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Aries      August 25, 2013

Beloved Aries and Thor
David Christopher Lewis
August 25, 2013   10:32—10:56 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

In Praise of Trees

Praise God for trees. Praise God for the light, the love and the refreshing aroma of Spirit, the oxygenated air that trees provide, which brings balance, harmony and grace to the Earth. Praise God for that which trees provide as all manner of fruits and nuts and delicacies of light for the nourishment of the body temples of the sons and daughters of God and of many creatures evolving upon Earth. Praise God for the shade, the cool shade that trees provide on hot days. And praise God for all of their communication with the Earth, with the stars, with the sun, with the clouds, with the rain and with every deva and nature spirit. Praise God for the Tree of Life within you, O mankind, and for that which this tree is giving birth to within you of a new spirit of divine love.

            When you contemplate nature as a whole, you cannot help but focus upon the myriad manifestations of God's created beings known as trees. Why, this Earth would not be this Earth if it were not for these gracious, conscious ones, who provide so much of the resources essential to life itself upon Earth.

Our sylphs wing their way across the skies, and when they require a place to rest, where do they alight? They come to a branch, a bough, the sacred environment that the tree has provided for them. Many fairies and sprites and those whom you look to as the elementals of the air are deeply involved in an understanding of the nature of trees, of their coexistence with them, of the biosynchronicities essential to life—yea, of that symbiotic relationship between trees and much of that which you call Nature and her spiritual essences.

As you reflect on the trees that you have loved, that you have grown up with, that you may have nurtured or planted yourself or those whose evolution, harvest or bounty you have witnessed, it behooves you to understand more of yourself and that Tree of Life and that Tree of Knowledge and Wisdom that inhabits your soul, that is within your spirit. For if you consider the nature of the tree itself, it is symbolic of all of life in its glorious manifestations, in its wonderful outpicturings of the colorful aspects of the creation itself.

Where are those tiny, little trees within you? Why, they are within your lungs. And here you even see the symbology that the Lord has planted within you. For with every breath that you take, there is the expansion of  light within your lungs through the bronchial tubes, symbolic of that tree within you that nurtures your own bloodstream through the oxygenation of that vital fluid that gives you life.

            There are other trees within you—yea, the capillaries, the blood vessels, the veins, the arteries. Are these not also a veritable and lively tree branching out throughout your being, dearest ones? And what of the nerve cells extending throughout your temple form? Are these too not an energetic tree of light through which you feel and through which the impulses of the Holy Spirit give birth within you to the essences of love and all of God's virtues as you experience them through your emotional body? Why, if you look far and wide, you will see just how trees, the branches, the leaves, the fruits, the flowers and the roots themselves are symbolic of every aspect of life as it can be experienced in your realm.

And so this day, we the hierarchs of the air, Thor and Aries, praise the trees and their sacred service to life upon Earth. If you reflect upon the many trees that you have witnessed firsthand, you will see the magic of life manifest through the variegated patterns, the design of heaven, the amazing colorful nuances of their lives, always lived to the glory of the sun.

            The banyan, the cedar, the eucalyptus, the aspen, the redwood, the sequoia, the elm, the oak, the fir and pine, the birch and beech, the pomegranate and persimmon, the hazel, the coconut—how many more can you name that bring you joy, dessert and life? The lemon, the lime, the kiwi, the apple, the pear, the peach, the plum. Oh, heaven sings this day of the orange, the grapefruit, the walnut, the pecan and pies and cakes and all that brings you the sweetness of life, the cherry and the aromatic fragrances of the deodar—yea, the cedar—and the mighty ancient ones, the redwoods, cathedrals to the Sun Presence of life.

O great God-beingness within the trees, sing this day your song to the souls and spirits of mankind, quickening them to a new life, to a new love, to a new energy pattern that they may embrace within themselves.

Do you love your Self, O souls of light? If not as fully as you know that you could, observe the tree, its love for all, its givingness, its essential nature. Yes, it loves itself, for it knows God within all, and through its beingness simply is what it is—joyful, radiant, conscious.

 I encourage heartfriends within this and every movement of light to plant trees throughout your lives—one a year, one a month, one a week, if you choose, or more—to replenish the Earth. For if you look at your life and the resources you have used, have you not been party to the felling of many trees in your use of all that you deem essential in your life—books, papers, chairs, furniture? All of these have come from these sacred beings, who offer themselves most humbly before you as your servants, as your lovers, as your friends.

Have you ever climbed a tree as a child and simply witnessed the dynamics of what occurs higher above ground level? Have you tapped into those resources that trees provide to the extent that you understand greater balance and harmony within nature and within yourself? Have you attempted to learn the language of trees, the music of their essence? And in the undulations and the cosmic rhythms of the patternings of their growth and the recession and sleep during the winter season, have you also found something of yourself within them, and something of them within self?

The magic of life itself may be understood through eyes awakened and opened by the breath of God exuded through and perfused by the leaves of the trees, which have ever been for the healing of the nations¹ and the souls of mankind. Spend time with a tree, if you would. Stand straight in stature in juxtaposition to its strong essence, its hardy trunk, its vital branches. Communicate lovingly and you will receive many deep messages about the nature of life—your life, God's life within you.

This day we praise the trees because, precious ones, many are being senselessly destroyed. And we ask you to pray and give those calls to the resurrection flame so that trees everywhere will be honored, that the children of this generation will plant hundreds of millions in order that the Earth may be secured again in the light, the emerald light of the abundant verdure of heaven's grace.

You can make a difference on behalf of the trees if you study them, learn their ways, their messages and then apply your own understanding, knowledge and wisdom to the path of permaculture to allow for the magic of life through trees to be reestablished upon and across the Earth.

O ancient ones who seeded the Earth with light; O Elohim, who conceived of the trees of all kinds, resurrect this Earth in light. Seal the trees from the destroyers and the unconscious and bless the children of God everywhere as they awaken to themselves and to the radiance of all life in all realms.

Now with a fairy wand, the Queen of Light comes, touching every tree upon Earth through the magic of the universality of God-beingness, blessing them, charging them and allowing them to feel, on your behalf, love, appreciation, gratitude for their lives, for their givingness, for their essence.

            This action is complete. Our alchemical experiment has been accomplished, and love sings again within the air, the atmosphere, and with the breath of God gives life to all. We thank you.

1. See Revelation 22:2.

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