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Neptune      August 25, 2013

Beloved Neptune and Luara
David Christopher Lewis
August 25, 2013   11:17–11:34 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

To Master Yourself, You Must Master Flow

            Flow, flow, flow,
O waters of life! Wash clean the soul, for within the soul the water of God, the water of life, the water of the Mother exists. And if you would be transformed, then understand the nature of flow within you. For this flow brings about the flowering, the flowering, of your divinity and the manifestation of every essence of God-good, every virtuous, kind and inviting holy essence from the All-in-all for you to accept and to offer.

            The key to flow is to maintain a cosmic equilibrium of giving and receiving, of accepting and offering. You are an offering of Spirit to the Earth; you are givingness embodied. For you, each one, are composed of water—mostly water you are. As this is true, and you know it to be so, then have you understood the nature of your being as Mother, as water, and how you can maintain that flow within you that leads to eternal life, dearest ones? The key to maintaining your immortality is flow—flow of the energy of God through the vital vessels of your being, flow of love, flow of the breath of God and its nurturing and nourishing aspects.

            Why, you could say—if you could see the water of life moving through you—that you are a fountain. And those whose auric fields are more expressive of their divine nature are veritably fountains of radiant light, colorful light, the light as water, the water as light. And even within your aura you see the movement of energy very similar to that which water displays as it moves under the Earth, on the Earth and above the Earth in the atmosphere.

            If you look at the chemistry, the physics and the biology of flow, you will come to understand numerous alchemical equations. What is the temperature at which water as liquid becomes gaseous? Is it 212 degrees Fahrenheit, dearest ones? What does this number represent in a cosmic sense? It is the etherealization of liquid into air. And at what temperature does water vapor within the atmosphere condense to become water as liquid? O, do you know this one? Or do you not? Well, you know the temperature at which water becomes solid—32 degrees Fahrenheit, zero degrees centigrade. And what is that temperature at which you become fully divine? I leave this with you to discern. For in the magic of your imagination, you may just learn something more about the cosmic science of flow and of the flowering of your divinity within this world, within all worlds.

            Luara and I are alchemists and scientists of flow. We have studied flow in many of its variegated manifestations. For you see, we are involved in the movement of water in so many different planes and vibrational streams within, upon and above the Earth, and especially within those who are moving toward their adeptship, their full attainment of their God Reality. At times we have taught classes on flow in various retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. For you see, imagination and thought itself, if you look at them from a certain vantage point, involve flow also. And what is feeling itself but the movement of energy—energy in motion. Is this also flow?

            So, dearest ones, to master yourself, you must master flow. And through the giving and receiving, the inbreath and the outbreath, the acceptance and the offering of God's light, God's energy unto and through you, you come to the new dynamics of Spirit, the higher sciences of light through which your Solar Reality takes hold. For even within the sun itself a cosmic understanding of flow is modeled, and there is, through the unified field of the star-fire substance that you call hydrogen fused into helium, the magic of flow. And your solar scientists, heliophysicists, see the amazing amalgamation and transformation of light and the chemicalization from the primeval substance of the universe within the cosmic co-conception that manifests in the offering of light to the solar system through the sun itself, which is the acme of flow.

            O radiant ones, when you understand your eternal nature as you daily model the divine life through the giving and the receiving, the receiving and the giving of your essences through the truth of your being, through your gifts, talents and graces, we will increase the flow, the amperage, the wattage, the radiance through the OM of your heart. And from this point of cosmic emanation, you will enter the higher worlds, see clearly and know the I AM THAT I AM within.

            Now, one tiny practical offering of advice. You may take a quartz crystal that you charge with your heart's essence, place it within a glass container, adding pure water that you also bless with your heart's love, and this water will be energized by the crystalline nature of our beings. For in this hour we bless all water so consecrated in this way by our spiritual compatriots, heartfriends throughout the Earth. You may desire to retain a small portion of the charged water, to which you may add more water, for that water will retain the essence of the charge and of the crystalline frequencies of our pure light essence.

            Thank you for these vigils each month, dear ones. For they allow for a great manifestation of light to occur across the Earth. If you could see what results during these twenty-four-hour cycles of your givingness within many regions and areas across the globe, you would be amazed to see the resurgence of light, the resurrection and regeneration of the Earth. Yes, we are pleased with your progress. We are grateful for your service, your constancy, your word.

            And so in the flow and the great glow of the I AM, be sealed by sprites, by water spirits, the precious undines, in the love of the Mother. And remember that because you are primarily water, you are always, as a Mother-being yourself, free to be loving as the Mother is. We thank you.

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