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Virgo      August 25, 2013

Beloved Virgo and Pelleur
David Christopher Lewis
August 25, 2013   11:38–11:54 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

A Look into the World of the Gnomes

Invest Your Hearts in the Spirit of Happiness

            We are Virgo and Pelleur, and we encourage you to dance! For, dearest ones, when you dance, what occurs? Your feet touch the ground, the earth itself, and in this touching and movement there is alchemy, there is light, there is blessing, and the gnomes dance all about you. And even the ogres and those whom you consider to be not-so-nice gnomes become happy, jovial and are transformed by your dance.

            Ha-ha ha-ha-ha! We laugh when you dance. For if some of you saw yourselves, you would laugh too. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

            Did you know that the gnomes are lively dancers? They are magical movers of all kinds of earth elements. You call the earth an element, yet there are hundreds of elements within the earth, dearest ones. And if you could see our work, if you could realize the magic of what we do deep within the earth and all across the earth, you would be amazed to see this magic manifesting right before your eyes.

            Do you know what it takes to make a diamond crystal in the earth? Did you think that all this just happens by happenstance without the conscious cooperation of many nature spirits and beings who fabricate these gemstones of divinity on behalf of mankind? Well, there is a complete science of chemistry and physics that we know so well, that we utilize in the crystallization of light within form, within the earth.

            Now translate this to yourself. What are you crystallizing of light within your form on a daily basis? Are you co-creating through beautiful frequencies that you consciously ingest and inscribe within yourselves whereby you radiate forth gemstones of beauty and harmony within your auric field and within your bloodstream and body temple? You should see the lifestream of Jesus the Christ as we have seen it with our vision. Even while walking the earth, we were amazed to behold the perfectionment that he manifested by his conscious cooperation with elemental spirits, which resulted in his ability to control the weather itself as God within him desired.

            Now, dearest ones, conceive of your new Selfhood as a God-conscious one fully utilizing all of the elements within the spiritual periodic table, which will bring about, through collaboration with the gnomes and the nature spirits, a profusion of divine energy through your being for the crystallization of your eternal nature right within your aura and flowfield. Do I speak in chela-speak? Yes, in some ways. And yet even those of you unfamiliar with certain spiritual terms may surmise my meaning by simply meditating upon crystals—their light essences, healing qualities and frequencies, each one being very specific—which can be utilized for all manner of illnesses, problems and issues, for self-transformation and the beatification of your soul in light.

            The work of the gnomes is extensive. The networks that we interact with throughout the various climates of the world and the regions thereof are amazing. Did you know that gnomes within China are in communication with those in Africa and North America, collaborating and communicating on new solar technologies that we are discovering through our own attunement with the devic spirits, who themselves, focused upon the sun, are conveying new knowledge, divine wisdom in this day and age to us? Well, dearest ones, it is true. And if you could just capture for a moment in time and space the magical and the mystical within our form of communication, which, I say, is even beyond what you call telepathy, you would be inspired to do more to communicate with us and with your conscious brothers and sisters throughout this world to co-create together a new, brave divine world enfired by the spirit, charged with light and solar radiance.

            Yes, you have the ability by your God-nature and the spirit within you—the fire, the spark of light from your divine Source—to perform all manner of amazing alchemical feats. And yet you settle for less, dearest ones. You imbibe substances that do harm to your temple. You think thoughts that are less than creative, powerful and benign. And worst of all, you feel less than God, less than love at times. Do away with all of this! Accept that divine magic may be yours as you comply with the eternal laws of being and are an assistant to all of the nature spirits who are working assiduously to bring about the kingdom of God upon Earth through the alchemical works of their hearts and the constancy of their givingness day after day, night after night, eon after eon of your human time.

            We are timeless, and though we abide by the cycles of the sun, there is a timelessness that we access beyond the beyond that brings us peace and understanding in our work. So it may be with you when you enter the dynamics of cosmic worlds and even the centers of suns and solar systems and perceive with a higher form of vision and perception the act of co-creation that is manifesting there and within the center of every cell of your being.

            Yes, we look to mankind for support. And though not appreciated in many realms, to those of you who respect us, honor our work and send us conscious love and appreciation for what we provide as a platform for your evolution, we send our gratitude and waves and waves and waves of appreciation and love for your own nurturing and for your blessing.

            Dearest ones, with a hop, a skip and a jump we climb the crystal stairway of light to the sun, where we recharge and then glide down the banister again to our abode to take up our work, joyous in our song, the song of the gnomes and the dwarfs.

            [Virgo and Pelleur sing:] Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's off to work we go, with a thrust and a roll and a ho-ho-ho, heigh-ho, heigh-ho.

            If you, with the joy that we have in our sacred labor, could invest your hearts in this spirit of happiness, your gardens would flourish, your tables would be replete with abundance, and your lives would be always blessed with a cornucopia of love from your Father-Mother God, coalesced through nature as a blessing to you, dearest ones.

            We are happy that you are here and have consecrated this service to us. And for that, we bow and kneel before you, the sons and daughters of God, abiding in your kingdom, not so far from ours in vibration. Let there be a blending and a harmonization of the three kingdoms of the angels, the Elohim and elementals, and mankind so that we all may live in peace and in brotherhood/sisterhood again.

            We are Virgo and Pelleur, and politely we ask you to respect us, to love us. And in turn, we will serve your every God-desire with all that we can muster of our energies and our spiritual fire. Thank you.

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