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Lady Kristine      August 24, 2013

Beloved Lady Kristine
David Christopher Lewis
August 19, 2013   9:00–9:25 am MDT

Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Dynamics of Love as a Key to Passing Our Tests on the Initiatic Path

Precious Ones,

            The disciplines of the Holy Spirit require focused attention upon your Source, your God Presence, your heart of love. Your daily tests come to provide you an opportunity for self-transcendence on your path through going within and communing with the Source of true love within you. They also allow the engendering of higher frequencies to play upon and within the centrality of your being and give you pause to reflect and to know exactly what you must do, how you must act, and why all that is transpiring manifests. You then naturally move into that which provides peace, harmony and balance.

            The initiations of the Holy Spirit come again and again to our disciples so that they may prove within their active lives that which they have studied and desired to manifest and are intent on mastering, and yet, which at times remain elusive, just beyond the reach of where their desires extend to. Therefore, I come this day to provide an impetus and a few elements of higher truth to each one of you to afford you, precious ones, grace in order to access those sacred gifts of the spirit, which when received, assimilated and utilized will allow you to master yourself and move upward and onward on your path.

            You know that the tests of love are there. For when you sense that you have not succeeded in passing a particular initiation, what is it that you find was missing in a moment of an unkind word, an impure thought or a lackluster aspect of your will not engaged to the fullest in providing your allness within your sacred labor? If you perceive deeply from within your soul, you will typically find that the spark of love ignited and fully accepted and engaged may not have been fully present within your heart. For you may have temporarily accepted some element of judgment, criticism of another or self and thus, love had flown from you. And the serenity that comes from compassionate Buddhic presence was missing from the equation of the initiation.

            Love brings all to fulfillment. Love impresses her spiritual gifts and graces upon the conscious, who seek first to fulfill the divine will in all and then to accentuate that will through wisdom's fires and love's higher desires from within the heart as a blessing, not a curse, upon others. The refinement of your inner senses is essential in understanding the deeper initiatic pathway that is set before you. Our desire is always that you will, dearest ones, release your own hold upon yourself, the grip upon your lesser identity that seems to return at times when there is tension, when there is division, when you perceive through the lenses of your awareness that your way is the best or only way forward for all.

            Yes, all are tested. For the fire must be proven again and again within your heart in order for the transmutative energies and processes of alchemy to make your soul permanent. The spiritual flames of God must burn through the notself elements and aerate your soul in order that you may come to that point of the sealing of your identity in your godhood, in your blessedness, in your own beloved state of immortal light and divine reason.

            We have spoken about the initiatic path often. You may see through the lens of your awareness and human self only a portion of what may be best for this movement. As an organization utilizing the internet and following the highest principles, values and knowledge of the business world around you, you may use various marketing campaigns and initiatives to get your message across to the world. Blessed ones, circumscribing all of this, there is always the framework of the path that you must walk in the light in order to be a God-man or woman, to master yourself, to come to terms with your past, your karma and your dharma and to fulfill your reason for being here upon Earth. The context of your initiations changes lifetime by lifetime in terms of the specificity of what you go through physically upon Earthemotionally, mentally and within your memory body. And yet, if you could see the coursing of your soul over longer streams and epics of timelessness and spacelessness, you would understand how the Solar Lords, the great Karmic Board and your sponsoring masters, in communion with your Higher Self, have fashioned this framework for the fulfillment of your identity as an individuality within the collective whole of God's awareness.

            You will then see that no matter what your outer work is composed of, the inner work of your spirit is what is more essential for you to understand. Therefore, let go of certain attachments to the right way, the most efficient or effective standards of business to utilize for the growth of this movement. For we repeat that when the greater number of you embody the flame of divine love in its highest aspects while using its fullest resources within the proving grounds of your soul experience, the magnet of your hearts will draw unto you those whom we desire. They will emerge from the shadows and come from the farthest shores across this Earth. They will incline their ears and their minds to your message and will receive from the fount of your collective love experience the bounties of heaven, the graces of the Lord, the fruits of the Holy Spirit in your midst.

            Yes, dearest ones, love is causative of cosmic change throughout the world. If you can realize the truth of this statement and come back to the center of Selfhood, not through human analysis or a mental conception, but truly through the amalgamation of every aspect of love that you have garnered through many lifetimes by the spirit's grace, then you will pass every test and you will prove the law of being. This will be sufficient unto you and unto the Lord to allow you to be sealed and sanctified as a masterful one in your own right, as a God-being within the All in all, within the heart of the One.

            If you would awaken to what has been termed the dreamthe illusion of life experienced from an outer awareness outside of the circle of God's eternal beingand enter the sacred space of that center point of perfect presence within the heart of God, then you will see clearly what already is through the I AM law of love. And then, in a type of cosmic causality through a casual and natural way of living in your Presence, all the elements that you require to fulfill your mission will come to you. They will flow to you through your resonance and harmony and through the virtuous lives of those drawn into this circle collective of brotherhood/sisterhood of light. All will then come to pass as it was destined to and as it, through love, you model and outpicture it in your lives by grace and by the breath of the Holy Spirit in your midst.

            I am Lady Kristine. I have meditated upon the flame of love with my Beloved in numerous lifetimes, have entered into the equation of love, the light of love, the eternal fire of love in its givingness and in every aspect of its transmutative power for change. This day I give you of my heart as an offering of my own God-soulfulness, so that each one of you ascending in spirit may be fulfilled in your Presence through this fire of love that I bear on behalf of every ascended being, one with the light.

           Now I perfuse throughout this movement quintessences of joy, radiances of mindfulness, components of godliness and grace, so that all may feel the refreshment of their souls, the nurturing of their hearts, and oneness with each other for the formation and sustaining of a new and wider aura of God-love, kindness and compassion within The Hearts Center movement. Embrace one another with a holy kiss; greet one another with the full fire of your love. When you truly employ this tack consciously, then dearest ones, that love embodied through you will make the difference and all shall be victorious in the light.

            My kiss of peace, harmony and grace is ever yours, precious ones. I thank you.

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