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Cuzco      September 20, 2013

Beloved Cuzco
David Christopher Lewis
September 20, 2013   9:00–9:22 am MDT
2013 Autumn Equinox Lecture and Book Tour: Heartstreaming for Solar Consciousness—
Developing a Radiant Aura

Tucson, Arizona

It Is Your Turn to Fully Embody the Divine Sciences in Your Life
Greater Harmony and the Mastery of Stillness Are the Requirements of the Hour

Radiant Ones,

            By the grace of God, light is here. And it is clear that for all to ascend into their highest divine manifestation of light, a greater inculcation within the soul of your Solar reality must occur so that you and all may draw forth the Divine deep within.

            Do you know that you are complementary to the All-in-all in the very center of the universe? Yes, precious hearts, the same cosmic, star-fire substance that is within the Great Central Sun is also within you as the essence of your being, the Divine manifest within the image and likeness of God, of which you are made.

            When you can reflect on this eternal truth, that at your core you are the same in essence as the Divine One, then a new radiating field of light is given birth to within you. The joy of divine happiness takes hold of your life, and all of the burdens of life that yesterday seemed to weigh upon you disappear. For you know that you are wholly God's, you understand your Buddha nature, and the sun-fire-light brilliance of your eternal Selfhood shines forth through your visage, through your every breath. Yes, beingness takes hold of you; your new life ensues.

            We the ascended masters have been speaking of these truths for thousands of years through anointed ones who share our message of light and love with humanity. Now, blessed ones, it is your turn to fully embody the divine sciences in your life, to utilize all that you have learned for the highest good of humanity and to inculcate within your own children and heirs the sublimity of beingness that you now are facilitating within your life, embodying within your holy temple; that you are realizing in the fullness of your spirit, one with the All-Spirit of God.

            As the spiritual scientists in our retreat at Viti Levu contemplate all that is transpiring across the Earth, we see clearly the requirement of the hour for greater harmony and for the science of stillness to be embodied in the lives of virtuous ones who would know more of how to secure for the Earth a new-age civilization, tangibly in form. Therefore we teach the principles, the dynamics of equipoise within the heart, of entering the Great Silence within in order to sustain the harmonics required to stabilize the vibration and frequency throughout the globe. When you enter your Buddha nature, as Gautama and many others have, you will discern these dynamics within a greater context of planetary service. However, it begins first within you, whereby you sustain a frequency of Buddhic mindfulness, of Christic constancy so that at your core there is perfect harmony within the solar world of your solar plexus, through which your feelings and emotions flow.

            Many of you are yet in the grip of your lesser self as it encourages you in misqualifying those frequencies, and at times it takes hold of your subtle body through the subconscious. And there are eruptions and miscues that are outplayed through what you vocalize, what you accept and speak of, and that portend darkness rather than pure light within your realm.

            As you master the flow of light through the delicate fabric of your emotional bodies, blessed ones, we come as advocates of the higher resources of Spirit to nurture you, for these light energies will serve you well as you emote only love and the vibrations of Cosmic Christ-peace. This is why within our movement of The Hearts Center we have advocated the mastery of stillness. For at this level of Christic peace, the waters are stilled within you, the storms of life no longer hold sway within your world, and a new sense of inner peace may be embodied that breeds light and the divine poise essential for the storms at the cusp of an age to be quelled and for a new life to manifest.

            Yes, our scientists will display for you on a screen the ups and downs of your biorhythms and how you may, like the blessed Mother Mary, master the Mother frequencies flowing through your auric field in order to gain a Mother's sustaining matrix of perfect peace; of immaculate vision; of the holy graces of the angels and archangels, which come into play when you put God first and when you embody, through reverence and holiness, the angelic virtues and quintessences that ennoble your soul and raise all life in all realms.

            This day I effuse throughout the Earth a frequency of peace that brings calm, understanding of the highest road and way to divine satisfaction, to harmony within the Brotherhood's movement and to the expansion of a new level of Buddhic living throughout the Earth. Look upon your brother, your sister as a part of self, for this the reality and the dynamic of life in all realms. You are one with another even as you are one with God. And when you can feel that oneness with those whom you are learning how to resonate with in greater harmony, then what you master in this way expands throughout the world and a greater peace may be established throughout the nations.

            Kind hearts expand the kingdom of God within the Earth. Humble ones are those whom we look to to virtuously fulfill the divine design within this domain of life. And those who are succinct in their speech, guarded in what they share, and reverent in every aspect of their speech and approach to life itself are the ones we can use in order to seed the Earth with divine light and raise the consciousness of humanity to a new Solar level of cosmic awareness.

            The prayer of the Brotherhood in this hour is that more will be quickened and awakened to our offerings, beloved El Morya's message through his Advanced Studies of the Human Aura book and courses. We highly recommend that those of you who have not yet partaken of El Morya's twelve-week course consider this study as essential in your life for the fulfillment of a greater aspect of your identity. For you see, El Morya himself will overshine you during your partaking of all that was offered. And there will be a new infusion, even beyond what was previously shared, that will be provided unto each one who so consecrates that time to be with the Master and to understand the dynamics of Solar living through his teaching.

            Therefore I ask on behalf of Surya, the great master from the center of the sun of this sector of this galaxy, that the leadership of this movement do everything possible to expand this offering of El Morya's teaching through shorter seminars, one-day events, book studies within your Hearts Center and heartfriends' groups, and that a greater directed stream of activity ensue. For as we see it from our perspective, when people do understand the dynamics of their auras in the context of the great solar auras of the stars, they will find a new course; they will chart a new pathway for their spirits to embody God within.

            Thank you for your listening ears, your attendant hearts and even the fragility of your emotional bodies. For these are born of sensitivity, of seeking understanding. And so long as you remain true to who you are, all shall be well and the Sun shall arise within you within the new day of Christ's and Buddha's appearing within your spirit.

            I AM Cuzco. I am real, and I am here this day to shine forth the light of the Sun within the Earth, to infuse every conscious one with the light and love of God. I thank you.

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