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David Lewis      July 19, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
July 19, 2013   9:47–10:00 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

The Purpose of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity:
To Inculcate a Sense of the Sanctity of Life

A Great Soul's Efforts to Bring Forth New Teaching on the Soul

            When I was asked to become the director, or what they call the manager, of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity in 2002, I was interviewed by one of the co-presidents of Church Universal and Triumphant, by the head of the Human Resources department, and by the person who was in charge of Summit University. I shared with them my vision of what the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity could become, and that I had a goal to bring a sense of the reverence for life into that fraternity.

            The Holy Spirit is the head of the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. Saint Germain is also involved in that fraternity. However, the one who is the Keeper of the Flame is the Maha Chohan; he tends the flame. I remember very deliberately deciding that what was essential for that fraternity to grow was the inculcation within every Keeper of the Flame of the sense of the sanctity of life, the hallowedness of the threefold flame within us—because this is the flame that we tend, that we keep. I know that you can feel within this message from the master Afra¹ this sense of reverence, this sense of the hallowedness of God within us.

            Why some have not responded to our dispensation is for God to reveal unto them. All I know is that I have carried forward into our movement this vision of what that fraternity could be. It is impregnated within what we do. It is facilitated by our prayers, our devotions. When we build and co-create together the greater sense of the sanctity of our mission, of our co-mission as holy brothers and sisters to bring these beautiful teachings to the world—and when people catch the vision and they feel the essence of the Holy Spirit moving through us, whether as the Western matrix or as the light of Shiva that dances and spins and in a very fiery way transforms, yes, destroys and yet re-enlivens misqualified energy to be God-good—then we will see a greater influx of those into our movement.

            The title of this HeartStream by Afra is “The Continuous Stream of Connection between Your Heart and Soul.” It has to be a continuous stream for our soul's mission to be accomplished. Afra says, “Have you ever felt your soul smiling at you? Your heart is in a continuous mode of smiling.” Isn't that great to think of—your heart is smiling. “Yet often the soul can be seen within certain individuals as being more morose when it is clouded over by ignorance of its purpose.” Some people don't know what their soul is; they don't even know that they have a soul. They haven't self-defined it, accessed it, penetrated it. They don't know its purpose—“to allow feeling from the solar plexus to be anchored, rooted within the laboratory of the self through our experience.”

            The soul is experiencing the cosmos, life. “The soul is the laboratory of your identity, where all creativity is born and your essences flourish.” Your essences flourish through your creativity within the soul. “Yes, your mind ideates and your eyes co-create, and yet the soul provides the resource through which this creativity has a place to perform.” The soul is the anchor point of your identity. Afra says, “The soul is a stage upon which your heart dances, your mind is free, and your eyes catch the glimpses of the Divine One that move you ever higher in spirals of light in your freedom to be who you are.”

            I remember a very beautiful heartfriend, an older woman who taught PMA, Positive Mental Attitude. She went around the country to teaching centers, sharing this teaching augmented by messages of love and light through Elizabeth Clare Prophet. Many of you know her. She's a great initiate and a great soul, Helen Collier. Well, she developed, through her own attunement with the master Kuthumi, a series of instructional teachings about the soul. It may not have been in the exact vernacular of what was accepted by The Summit Lighthouse or its leadership. And yet, she mused on the soul. She attempted to go deeper into the teachings than what had been released through Mother. She felt free to do this because of her communion, her direct communion with the masters.

            Well, what happened is that there were certain of those teachings that the leadership didn't feel were appropriate—how could she access information that was from Kuthumi? So she was sanctioned, told that she could not share this teaching. I was there when this happened. At the time I was in the mode of being as one of the four leaders, those of the Church, Summit University Press, Summit University, and the Keepers of the Flame Fraternity. I did not have the full history, nor had I read all of this instruction. She finally gave me one each of what she had developed. And as I mused on it and looked through it and saw the very beautiful nature of her inner child that was seeking to come out and be re-birthed through what she was experiencing, I thought, “How precious, how glorious, how wonderful.”

            All she was doing was attempting to share what was meaningful to her on her path. And this is a great soul, one who will make her ascension. And yet, in the Summit there was not a place for that as a type of progressive, revelatory teaching through an individual Keeper of the Flame, Communicant, and lovely one within the matrix of the Church. And therefore, having been sanctioned, she then was told at a certain point that she could no longer even travel to and present to the teaching centers.

            People all over the United States loved her. They had paid for her to come. And yet now, here's another one who's been silenced by a hierarchical order and structure that has no place for progressive revelation through those whom the messenger inspired to move upward and onward in their own spiritual journey, to access the God-ideations from their own Presence, and to lovingly share them. It all has to now fit within a certain box and matrix, and if it doesn't it is thrown out. It is said to be invalid, not of God, and in fact, “false hierarchy.”

            And so, what has happened is that anybody who has a certain aspect of the Holy Spirit flowing through them doesn't fit into the matrix, the mode, the model of what some in that organization perceive Mark and Elizabeth Clare Prophet desired to do, and that one is cast out. For those in authority hold that the only truth is that which came through Mark and Mother, and anything else is suspect. Now, there are people who are not in full attunement, and I am not saying that everything that anyone and everyone receives is fully inspired of God and from the higher ascended-master realms. We always have to use our attunement; we always have to see what the source of our inspiration is.

            Within The Hearts Center we have championed you co-creating beautiful new works and being creative. And sometimes things don't quite fit the bill even within The Hearts Center for what I desire to have released. The works we release have to have a certain standard of light. And yet we have allowed oh-so-much more creativity to flow. And we have a new standard of sharing that is part of the new Aquarian Age culture. If people cannot share who they are, the light-essence that they bear within their hearts, they will go elsewhere. Let them share it in the sanctity of the sacred circle of community. It may be a part of their truth. It may not be sanctioned as progressive revelatory teaching, and yet there has to be a place for people to offer from their heart their truth.

1. Afra, November 1, 2011, “The Continuous Stream of Connection between Your Heart and Soul.” All quotes included here are from this HeartStream.

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