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Goddess of Glory      September 27, 2013

Beloved Goddess of Glory
David Christopher Lewis
September 27, 2013   8:00–8:17 pm PDT
HeartStreaming for Solar Consciousness: 2013 Autumn Equinox Booksigning Tour
Mount Shasta, California

A Dispensation for the Anchoring
of a Permanent Talisman of God-Glory in Mount Shasta

            I live in the flow of God's light. I glow in the love of God's radiance. And I expand the flower of life within you, O soul divine, as your own glory is manifest this night, here and now, in the presence and in the purity of the ray of God's glory.

            Yes, I am come to shine forth the light of the sun, the light of all cosmic spheres and the rainbow rays and crystal essences of godliness so that those who would be ennobled in a new domain, in a new fragrance of beingness may access that which is true and real of their own eternal nature within this life, in this sacred space and in the timelessness of this dimension of being.

            Many of you seek light, and within your spiritual practices you often bask in the bliss and in the glory of God as you conceive of and know God's identity through the various faces and facets of God's awareness manifest within the creation. Yet this night, dearest ones, consider that if you are to fulfill your highest purpose in this lifetime, it is imperative, even though somewhat daunting, that you feel your Godhood right within your heart to the highest degree possible. It is essential that you draw forth from within yourself that which you have conceived of as something outside of self, even borne by ascended masters or divine beings, drawing that light essence of which they are composed deep within you. For you see, you are of the same essence. You were made in that perfected image and likeness of Krishna, of Radha, of all the divine Mothers and holy personages from time immemorial.

             All spiritual teachings of the past, present and the future within the eternal Now lead to the same point of stillness within, where the Divine is accessed, where there is no thought else or outside of God, light, love. In this glory, behold thyself in the mirror, in the reflecting pool that the Lord places in front of you, as perfected, as radiant, as glorified. For in this, dearest hearts, all shall be fulfilled in you as the radiant stream and beingness of God manifests through your consciousness in this oneness experience.

            Yes, I shine forth the radiance of the rainbow light of your Presence and causal body here. For I have meditated upon the perfected selfhood of you within the universal and it is clear that your essence, your spiritual nature, the eternal you is now already completed, holy and fulfilled. It is simply up to you to accept, to nurture, to realize this pure state of beingness, to breathe in and out, out and in this divine essence of light and then, through the co-creativity of your heart and mind, one in perfect synchronicity, to glorify God, magnify the Lord through the vitality and blessedness of your being.

            You see, dearest hearts, the path is actually quite simple from this perspective. There is no more struggle to attain something else in a future unwed to the Now. There is desirelessness in perfect desire. There is attainment in the centeredness of beingness, realized in love. When you let go of human desire, there God is, desireless within you, alighting gently, radiantly within your heart, where the Divine has always been and always will be.

            Those of you who have had near-death experiences know this state of oneness and perfect love. You have felt it, and it was not your desire to return here to this plane to experience the density and the darkness of an Earth unrealized in light. And yet here you are. Make the most of it! Be God, fully present. For your destiny is realized within the breath of the Now and is fulfilled in you gives as the birth of new universes, new virtues, new co-creative and blessed beings and divine aromas, frequencies of light.

            If you truly are a co-creator, what are you creating now through your word, through your essence? Consider each morning upon arising and greeting the sun that your opportunity is presented once more as a co-creator to experience anything, everything that is pure and true, radiant and glorious because it is your right as a God-conscious one to so live in your Presence.

            Now, dearest ones, through a dispensation from the Four and Twenty Elders, I come to increase the light within this Earth and within this sacred space whereby a permanent talisman of God-glory may be established here in Mount Shasta, may be made manifest so that many souls drawn to this ancient city of light may receive directly from their Source all that is beautiful, holy and divine! Yes, you, O soul, as a magnet of sacred fire, may assist all who come to these environs to be fed from this fiery flame-flower. For you have the stuff of God realized within you, and you may fan this dispensation of light through your devotions, through your songs and praise, through your meditation practice and all that you do to raise life.

            Yes, this dispensation comes directly through the heart of the great Master Melchizedek himself, who long ago walked Lemuria and Atlantis, calling souls to the heart of divine truth and beingness. And so he comes again and enters the scene, and he pleads with those of you who have been lingering upon this Earth for far too long to let go of that which has encumbered you and to accept your divinity, your oneness once and for all in this lifetime.

          And he asks me to ask you, will you fulfill your purpose now? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] By your word, the cosmos shifts, the crystal of Selfhood emerges, and a new birth realized begins to seed this sphere with the radiance of God's glory and the light essences of perfect peace.

            You seek peace here and there. Have you fully sought it within first? If you can be true to this holy quest, then you shall know perfect peace as I know it.

            The rod of fire is planted. The harmonics of interdimensional God-glory begin to flow. And those of you whose inner vision is open will see this manifestation clearly within your third eye and behold the glory of the Lord come this night, Amma's birthday and your re-birthday, precious ones.

            I seal you in a crystal sphere of perfect beingness. Live in your perfected light body, Merkabah, and know the glory of the Divine. I thank you.

Messenger's comments:

            The Goddess of Glory is like unto the Prajnaparamita, the Mother of all Buddhas. If you could see the glory of her causal body, it is as brilliant as an immense star in the heavens. And this talismanic focus that we now have here is planted within Shasta as an etheric focus. You may be able to see it in your meditation, if you choose. She called it a rod at one point in the HeartStream. It is electrifying. It is cosmically magnetized with a certain radiance that is of an energy field that comes from Sirius. Melchizedek was the one who actually, as she mentioned, sought and received the dispensation, and it was through his hand that this talisman was anchored within the mountain.

            This talisman also is, by God's grace, able to stabilize a portion of the western coast of the United States, from approximately San Francisco all the way up through and including Seattle. So this is a great and tremendous boon for this region. In addition it will assist souls coming here by repolarizing them in light, blessing them through all of the spiritual work of all of the spiritual devotees who live in this region, no matter what spiritual teaching or practice they follow. You are all beautiful. You are all divine. Every path is valid. So long as you maintain a certain standard of discipline, you can tap into this resource.

            There is a cautionary note from Melchizedek that those who engage in the taking and the smoking of marijuana will not be able to access this level of light, because doing so, unfortunately for you, cuts you off within your crown chakra from being able to truly know this divine essence. I am not here to judge anyone for their practices. I am simply stating what the Lord is conveying.

            All of the beautiful bhajans tonight helped to establish the flowfield that allowed for this dispensation. And whether or not you fully resonate with me or with The Hearts Center movement, that is OK. It is what it is as experienced through the awareness and the eyes of some souls. For those who believe it is real.

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