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Maha Chohan      October 01, 2013

Beloved Maha Chohan
David Christopher Lewis
October 1, 2013   4:29–4:47 pm MDT
2013 Autumn Equinox Tour
Hillsboro, Oregon

Extending Graciousness to Life

As You Are Gracious, You Live as a Representative of the Great Spirit

Radiant Ones Who Would Employ the Greater Gifts of God from within Your Heart,

            I am come this day to Portland to send forth wave patterns of pure love into the atmosphere and into the water and the earth and the fire within the earth itself. These wave patterns of light, energetic in their release, are here for the spiritual support of many souls evolving here who would, if they could, accept within their outer waking consciousness more of the divine light within their worlds and lives, and who are now being contacted by angels of pure love to hallow the sacred space within their heart chakras to allow them to feel more deeply reverence for life, reverence for one another, reverence for all that is within this world. For, precious hearts, all that is within this world is divinely sublime and beautiful when seen from the perspective of a heart centered in love.

            Many of you are now attempting to be gracious within your lives. The grace of this graciousness flows through you through the power of the Holy Spirit. When you are gracious to one another, there is an aspect of God's consciousness, as pure love, that flows from you and within your auric field to all life. Extending grace through your hands, through your gestures, through your eyes, through your mindfulness—all of these circumscribed by love through your heart—affords every lifestream the essence of who you are; the joyful and aromatic scent of your true selfhood, one with God; and an amazing interplay of light that flows through that graciousness as a blessing to the soul and an uplift to the spirit.

            The reason that I am speaking on this topic of graciousness is that in some quarters of this planet this virtue is not known or fully demonstrated. And therefore in this hour I require those among you who, having become more sensitive in your approach to life, can make up the difference for those who have yet to awaken to the truth of the ages, of their own selfhood in God, and for those who are not yet quite refined in their mannerisms, in their speech and in their approach toward others and could use an endowment of this virtue through your example.

            You see, blessed ones, when you are gracious, when you extend grace from your heart through the way in which you interact with others—your family, your spouse, your co-workers, your friends and especially those whom you do not know, whom you may be meeting somewhere along life's path—there is an interchange that manifests through your auric field merging one with another whereby my Presence, yea, the Presence of the Holy Spirit, alights within that interchange and allows love, true divine love, to be expanded at the nexus of your communion. This nexus becomes a point of blessing whereby God's love merges within the dynamic of your expressions and your interchanges and communication. The nexus of this communion, heart to heart, thus is endowed by perfect love and becomes a sacred space within akasha and within your own personal book of life.

            Imagine that everywhere you walk, everywhere that you move you extend graciousness to life. Then there are so many streams of your own God-consciousness and Solar awareness flowing across the Earth where you have been gracious, where kindness has been employed consciously by you, where compassion and empathy are the natural means of your expression of who you are to others. Each of these streams flowing through your aura can grow into rivers of light as a permanent blessing to sentient beings, as a permanent offering of your highest gifts, the most noble and pure resources that flow through your chakras, your heart, your soul.

            O dearest ones, if mankind were taught from an early age the science of stillness, which breeds graciousness, imagine a world enshrined by the love-light of God manifest through hearts attuned to their Source. Imagine a world devoid of imperfection and the scars of interchanges less than that which is holy and pure, real and sublime. Imagine a world co-created by conscious aspirants who are moving into their Solar Reality, who, through this God-virtue of graciousness, bring peace wherever they go, sustain harmony through the flow of light from within their beings and engender all manner of simple and yet profound interchanges of the heart.

            This is what will create, and is creating now within the conscious ones who are awakened and awakening upon Earth, the Golden-Crystal Age that you envision and desire. In simple acts of kindness, radical forgiveness and in understanding each one's core identity as a God being, grace becomes a living awareness; and it moves and lives and has its beingness within you as a progenitor of light, as a Promethean man or woman of this new age of divine love. For the fire that you bear from heaven has caught you in its eternal essence and its flame-beingness. Yes, as you live in a new identity of holiness and presence and as you are gracious, my heart enters your heart and you live also as a representative of the Great Spirit, the I AM THAT I AM, in the Great Central Sun.

            Blessed ones, love is always the key to resolve crises, issues and any problem that may enter the scene of your life. Love, expanded in harmonic waves, in crystalline patterns of God-consciousness by you as you employ angelic fragrances and devic essences in your spiritual work, provides so many opportunities for the muses of heaven to invest God's co-creative powers within this world, to bring heaven tangibly upon earth for all to enjoy and experience in the light.

            I breathe the breath of new life into you, each one. And even as you are refreshed in spirit, so I am also through the holy breath that you exphale and release as love in your world.

            [Master sings in an ancient tongue for 61 seconds.]

            Through the tongue of an ancient culture who worshiped the Divine Mother in a forgotten age, I have spoken and sung to your soul of love and grace. Live in a new light-field of beingness, transcending the past and enjoying a new future of love within the eternal Now. Peace. Peace. Peace.

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