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Goddess of Purity      September 26, 2013

Beloved Goddess of Purity
David Christopher Lewis
September 26, 2013   7:30–7:58 am PDT
2013 Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour: Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—
Developing a Radiant Aura

Scotts Valley, California

The Goddess of Purity Offers Each One a Garment of Divinity

Cleansing Yourself within the Eternal Light-Energy Field of Your Solar Presence

Crystalline Ones Who Would Rise and Even Ascend in a New Spirit and Consciousness of Oneness,

            I come, fashioning through the light rays of purity a garment of divinity for each one of you to wear in your sacred time of meditation within the sacred space that you access and co-create within the great silence of your Selfhood, which will allow you to feel radiant, clean, refreshed and pure in God's light. All of you have the sense of being cleared when each day you allow the water to flow upon your body temple and to wash away what no longer serves you—the dust, the burdens or the cares of the day or the night.

            Translating this very physical activity of cleansing to a higher and more rarified experience within the eternal light-energy field of your Solar Presence, whereby all that has ever encumbered you throughout your experience in time and space is let go of and fully dissolved in the blessed stream of God-purity, allows you to soar, invigorates you with light and brings you to a new fount of beingness where you may know evermore your own oneness with the All in all.

            Having long ago perceived that cleanliness is next to godliness, I sought ever to abide within the sacred stream and waterfall of the immaculate Presence of God. And tending the sacred water-field of light within my own consciousness as I was subsumed into the greater Presence of the One allowed me to maintain this virtuous sense of my Selfhood in the greater whole of God's being. This is what I desire to extend unto you, to share with your hearts and minds this morning in order that you may be enriched and feel the true blessings of the Spirit that are yours to enjoy and bask in. For when you revel in this light-energy field, your aura shines, your immaculate nature emerges, the divine you may be expressed artfully, most creatively in all endeavors that you choose to engage in that bring flow into action and harmony into play within your lives.

            O gracious ones, great is our God. Most reverent is the I AM name to those of us who understand the dynamics of pure love in action in our lives through the gifts of the Spirit that we employ, through the dynamics of light that flow through us, through that holy radiance that is ours to imbibe and to expand within the domains in which we live and move and have our being, fully ensconced in the crystalline presence of our Source.

            These crystalline energies now move and dance and flow through the auric field of each one listening and participating today. For, precious ones, it is my great honor and joy to provide an impetus for your ascent in Spirit and in consciousness through the lens of my own awareness of God-purity. And as you, each one, refashion yourselves, truly recreate yourselves in the image and likeness of your divine Selfhood, there is newness of opportunity. There is a delightful atmosphere that may be engendered and emitted from your heart and from within every chakra, within every cell, within every molecule of being within your crystal-Buddhic Self.

            The ladies of heaven, the goddesses of all the virtues, the archeiai of the seven and the five rays are here for you, ever and always, to call upon for graces so necessary in this day of Earth's travail. And harmony and peace may be yours to accept and enjoy so long as you are able to sustain a certain presence of divine love and an understanding of your oneness with the All in all.

            Never let go of your strong connection with your Solar Presence, for in this you are sustained. In this you feel worthy, valued and truly appreciated. Let no one take your crown or dissuade you from the disciplines of the path, the rigors of a spiritual life consecrated to one cause, love. Let those who do not fully embrace or understand who you are or your way of life also be blessed by us so that you are no longer burdened by their sense of you being different. You can truly comprehend and know the totality of your higher virtuous beingness and remain in this state and in the sacred space of your oneness within the crystalline frequencies of your God. Know that all is well, that harmony is your natural estate and that blessedness comes to those who love God throughout their entire being.

            I now expand—throughout this region of California; throughout the coastline of the western states of these United States of America; along the San Andreas fault; from Baja, California, and Mexico all the way through the spine of this great state and up into and through Oregon, Washington, British Columbia and beyond—wave patterns of light for the stabilization of the earth in peace and harmony. And I, by God's grace, even shine forth my light to consume on contact all radiation within the atmosphere and within the water coming from the Fukushima plant catastrophe in Japan so that there may be a miraculous mitigation of the effects of that radiation upon the physical body temples of souls within America and within the greater Pacific Fire Ring affected by that anomaly.

            Blaze forth the light now, O Lord God, and allow the complete dissolution of the hurtful and negative effects that have resulted in an unnatural form of your divine radiation to flow forth from that region of Asia. Sanctify the waters, the atmosphere and the land with the light of purity today as we hold true to purity within us and within the greater temple of light of this planetary home.

            Angels of the sacred fire, perform your alchemical feats and consume all unrighteousness that may be transmuted today through the prayers of the righteous, through the action of the circle and sword of Astrea and through the dynamics of the Solar activity and the star-fire energy patterns of perfection drawn forth from the Great Central Sun through the giving of Vesta's Solar Rosary, Kuan Yin's Rosary of Mercy and all that our heartfriends and devotees upon Earth have engaged in in their spiritual practices to bring mercy, healing and balance upon the Earth again.

            O radiant Lords of Life, O Karmic Board, Four and Twenty Elders, I, the Goddess of Purity, invoke those dispensations that my beloved and others among you have sought for the restoration of the original matrix and blueprint of life upon Earth that will result in a golden-crystal-age civilization reestablished, a harmonic planet, a pure and clear world of perfection and God-beauty for all. I accept it into cosmic and microcosmic manifestation through the action of the heart fires and God-desires of these your servitors and initiates, O Lord. I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM, I AM THAT I AM all this now made manifest in light.

            Dearest ones, thank you for the alchemy of your hearts' love that has allowed this radiant gift from the Source to transpire within your domain, descending from the etheric, through the mental and then the astral and finally into the most tangible, physical elements of your world. This action will continue. And through your ongoing prayers and daily support, especially in your meditation practices of going within and resonating with a greater God-field of light of the God and Goddess Meru and of all Solar Lords, this action may be sustained and expanded by our holy ones across the Earth.

            You see, blessed ones, your lives do matter. Your pursuit of godliness does result in tangible manifestations of God's grace and mercy. And the blessings that accrue through the disciplines in which you engage always allow heaven's love to alight upon Earth as a blessing and a boon to all life.

            Now I touch my wand upon your crown. And if you feel a tingling there, let it be for a new awakening of consciousness as Providence provides for you greater opportunities for service in many fields of life within your world.

            I am your elder sister, mothering your soul in the light of purity toward the full fruition of your crystal nature in light. I thank you.

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