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Kuthumi      October 03, 2013

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
October 3, 2013   8:48–9:08 am PDT
Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—Developing a Radiant Aura
Portland, Oregon

The Alchemy of Holy Heartsharing—Reaching Out to and Supporting the Souls
to Whom the Masters Are Extending Their Hearts

Kuthumi Lends the Resources of His Causal Body to Assist in Bringing Forth
New Programs, New Opportunities, Mindful Resources

A Special Gift from the Heart of the Divine Mother for Your Service

Generous Hearts of Love,

            Heaven is grateful for the tender regard and care that you each have for life, for one another, and for your divine expressions of beauty and harmony as you emanate the frequencies of kindness and love through your auric fields one with God's.

This journey that we have all taken together is the culmination of a vision that the ascended masters and especially Djwal Kul, El Morya and I had long ago, where we would invest God's will, wisdom and love within our own, traveling here and there to find those jewels amongst mankind who would respond to our inner call—yea, that which could allow them to ascend in consciousness to soar in the Spirit, to know more of their own divine Solar nature and the holy reality of Light of which, by which, through which they were created.

This message that the master El Morya has so lovingly crafted and expressed to the Earth1 is one which, when accepted and nurtured within self, can truly be a boon to the soul and evidentiary of the gifts of heaven bestowed to each son and daughter lovingly by the heart of God. As you read and reread the master Morya's message and even that which I provided in the initial release on the human aura2 from the vantage point of the ascended masters and of the Great White Brotherhood for the Earth, you will see and feel a new inner support for your spiritual journey and pathway. You will truly tap into those divine resources that we are continuing to offer those who attune to the divine heart and which they, through inner stillness in accessing the great silence of their own cosmic Selfhood and Solar Reality, may employ in their daily lives for the benefit of sentient beings.

Oh, gracious ones, this has been quite an alchemical experiment. And each of you has in some way experienced a portion of what David and Mona and others who have lovingly supported them along the way have experienced, both in the travails of your desire to be a protective and supportive heartfriend and also in the energies that you have borne within your being during this time. For you see, the dynamic always exists when we are reaching out to greater numbers of humanity that those who are already ensconced in the light supernal of their God Presence are called to bear a greater portion of that which can be transmuted within the lives, the subconscious, the very auric fields of those whom we are calling to reach up into the divine world.

If during these past three weeks you have felt different in any way, that the energies finding themselves moving through your own experience have been somewhat elusive or misunderstood, please realize that we have been with you all the way and that we have been working with your Higher Self to adjust the very critical elements involved in the alchemy of what I would call holy heartsharing with the tiny buds of the souls whom we are extending our hearts to.

Yes, dearest ones, it takes much loving care both to reach out to these ones and then to support them in an ongoing way through a regular program carefully crafted and outlined by those of you who feel called in this way to, in a sense, bring to bear through follow-up what is essential for them to have, the resources to continue their connection with you and to afford them the highest outcome through the contacts that we have made.

I, Kuthumi, desire to be involved at every level of your ongoing heartsharing and follow-up activities. And therefore, I am lending the resources of my causal body, my entire Selfhood in God, to assist many of you in alchemically bringing forth new programs, new opportunities, mindful resources in order that these precious hearts whom the messenger and those of you who have supported him have contacted who require watering, nurturing and loving care on a regular basis.

Dearest ones, it is imperative in holy prayer that you actually name the names of those individuals who have by free will given them to you. They must be named, because when love is sent to their hearts and the angels receive their names through your voices, there is an instantaneous manifestation of light of the greatest aspect of follow-up. For what is this except loving care, tender regard, kindness manifest through the words, the expressions of your hearts, each one.

For those of you who have at some time or another desired to be in the holy Order of the Brothers and Sisters of the Golden Robe, realize that this can be for you an opportunity to be of service in a great way, inestimable in the amount of light-energy that can be released through your hearts and through the conscious application of your efforts in follow-up.

To follow up means to care. To follow up means to hold one's light-field within one's own heart on behalf of the Lord God. For you see, who is it that truly follows up with these souls? It is their own I AM Presence, their sponsoring masters and those heavenly beings who lovingly nurture and support the ongoing path of lightbearers throughout the world.

Therefore, place your trust in God. Pray unceasingly. Give in moments of silence to the universal awareness of Christ consciousness and Buddhic mindfulness throughout the Solar worlds of your own loving affection for life. And see how the fruits of your prayers and your own awareness and Solar Presence will take care. For as one noble son of God said a number of years ago, “Life takes care. Life is God. Life is light. Life is love.”

O, dearest hearts, as we consider all that has been released, of which Lanello spoke yesterday, and all that is yet to come in the way of being expressive of love in so many ways, we know that you, each one, will find opportunities to mindfully give of your hearts day by day in loving service. When you have a caring heart, heaven takes notice. When kindness in any way is expressed through you, the stars shine forth a greater light-field unto you because you have tapped into the Holy Spirit's cosmic impulses through the gift of your soulfulness and attention. And the universe responds, the heavens are opened, the glory of the Lord shines forth unto you and the saints robed in white3 breathe conscious love into your own auric fields, supporting and strengthening you in your daily efforts.

This tour4 is only the beginning, and it has been truly a great beginning. There are new beginnings arising and being offered daily. How will you, dearest one, take up our cause, be invested in our work, and engender all manner of miraculous occurrences manifesting through your heart? The choice may be very simple—to be present, to be clear, to be ready to focus the light of God through the crystal of your being. If you can truly say that this is your cause, that this is your inner desire, then Morya, Djwal Kul and I will be there for you, will inspire you, will truly nurture you upon your own path of givingness and loving service to life.

Now I extend my heart and my arms unto all who have supported David and The Hearts Center movement in this endeavor—all who have given of their financial resources and those who have in any way presented themselves along the way to be of loving support. Heaven responds to you, embraces you and thanks you dearly for all that you have offered. To each one is given a special gift from the heart of the Divine Mother for your service. This gift is presented to your Higher Self and will be lodged within your heart forever as a token of our appreciation and as a living witness to that which you have become through your givingness.

You see, dearest ones, it is our great pleasure to give and give again in this way. Though we cannot offer human success, human wealth, human power, what we afford to the conscious and loving ones is always sublime, universal and permanent in its effect and in its glory unto and for you.

I AM your Kuthumi, loving you free from all the onslaughts and the energy patterns that have attempted in any way to besmirch your reality, your conscious field of presence, your Solar aura of joy. With Jesus and the master Omraam, as World Teachers we three say unto you: Well done, O son, O daughter of God. Thou art beloved of the One. Shine forth the Sun Presence of your true Divine Selfhood, knowing God in all things and especially within your heart.

With a kiss of peace, with a handshake of comfort, and with the sign of the Sun, I depart and yet am ever-present within you. Thank you.

1. Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance, by David Christopher Lewis, Item #3200-1-0049, $16.95.
2. Studies of the Human Aura, by Kuthumi, and Intermediate Studies of the Human Aura, by Djwal Kul, are available in one volume through Summit University Press under the title The Human Aura: How to Activate and Energize Your Aura and Chakras.
3. Revelation 7:9–17.
4. Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour with David Christopher Lewis: Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—Developing a Radiant Aura, September 13–October 3, 2013. The tour celebrated the release of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura with stops in over 26 cities in 21 days.

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