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Hercules      August 20, 2013

Beloved Hercules
David Christopher Lewis
August 20, 2013   7:00–7:25 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Embrace the True-Blue Essence of Your Godhood

Study the Science of the Words I AM THAT I AM and Use Them Daily

            Ho! The fireworks of God descend upon Earth today, here and now. And the fiery works of God are here, manifesting through the conscious ones awakened to the great I AM light who manifest the destiny of the star-fire essence of their own God-consciousness through that blue-fire will that I, Hercules, model on your behalf.

            Ho! I am come. Ho! The light resolves all. Ho! The light expands, refreshes the spirit of those who are impelled higher and who, by their own at-onement with the Source, aspire always to fulfill that will, which is the fiat of the One.

            I AM THAT I AM is here within you, O soul. Have you accepted your eternal destiny in the I AM light manifest within the eternal Now, which is giving birth every moment to the true-blue Selfhood who you are? If you can say yes and affirm in the I AM name, with the great I AM resident within your field of pure beingness in light, then the light is increased; then the light, through its own divine intelligence, wins for you the day and abides ever within the framework of your being to model for you all that is true, natural, holy and beautiful.

            Some of you shy away from the true-blue essence of your Godhood because you feel more comfortable in the pink fires of the love of God. Yet, dearest ones, there is joy and expectancy in the dynamism of the blue-fire will of the One that impels you to the fount of all knowledge and love and, through that thrust, brings you to a new emergence of who you are in your Sun Source. For you see, the first ray of the dawn is always there in the early morn, beckoning you to awaken, quickening you to be enlivened and refreshed anew in the Spirit.

            When you apply the wisdom teachings and the anointings of the Holy Spirit consciously in attempting to always remain true to first principles and values, your mission, vision, goals and objectives, then the Lord sanctifies that cosmic intention through the delivery of all manner of graces and holy quintessences that bring unto you joy, joy, joy in your endeavors, in your sacred works of the Spirit.

            At times there is upon Earth a malaise within the greater community of light of those who have decided that, come what may, they will stand firm and abide within this blue-fire-will essence of God's eternal light. For it is human entropy and that which brings you down, down, down, which seeks to dismember you from the community of the Spirit, the Great White Brotherhood itself, the greater egregor of all those connected to the one light.

            What is the key to remaining steadfast, immovable and unshakable as the five Dhyani Buddhas, the diamond beings of light, are? It is, dearest ones, faith, belief that, come what may, your essence will live on and does now for the plan to be realized, completed and divinely directed. Therefore look to your Divine Director when at any time you feel at a loss to know how to fulfill all that the ascended masters have requested. Call to him; sing to him; abide within his auric field and the skeins of light manifest through his great causal body, which is, as you know, larger than the Earth itself. For you will feel anointed, unleashed to accomplish the miraculous, to access the Divine and perform everything that is essential at every step of the way within your assignments, to have them completed on time and, if you choose, ahead of time through your own intrepid nature of conscious awareness, putting all else aside except that which is essential in your life.

            Many of you cloud your own being with all manner of discrepancies and dilutions of the light by a less-than-focused approach to winning the day. If you can see the goal clearly before you, then you know that it is realizable; you know that you are not grasping at straws. You are accessing the impeccable and now-approachable aim that you have always, at some level of your being, known would come to fruition if you could summon the divine forces to make it so. Well, I tell you this day, dear ones, that it may be so and it is so for those who choose the light, who choose the higher walk with God, with the ascended masters, the chohans of the rays and the model citizens of heaven who are the gods and goddesses, living eternally ever-present in the light of the One.

            It is your choice daily whether to live in the light or to accept something less in the shadow selfhood of your lower nature. If you can summon that will again and again to step fully into the present mode of living within God's eternality, then the light itself shines upon and within you, performing the seemingly impossible. And through the magic of divine destiny, that light fully emerges within you and suffuses in, through and around you all that you require to be self-realized.

            Glorify God through your thoughts and feelings. Give deference to the Lord, who knows all, sees all, hears all, intuits all within his beloved children, the sons and daughters of the One throughout the multiverses in creation. You know that the Lord knows all that you require even before you ask and accept.¹ Your choice is to ask and simultaneously accept all that you require. And the dynamic of entering into this equation in the center of the I AM experience is key for you to know and to fulfill your raison d'être. Yes, dearest ones, the Elohim, as the creators of worlds, can show you all the possibilities present for you to enter into the co-creative experience of knowing what it takes to precipitate worlds within worlds within worlds. We fashion life from life, from light, and our edicts manifest instantaneously because the I AM that we speak is already manifest. And the I AM who we are is one with the Great I AM.

            Study the science of those words I AM THAT I AM. Use them throughout your day: “I AM the way, I AM the truth, I AM the life.” If you say these with the full support of your soul and pour into them the essence of your being, then whatever words are uttered after I AM must comply with the laws of eternality now:

            “I AM perfection manifest within the lives of every heartfriend, whom I love, cherish and support.”

            “I AM the light required to fulfill all now through my conscious choices to be that light daily, hourly, moment by moment.”

            “I AM the light—intelligent, cosmic, miraculous—manifesting the beauty of God's grace here and now, fully realized and complying with the eternal laws of being within me.”
            “I AM who I AM, that I AM in the I AM life. And for this reason, I live and move and have my being purely in the light that always prevails.”

            You see, dearest ones, no matter what comes your way to throw a stone on your path may be transformed into bread and all that you require by God's magic working within you and through the self-transformational processes that heaven provides within the Solar radiation flowing forth from and through your Presence.

            I now inscribe within the aura of the Earth a new way, a new opportunity with Amazonia for sons and daughters of God to awaken to their Source. Read Morya's words in his book on the aura.² Understand them through meditation and live them daily in the Sun Presence of your greater Solar awareness in the I AM THAT I AM.

            I AM Hercules, and I hurl unto you a challenge, a dare to be God now, never again procrastinating unto a future that has not yet occurred or ruing the past, which has already dissolved into nothingness. Live here and now in the light of God, and all will take care of itself, dearest ones. I thank you.

1. Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance (Meru Press, 2013) by David Christopher Lewis may be purchased online from The Hearts Center website at, from, or at select Barnes & Noble stores.

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