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Enoch      September 06, 2013

Beloved Enoch
David Christopher Lewis
September 6, 2013  7:00–7:36 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Enoch Reminds Us of Our High Calling and
Announces the Lord's Judgment of Those Who Would Destroy Life  

Hail, Sons and Daughters of Victory!

            I, Enoch, am here in your midst as well as tangibly manifesting my Godhood within Serapis Bey's retreat at Luxor for a holy purpose this night, and that is to dispel the darkness and to increase the light so that that which the dark forces are amalgamating within the Mediterranean Sea near the nation of Syria may be consumed, consumed, consumed in light!

            You have seen the intent of those who would destroy all, and yet God, in God's great goodness, has a response through his holy ones upon Earth. The call has gone forth, even from the Pontiff of Rome, for prayer and fasting, and therefore let it be so in every nation, among every people. You, O sons and daughters of the Most High, are called to be the witnesses of heaven's matrices, of heaven's God-desire; and heaven calls you this night for self-sacrifice and that which is essential in order that our alchemy of light may ensue.

            The judgment upon all that is outside of the circle of God Reality has come, and this judgment is the return, by the law of the circle, of that which has gone forth, either of good or of the energy veil, from each one living upon this planetary home. Therefore assess self, sons and daughters of God. See where ye have diverted your attention from the Law of the One, the Law of the Lord, the first commandment to love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, mind, and strength.1

            Have you held fast to this equation and commandment of light through all your days upon Earth? Have you truly walked with God as I have? Have you put your faith in God as I have, whereby at that hour I was willing to step into the invisible realms of light, nevermore to dwell in mortality, unreality or illusion? Are you willing this day to step forward into the eternal light of your Presence and command the forces of God-good within your inner self to fully be employed day and night, night and day—yea, to live a life of virtue? If so, then walk with me as I walk with God and together we will be that ensign of the righteous ones, the saints robed in white upon Earth whereby intercession may occur, darkness may be consumed and all that is truthful, beautiful, harmonious and divine may be brought forth again and again through our righteous lives lived to the glory of God.

               Yes, I stand forth now and I raise my right arm, and there is an action of cosmic justice and cosmic judgment upon those who would, if they could, cause the very destruction of life in many realms, even collaborating, east and west, north and south, toward a world conflagration and war. Nay, nay, nay, I say! It shall not pass in our day, O God, because we are standing here locked arm in arm—brother to brother, sister to sister—and we form a ring of light around the Middle East. And there is this night an action of light through the prayers of the righteous that is for the nullification of all plans of darkness. And if perchance some still desire to manifest their will and not the will of God, then let the judgment descend upon them and those who are backing them and not upon the children of the light, the sons and daughters of the One.

            O holy ones of God, though love is at the core of all that you do, understand that the law of love is also within the action of cosmic justice and judgment. God says to man, “Enough is enough; there is no more place for darkness, war and division upon my Earth—that which the Elohim have created and which is your own garden paradise upon this planet to live in. If you would choose darkness, then that darkness will proceed to engulf you, O souls. And yet if you choose a righteous walk in light, then that light will be your guiding principle, the daystar, the polestar of your being, and I will live through you; the law of love and righteousness will manifest through you, and all that you came to this Earth to fulfill may be realized through that law of love." Harmony is the key in this hour, and therefore the Great White Brotherhood stands forth.

            You have heard of the opening of the retreat of the lieutenant of the Maha Chohan in Turkey this past week. Dearest ones, this is a pivotal point in time and space for the action that we have envisioned for the mitigation of darkness, for the quelling of the forces of evil, of nihilism and of war in the Middle East. If you could see the forces of light already on the march—the angels of Victory, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel—who have already taken wing and flight to form their battalions, surrounding the nation of Syria and other nations in the Middle East to prevent a greater confrontation, you would be amazed to see how the prayers of the righteous in many nations have resulted in this action of light. And yet I show it to you through your third eye in this hour so that you may be emboldened, dearest ones, to make those calls, fiats, and God-determined invocations so that these legions may have, through the free will of mankind, the command and the authorization to maintain their stance in the etheric octaves and even manifesting down into the mental, the emotional and the physical planes of their arrays, their fortresses of light.

            This is what we require. And therefore I ask you to give, through Tuesday of this coming week, a full round of forty calls to Archangel Michael each morning with your own God-determination, seeing them standing forth determined—I say completely determined—to dissolve all energies that would and could result in greater darkness. Listen to the upcoming speech of the president of these United States Tuesday evening. Observe between the words what is at stake, what is at play, that which is moving this individual and others to act as they have. Discern for yourself, by the Presence of the Holy Spirit, what truly is manifesting, what the strategies are of both darkness and of light, and how you may be a divine player with us to prevent greater calamity and darkness.

            It is truly an hour to step forward, dearest hearts, and let your voice be heard. It is truly an hour to make your presence known in the etheric octaves of light, asking to attend sessions that we will have—commanded by Sanat Kumara himself and the captains and hosts of the Lord that he himself speaks to as Regent Lord of the World—and calling forth what is required to dispel all that is unreal in this area and arena of activity.

            Why, you should by now, dearest hearts, be adepts at soul travel in your finer bodies, able to proceed swiftly to any place upon the globe where you, as a soul of light, are required. Have you determined that, come what may, you will be there with the hosts of the Lord, placing your finger in the dike of darkness and stopping that which could ensue unless some are able to maintain their harmony and peace and to be intercessors with us for planetary peace, freedom and enlightenment?

            Many of you look upon yourselves as somewhat less than what we see you as—as true arhats and masters of the spoken word and of the path of initiation, which you understand at very deep levels and yet which at times you forget through a certain level of illusion and human forgetfulness. Well, forget no longer, dearest ones. Do what is essential to maintain your ability to live upon this Earth, and then consecrate as many of your hours throughout the day as possible to meditation, prayer and calls for planetary peace and for victory at every level.

            The hour is here for mankind to decide whether to move forward into a golden-crystal age or to allow past karmic entanglements to ensnare them within something that, if it would, would result in that which I do not care to enumerate and describe.

            Blessed ones, put your money where your mouth is. Put your energies where you know them to be most required in order that our Earth may be secured, that the Middle East may be sealed in light and that all ascended-master movements may move forward to secure this Earth for the Great White Brotherhood and their plans for a golden-crystal age.

            If you work in consonance with one another, if you truly desire brotherhood, sisterhood as a sacred community of light, you will put aside petty divisions and that which ensnares you in many rounds of illusion. You will move forward consciously to secure a greater platform through which we may ray forth our teachings and our light to illumine and to liberate souls throughout this Earth.

            The stage has been set by El Morya's booksigning tour through your calls. If you could see the heavenly hosts that are ready to descend into those cities where this one will step forth on El Morya's behalf to speak his words, to ray forth his light-frequencies to the Earth, you would be emboldened, dearest ones, to attend tangibly in your light bodies, visualizing yourselves there and supporting this cosmic work. If you can imagine, through the lens of your third-eye vision, accomplishing much for God by the power of the Holy Spirit and the gifts that have been vouchsafed to you in this and in previous lives—giving your all, even as you do those mundane things in your lives with conscious awareness, whereby you offer your heart to God to utilize anywhere and everywhere that the Lord so requires—then you will feel virtue going forth from your auric field, just as Jesus did when he healed the woman with the issue of blood.2

            Some of you have felt this dynamic manifesting throughout your day when you have consecrated your day to God and then gone about your business and at times felt a certain wistfulness, as you have not fully comprehended that in your higher bodies you are acting on behalf of thousands and millions of souls upon Earth. Well, dearest ones, I say that it is so. And if you can simply believe in yourselves, if you can accept that you are God-realized ones, holy ones of God and continue to be there for God at a certain level of your being, then it is so. The angels will move through your auric fields. Your words of love and light will go forth, carried on wave patterns of cosmic consciousness, to do their perfect work in so many domains, nations and within the homes of those who require support, love and hope.

            Yes, there is a certain malaise as an astral darkness over the Middle East and many nations where bombings are common, where at any hour, because of the strategies and plots of darkness, an individual citizen may simply lose his life because of an errant bullet, because of a terrorist or an unconscious one who knows not what he does on the outer and yet at a certain level understands exactly what is manifesting in his illusory life.

            Let paradise return to Earth. Let a golden-age civilization begin within your own awareness first, and then as you ray it forth through a consciousness uplifted to your Source, through divine love, a cosmic effusion will occur whereby the radiance of a greater auric field of divine holiness and love will replace that which has manifested as a world bereft of God's heart.

            Raise your hearts to God in this hour. Rededicate your energy field, your chakras, your awareness to the one cause of light. See the new world that you envision in your highest dreams and aspirations already manifest. Claim it in the I AM name. Affirm your own Godhood and then act decisively daily, through your own gifts, to bring about the new culture of the Divine Mother and of holiness and love upon Earth.

            All that I have shared, you know. My heart resonates with you in this hour, for I feel the pulsation, the God-desire of each one. And I utilize these frequencies that I am sensitized to and offer them to the Lord Sanat Kumara so that love, dispelling darkness, will recreate this world in the original image of perfection manifest in the eye of the great beholder of perfection, Cyclopea, and all the angels of the fifth ray who support the sacred work of creation itself upon the Earth.

            I AM Enoch, and this day twelve restored angels stand forth in the Middle East. And a door is opened to some fallen angels who have for eons of time done the bidding of the satanic forces, the Luciferian ones and those tempted by Peshu Alga and others. If you who were originally angels of light would choose in this hour to take the hand of one of these twelve, who at one point in their ancestry served darkness among you, and if you would bend the knee in this hour and choose the righteous way, then you will be welcomed to a certain council whereby, divesting yourself of your past and washed clean in the eternal love fires of God, you will be received once again into the circle of oneness as a holy one. And then you may make amends, serving God and mankind and fulfilling your original purpose.

            I, Enoch, command these twelve to move among those on the astral plane, offering them this opportunity this night. And my prayer and yours, dearest ones, this night may also be that some will heed the call, that a glimmer of light and hope will emerge within the caverns of darkness of the lower regions of the astral plane. And if, by God's grace, some respond, a greater dispensation of light will come forth in future months and years for others among the fallen ones.

            Yes, I wrote that tome of light chronicling the descent of those fallen ones into the arena of incarnation upon Earth,3 their taking of the daughters of men to themselves and now having embodied in the flesh for many thousands of years. Cycles are being fulfilled now. For many, the time is up and the choice is presented.

            The Two Witnesses stand forth in heaven. And the Lord Jesus, with his beloved Magda, also sends forth a ray of divine love and harmony to augment that which I, Enoch, present to the Earth. There is also a confounding in this hour, by a vibration of cosmic peace from the heart of Melchizedek, of certain astral vibrations from the pit; and these may no longer come forth, at some level, to cause destruction among certain segments of the Earth's youth. And there is for a fortnight the binding, the literal binding, of the suicide entity so it may not inveigle itself, its tentacles, into the minds and emotional bodies of thousands of youth across this Earth.

            You see, dearest ones, God hears your call. God understands your pleas and those of the righteous, the prayerful ones of all nations, of all religious persuasions, and those whose hearts are true to the one Light. 

            Therefore, I ask you to play that music this night that my son of fire, Reverend Norman Thomas Miller, composed in order that the original action that was accomplished and fulfilled by that music may again ensue across this Earth and throughout this solar system.4 For those who have not the history, David will share something of it with you following my message. And then upon hearing this divinely inspired music and meditating upon it with your heart tied to God, in the fullness of that which you can emote and emit to the cosmos, let this action of loving judgment go forth to prevent darkness and to secure our Earth, through angelic intercession, in divine light.

            I have come, called by some who understand the urgency of the hour and whose impelling prayers reached the very throne of God, whereby the Lord himself stirred the cosmic ethers and commanded me to alight upon Earth to assist mankind.

            Great and glorious are thy ways and thy rays, O Lord God Almighty. Just and true are thy judgments,5 are thy decisions and manifestations through the actions of thy Word throughout the Cosmic Egg. Yea, O mankind, turn thine hearts unto God and live forever in the light. I thank you.

1. Matthew 22:36–38.
2. See Matthew 9:18–26; Mark 5:22–34; Luke 8:41–48.
3. Enoch is referring to the Book of Enoch.
4. Enoch/The Call of Camelot CD, 68-minutes long,  #D99010 available for $14.95 plus shipping through The Summit Lighthouse.
5. See Revelation 15:3–4.

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