication lines are open and heaven's grace descends into your lives, precious ones.

            Therefore, celebrate the victory of beloved Jean. Read her book¹ and revel in the fire that she now is able to bestow upon Earth and the lives of precious ones, heartfriends near and far, to bless them with her joy, her grace, her divine loveliness. Truly, dearest ones, in Morya's presence I AM raised.

            Now a final word about Meru University, which, some of you have heard lately, Lanello and I have been chosen by the Lords of Life to superintend in spirit. If you as a team of heartfriends, staff and volunteers will work assiduously to co-create new web pages that honor the sixty and more courses that you have offered to the world, packaged with precision and advertised and marketed creatively, as they do embody progressive revelatory teaching and inspiration for this time, you will have the resources you require as these are presented to those whom you desire to draw into and through this movement of light for a new wave, a new enterprise of blessings and the bestowal of abundance.

            Yes, dearest ones, look at the resources that you have and simply choose to craft your message carefully to honor all that we have already embedded within the Earth through our hearts' fire and our minds' wisdom coupled with yours. If you, through discernment, can employ those in your midst to work as one, just as you have finally fulfilled the completion of the new website, you will have a glorious offering that we the sponsoring masters will use in drawing so many more into your midst than you can even imagine now in your outer awareness.

            As I see it, you could even have, as it were, a conclave where you creatively work in a team atmosphere for a weekend or two or three and then have something magical to offer the world of our university of the spirit. Anything with Morya is possible. Now make it a reality. Fulfill it in this cycle of Scorpio. With the creative fires and the action of light on the ten o'clock line of God-vision, it is the time to share your vision, dearest ones, with the world. Lanello and I will be there to inspire you as you sing and pray for our presence to be in your midst.

            We are one in the Sun. Yes, the Sun King is ever with you for the victory of light here and now and always, beloved ones. Thank you.

1. Journey to Reality by Jean Inglis Allison, available for $12.95 through various sources.

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