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Heartstreams Database-Messages From the Ascended Masters

DeliveredTimeDelivered ByTitle and EventMedia
5/17/18 15m Kuan YinThe Art and the Heart of Mercy
5/17/18 9m David LewisDavid Christopher Lewis Sharing After Kuan Yin's HeartStream
5/16/18 17m Angel Deva of Paradise ValleyThe Angel Deva of Paradise Valley Speaks!
5/10/18 1h 25m Saint GermainSaint Germain Darshans with Heartfriends from 2018 San Mateo Expo
5/9/18 29m GodfreHow You May Be God Free
4/28/18 42m Saint GermainSaint Germain's Alchemical Activation of Lightworkers at 2018 San Mateo Expo
5/6/18 16m MaitreyaLord Maitreya Shares Keys to Buddhic Beingness and Healing
5/5/18 29m LanelloInsights and Keys for Self-Mastery through Mindful Means
5/4/18 22m UnityUnity's Spirit of Diversity in Universality
5/2/18 6m David LewisThe Future of Meru University
5/2/18 9m David LewisReading from Chapter 10 of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura
4/29/18 5m K-17K-17 Sends an Emerald Ray of Light into Our Third Eyes for the Acceleration of Higher Vision
4/24/18 20m Clare de LisSurely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place
4/25/18 19m LanelloLanello Offers Himself as Our Guru to Impel Us Higher on Our Ascension Path
4/25/18 4m David LewisBeing in Perpetual Prayer
4/21/18 31m NadaNada - What Flower of Love Are You? What Divine Aroma Will You Emanate?
4/20/18 14m Goddess of PurityA Visit to the Planet of Purity
4/20/18 10m Goddess of PurityThe Magic of Surrender and Forgiveness
4/20/18 22m AmoraAmora Let Love Flow Through You--Heart, Mind, Will and Soul
4/19/18 31m NadaNada on Loving, Selfless Service to Others and a New Rainbow Rosary to Mother Mary
4/18/18 18m David LewisParadigms, Perspectives, Possibilities, Purpose
4/15/18 2m David LewisDavid's Sharing after Hilarion's HeartStream
4/15/18 16m HilarionHilarion Inspires Us to Live in the Integrity of Cosmic Truth
4/4/18 8m El MoryaThe Way of the Arhat
4/4/18 20m David LewisCommentary on the Media and Current World Events
4/2/18 54m AfraAfra's Darshan with the 2018 New York Expo Attendees
4/1/18 22m MagdaEaster Resurrection's Miracle Is for Us All
3/29/18 55m JesusJesus' Holy Thursday Message on Fulfilling God's Will Throughout Your Life
3/28/18 29m Clare de LisDarshan with Clare de Lis
3/27/18 24m Phylos the TibetanPhylos the Tibetan Speaks on Counterbalancing the Darkness of this Time
3/26/18 18m AzzaleaAzzalea Says Allow the Flower of Your Integrated Self to Bloom!
3/25/18 25m AfraAfra on the Radiance of God's Heart, the Blessedness of God's Presence and the Glory of God's Light
3/24/18 29m EnochEnoch Says Embody God's Virtues in Your Life!
3/22/18 1h 14m Saint GermainSaint Germain's Darshan with the 2018 LA Expo Attendees
3/20/18 31m El MoryaTuesdays with Morya on A Divine Economy Co-Created and Driven by Divine Work, Service and Givingness
3/20/18 30m MichaelArchangel Michael Delivers Divine Justice to the Earth on Behalf of the Lord God and His Christ
3/17/18 30m Saint PatrickSaint Patrick Speaks on Emerald Grace
3/16/18 17m GabrielGabriel Inspires Us to Magnify the Lord unto Our Ascension
3/16/18 6m David LewisReading of Chapter 32 of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura
3/15/18 15m Spirit of MexicoThe Spirit of Mexico Expands the Light of Love Throughout This Sacred Land!
3/15/18 32m Spirit of MexicoThe Spirit of Mexico Darshans with Mexico Heartfriends and Offers Tips on How to Utilize Our Hearts
3/14/18 23m Mother MaryMother Mary Speaks to Her Saints on Being Pleasing to God
3/10/18 22m David LewisComments and Darshan with Heartfriends in Mount Shasta
3/10/18 23m Kuan YinKuan Yin Speaks on the Mirth of Mercy
3/7/18 18m David LewisSkype Call with David and Chilean Heartfriends
3/7/18 9m JesusBlessed is the Name of God! Blessed is the Flame of God! I AM THAT I AM is Written in Fire Within Your Heart!
3/7/18 13m GodfreGodfre Exhorts All to Attend the 2018 Summer Solstice Class
3/6/18 7m OmraamOmraam on Solar Living, Solar Giving, Solar Thriving
3/3/18 48m Saint GermainSaint Germain on the Ascension Process Now
3/4/18 46m David LewisHearts Center Initiatives for 2018
3/3/18 27m Snow KingSnow King and Queen Direct a Clearance of the Northern Hemisphere
3/2/18 18h 34m CosmosMighty Cosmos Speaks on Our Inner and Outer Cosmos
3/1/18 31m AfraThe Light of God Always Prevails in the Hearts and Lives of Virtuous and Loving Souls
2/11/18 37m David LewisPractical Permaculture for Spiritual Initiates: Recreating Eden with Modern Food Forests and More
2/11/18 41m El MoryaA Dynamic Blue-Light Aura/Chakra Clearance
2/10/18 40m Saint GermainSaint Germain's Alchemical Activation of Lightworkers
2/21/18 17m El MoryaThe Eight Pillars of the Life of the Initiate
2/21/18 5m David LewisSharing on Visiting the Rosicrucian Headquarters
2/21/18 4m David LewisThe Definition of a Keeper of the Lightning
2/18/18 11m Mother MaryMother Mary: The Healing Virtues of My Immaculate Heart
2/18/18 16m JesusJesus: On the Mysteries of Divine Light
2/17/18 2m David Lewis2018 San Diego Prayer Vigil
2/17/18 15m Goddess of FreedomGoddess of Freedom: Stand in Defense of Your Own Eternal Freedom
2/17/18 6m Divine DirectorDivine Director: Co-Creating a Luminous New Earth
2/17/18 22m Divine DirectorHeartfriends Share Their Visions for the Golden-Crystal Age
2/17/18 2m David LewisGratitude to Saint Germain
2/17/18 6m David LewisThe Harmonics of Meditation
2/17/18 15m Saint GermainSaint Germain: I AM Freedom in Action Now and Forever
2/16/18 30m El MoryaEl Morya: The Victory of Freedom Is Within You
2/16/18 28m David Lewis2018 San Diego Prayer Vigil
2/16/18 23m GodfreGodfre: When Will You Be God-Free?
2/15/18 26m KuthumiKuthumi: Preparing for the Peaceable Kingdom
2/14/18 28m Lady ClarityLady Clarity: My Valentine’s Day Address to All Beloveds
2/14/18 18m VenusLady Master Venus' Valentine's Day Blessing to All Hearts
2/13/18 10m David LewisTeaching on the Rainbow Body
2/13/18 21m David LewisSharing on the 2018 LA Conscious Life Expo
2/7/18 27m El MoryaEl Morya's Message to South African Heartfriends
2/6/18 28m El MoryaTuesdays with Morya: Opportunity Knocks
2/4/18 16m David LewisMaximus Miracle Matrix Explained
2/4/18 4m David LewisThe Tai Chi of Positive Relationships
2/4/18 18m David LewisDynamics of Organizational Harmony
2/3/18 24m LibertyVirtue Liberty Shines the Light of Wisdom Upon Us
2/2/18 17m Hermes TrismegistusHermes on the Adeptship of Divine Thought
1/31/18 30m Lady DorcasLady Dorcas Shares Keys on the Ascension
1/31/18 23m FaithThe Feeling of Faith Is a Sacred Experience
1/27/18 33m Saint GermainSaint Germain Speaks on Freedom
1/28/18 25m David LewisViolet Laser Light!
1/25/18 25m VictoryVictory and Justina Share How to Invoke the Action of Victory in our Calls and Life
1/24/18 19m David LewisBe Fiery Beings!
1/24/18 13m JesusJesus: Step Up into the Light for That Is Where the Action Is
1/19/18 18m Clare de LisClare de Lis Announces the Ascension of Susan Brailsford
1/17/18 8m KuthumiKuthumi Admonishes Us to Master Stillness in Meditation through a Disciplined Life
1/17/18 4m David LewisA New Standard for Quiet and Stillness in the Sanctuary of the Heart during Services
1/17/18 4m David LewisEmpowered Call for America — Invocation for Divine Justice Upon Earth
1/16/18 25m Saint GermainSaint Germain on Aquarian Leadership
1/13/18 26m K-17K-17 Be Aware, Awake, Mindful and Heart-Centered!
1/10/18 17m Ray-O-LightRay O Light - Infuse the Fire of God Desire into Your Calls and Fiats
1/10/18 20m David LewisReflecting on the Continuity of our Lives and our Soul Mission
1/7/18 26m Saint GermainSaint Germain-I Prophesy Your Victory in the Light
1/7/18 13m David LewisWorking Together for Community