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David Lewis      August 28, 2013

David Christopher Lewis
August 28, 2013   7:00–8:35 pm MDT     
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Bringing Balance and Harmony into Life, Beginning with Your Threefold Flame
Special Wholeness Service Focusing on the Yellow Plum of Wisdom and Illumination

            Good evening, everyone, and welcome to our Wholeness Service, being broadcast from our Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart on this beautiful Wednesday evening, August 28, 2013. We begin our service tonight by singing song number 402, “Jai Durga, Laksmi, Sarasvati.”

            [Participants and David sing song number 402, “Jai Durga, Laksmi, Sarasvati.”]

            Recently I reread the book about the five Tibetan rites, Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth. In that book the author says that when he was in the Far East he observed the Tibetans chanting the OM and that they spent the same amount of time forming the O of the OM as they did forming the M. In the past, we have typically spent a longer time saying the O part of the OM, and the M is almost secondary. So from now on when we give the OM, I would like us to consciously spend approximately the same amount of time forming the O and the M, because I believe that it brings balance.

            Tonight's entire Wholeness Service is dedicated to balance. What the masters hope for us to accomplish tonight, partially, is the balancing of our threefold flame and the alignment, which is also the balancing, of our four lower bodies. As I was meditating on the threefold flames of heartfriends within our movement, it was shown to me that many of us require giving greater attention to the yellow plume in the center. We may think that we do a lot with the yellow flame in terms of study: we have our Meru University courses; we read a lot of books; we study the masters' teachings; we listen to the HeartStreams and we contemplate them and mindfully reflect on them. However, I was shown that what will help us to bring that threefold flame into greater balance has to do with the aspect of the yellow plume that involves self-knowledge, knowing ourselves, and wise dominion, which is what wisdom truly means—wise dominion of our consciousness and the resources vouchsafed to us by our God Presence.

            We all require a little boost when it comes to properly allocating our time, our energies, our resources in order to bring about a greater wise dominion of our awareness. What this then requires is not necessarily more study or reading of books; it requires putting our attention upon our true Selfhood and very consciously and mindfully observing ourselves, watching how we deal with life, how we expend our energies through our consciousness. When we can very mindfully and in an awakened state appropriate the energies vouchsafed to us by God, by our Source, then we are the wise stewards of that yellow plume, and it grows and expands. Study is great and reading the sacred scriptures is wonderful. However, mindfully employing what we learn in our daily lives through our conscious work is how the yellow plume can truly be utilized, magnified and expanded to a greater degree than many of us have heretofore done.

            The Buddhas teach us the way because they are the great appropriators of true cosmic wisdom and the teachings of the Great White Brotherhood. They have learned to appropriate the wisdom plume and all of the 972 petals of the crown chakra in the most wondrous and beautiful ways. When we meditate upon our crown chakra and, in deep mindfulness, see this thousand-petaled lotus of light extended out from our crown, and when we employ each of those petals for the issuing forth of divine logic and the enlightenment and illumination of ourselves and of the world through our spiritual work, then that action of the yellow plume expands and naturally helps to magnetically draw up the pink and the blue plumes. In that way, we are, of course, appropriating love, compassion, faith and the God-power flowing through us in the highest way. So wisdom helps to bring power-faith and love-compassion into harmonic balance.

            Many of us by nature, being embodied angels, are very devotional. We often find in our Hearts Center movement that the pink plume is very large in our heartfriends. We have a lot of services during which we say our rosaries and sing our prayers and songs, and we pour forth a lot of devotion to the universe, to the masters, to God, our Source. Tonight's teaching is that we must augment our devotions and our conscientious work of expanding the blue plume with the mindful study of ourselves—knowing ourselves, knowing our Source and the true fount, or fountain, of light within our Presence. In that way, all the plumes will be magnified, harmonized and our threefold flame will begin to spin and grow with a greater action.

            I penned a little poem on balance last evening:

Balance is the centeredness required to calm a storm

     when energies intense may swirl, then ebb, return to norm.

Balance is equilibrium through practicing for years

     that makes a gymnast shine in competition with her peers.

Balance is the dynamism captured in pure silence

     when stillness born of oneness is refined through constant  patience.

Balance is the magic number reached alchemically

     when checks have cleared, deposits are accounted for with glee.

Balance is God-happiness midst freedom's zest for life,

      you feel when all is well within your home and with your wife.

Balance is pure harmony, equality and peace

      that flows through focus in the heart that weds us to our Source.

            If we look at the way we live our lives, I believe we will find aspects that are not in balance and in harmony. So let us go within for a moment with the teaching just released and simply be still, meditate in silence, and feel this teaching taking hold within us. Muse on those areas in your life that you could improve upon, and allow the action of the Holy Spirit—empowering love, wisdom and power in balance—to firmly take hold of your threefold flame and expand it. You can choose to see your threefold flame, first, as  brilliant and beautiful and then swirling and moving, expanding, glowing, wrapping its love, wisdom and power essences throughout your entire auric field and expanding out beyond the sphere of your identity into your greater environment, blessing life through the balance that you have very harmonically and consciously accepted and are now emitting tonight. So we will have about five minutes of silence.

            [Participants and David meditate in silence for five minutes.]

            The surest way to draw up the sacred fire through the spinal altar, to raise the kundalini, is through the flame of purity, because purity is the Mother. If you desire true illumination, enlightenment and for wisdom to be continuously flowing through your crown chakra, work on purification. One of the great tools we now have is the Ho'oponopono prayer and song. So let's turn to song number 100. Even though this is a Wholeness Service and we focus a lot on the green ray, wholeness is also purity. So by cleaning and cleansing ourselves internally with this prayer, we also bring about greater wholeness for ourselves and for all life.

            Focus now not on others; this is self-purification at the deepest levels to bring about wholeness for you. We're focusing on ourselves in enlightened Self-interest—Self with a capital S—interest in our Self, our God Self. When we are interested and focused on our God Self, then there is enlightened Self-interest and it brings about the highest opportunities for our spiritual growth. Find an area that you know requires cleansing within yourself, whether it's in your subconscious, your conscious, your unconscious or the lower aspects of your superconsciousness, which may seem like a dichotomy—in other words, in your fire body, hidden in your memory body—and work to dissolve them.

            [Participants and David sing song number 100, “Heal with Ho'oponopono.”]

            Since we are focusing on the threefold flame, let's sing song number 63, “Fleur-de-Lis.” After that we are going to meditate with song number 64 and then sing number 66, “Jewel,” since that deals with the jewel in the heart of the lotus.

            [Participants and David sing and meditate with song numbers 63, 64 and 66, “Fleur-de-Lis,” “The Heart's Song” and “Jewel.”]

            When we have a balanced threefold flame, we can sustain in greater measure a balance within our four lower bodies, the temple of our physical form. This manifests through the heart, through our bloodstream, which represents the pink aspect; the fluids that flow through us, the lymph, which represents the white-fire light, for the purification of our cells; through the nervous system, especially through the spine and through the structure of our body temple into the brain, through the skeletal system, representing the yellow plume; all of the very subtle fluids that are released through the glandular system of our body, which represent the crystal rays; and then through our digestion, the release of enzymes within our system, which represents the blue fire of God, because we require nourishment for the sustaining of our physical temple; and then other more ethereal substances like the endorphins and the more celestial types of substances that are released through pranic breathing when we engage in higher spiritual work. These flow through our temple and bring us a type of bliss and inner joy when we know how to utilize them. These are very subtle fluids that nurture our spiritual bodies.

            We have all of these rivers of light within our form in multidimensions, some very physical, some more nonphysical, ethereal and spiritual. And of course as we develop the higher siddhis, the Holy Spirit gifts, we receive amazing spiritual quintessences that flow through us. When you have a spiritual experience and you receive a rush of radiation through your body temple, this itself is a type of very high spiritual frequency that nurtures your electronic body. It sustains the fiery impulses that come from your Higher Self through your auric field, through the chakra system. It's important to engage in meditation and spiritual practices that allow these divine substances to course though your being, because this is what actually sustains a higher level of consciousness, moving you toward immortality. As we were singing this last song, I could feel the radiation just pouring through my heart. And through the expansion of my threefold flame, I could feel the radiation going through my arms, my legs, through all of my chakras and especially my crown.

            You may have felt these frequencies, these energy flows through your being in different types of spiritual practices, whether through devotional practices such as meditation, singing songs, singing bhajans; through dance; or through exercise when you get past the point of feeling tired and you access that state where the endorphins kick in and you get a runner's high, a rush. There are many different ways that you can experience these spiritual impulses.

            All of this can be yours, first through a balanced threefold flame, because that creates the crucible through which harmony is yours, divine light can flow unencumbered through your body temple. This is a higher form of food than just physical food. It is the bread of life itself that Jesus spoke of, the Christ consciousness, the Christ essence that he delivered whenever he spoke and gave forth beautiful teachings on divine gnosis. So it's important to engage yourself in spiritual practices that allow you to be spiritually sustained within your auric field energetically, because this feeds the inner bodies, the higher bodies, which require attention and nourishment just as our physical temple requires them. 

            If you desire to have balanced and aligned four lower bodies, how does that happen? It happens through a positive mental attitude and through emotional stability that arises from being at peace within yourself, loving yourself and loving others equally. It happens physically through exercise and taking care of yourself with enough sleep; pure, unadulterated water; fresh, supercharged air; and all the physical vitamins, enzymes and natural substances that we know our bodies require. And, of course, the spiritual component is essential, the bread of life itself, through our meditation and focus upon our God Presence and our fire body, or etheric or memory body.

            All of this results in our healing, our wellness, our true wholeness. Yet we hark back, first and foremost, to our threefold flame. Those of you who have engaged in a practice of concentrating, meditating and focusing upon your threefold flame know exactly what I'm speaking of. I'm not talking about just once in a while, but as a regular practice—feeling what those flames do within you, how they blend, how they merge, how they swirl and bring you greater inner joy and then allow you to do greater spiritual work for mankind. And whether you have quantified or qualified it intellectually, in your mind, as the masters are sharing it through me tonight, is not as important as the fact that you have felt it, that you have demonstrated it for yourself, that you have worked on yourself enough to be able to feel your threefold flame and to know when you are in that aligned and balanced state, and when you are not. And when you feel at any time that you're not in balance, in harmony, then you stop what you're doing no matter what is going on in your outer life and you take stock and do the required spiritual work in order to bring that balance and harmony back. This is what your Christ consciousness is all about.

            The definition of a Christed one is, primarily, one who has balanced that threefold flame, and therefore everything else hums and sings within him or her because there is the naturalness of harmony that flows through the entire auric field. This draws Solar awareness to oneself. It allows one to be a magnifying lens through which God's light can flow to the world. If you desire to be of greater service to humanity, you don't have to do all these outer things, such as demonstrations against this or that, that you feel will make you look good in the eyes of others, although some of these can be positive; simply work on yourself so that the energetic light flowing through you expands. This is what nurtures the etheric body of the Earth, the spiritual fabric of our Mother Earth.

            When enough people who are awakened and conscious understand the science of light and meditate, practice and increase the light within their auric fields, then naturally there is a greater purification process that occurs across multidimensions through, around and within the Earth. All life is blessed, charged and radiated with divine energy and frequencies, and those individuals are thereby causative of planetary transformation, change, harmonization, blessing and every boon that can occur across the Earth.

            Every service that we have should allow your spiritual endorphins to be released so that you are blessed in the process of giving forth your devotions and praises to God and you are supercharged and ready for action in other aspects of your life. These morning services are not here to bleed us; they are here to provide for us many impulses that can move through our consciousness throughout the day and serve us and serve all life in very subtle and sometimes, in an outer sense, very observable ways.

            Let us sing another song, number 122, “The Gift of Love,” and feel your threefold flame become larger, more expansive, brighter and more radiant and colorful than ever before. Accept the fact that you have the right, as a God-being, to expand this threefold flame through God's gift of love.

            [Participants and David sing song number 122, “The Gift of Love.”]

            Let's play song number 90, “Communion,” by Carol Wells. If you don't know the melody, just meditate. If you know it, feel free to sing along.

            [Participants and David sing song number 90, “Communion.”]

            Thank you, Carol. We hope that we can have an updated version of that with the new words. It's a beautiful melody and a beautiful message.

            Let's turn to song number 60, “I AM the Magnanimous Heart.” Beloved Lanello, we ask you to assist us this night in magnifying our hearts through the placing of your magnanimous heart over ours so that we can feel tonight what it's like to have the energization of our hearts by your cosmic consciousness and the magnanimity of your Presence. We feel it, we accept it and we model it, by God's grace.

            [Participants and David sing song number 60, “I AM the Magnanimous Heart.”]

            Let us meditate with song number 71, “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.” Feel at peace with yourself. Increase the light of peace so that you will never, ever again feel your heart troubled by outer circumstance and never engage in fear, because fear squelches love and brings you down. Within this song, the phrase “Be still and know that I AM God” occurs many times. Feel that I AM stillness of God within you as this is said.

            [Participants and David meditate with song number 71, “Let Not Your Heart Be Troubled.”]

            Once your threefold flame is balanced, you can move into the higher initiations of Buddhic beingness, which involve the mastery of the five crystal rays. Now that we have established a flowfield of the harmony of our threefold flames tonight, Padre Pio steps forth and will amplify within our crystal-ray chakras this light of presence that we have accommodated.1 We will listen to and meditate on song number 43, “Padre Pio, Come.” Feel the soft, gentle burning action of the crystal rays within your crystal-ray chakras—your hands, your feet and near your heart, near the thymus. Expand the feeling element within these to bless all life, your family, your loved ones, your co-workers, heartfriends in this movement, lightbearers throughout the Earth, anyone with whom you may have an issue or problem. Feel the currents of pure love flowing through you.

            [Participants and David meditate with song number 43, “Padre Pio, Come.”]

1. Beloved Padre Pio delivered a HeartStream immediately following this service.

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