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Buddha of the Great Silence      June 23, 2013

Beloved Buddha of the Great Silence
David Christopher Lewis
June 23, 2013   7:00–7:10 am MDT
2013 World Freedom Conference
Soul Freedom through Spiritual Wholeness: Soar to the Sun
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Silence Your Being in the Presence

I AM the Buddha of the Great Silence. I enter the sphere where you are in conscious awareness of your Buddha nature within the silent sphere that you create as you are still and as you enter deeper levels of inner beingness in the One Light.

Our methods are simple and yet sure in their ability to bring a state of movement unto stillness. For, dearest ones, if you would be karmaless, learn the art of nonjudgment, of nonmovement. This is not a state of lack; it is a state of warmth, beauty and pure love. For all that is true and virtuous arises from that lotus upon tranquil waters, which signifies one's mastery of stillness.

From the mire of mindlessness arises the lotus bloom of Divine Selfhood. The key is quiescence; the means is control of the breath and the flow of light. Fear not the quelling of sound and of the movement of energy within, for in the Great Silence eternal peace is accessed. In the Great Silence creation continues. In the Great Silence you may find your own Buddha nature blossoming and in the full radiant manifestation of your beingness in the One Light.

            Some may consider that they have great attainment and self-mastery in the science of the word. Yet, dearest ones, from whence does the word arise save the depths of the unmanifest. From whence does the Buddha shine forth his light save from the Cosmic Void, where mind is beingness and God is all that is of Selfhood? If you desire desirelessness, and within that desirelessness desire perfection, then seek not other than stillness. For then the trade winds of the Buddha will stir you unto a new reality, and then only will you perceive and become God within the eye of the great storm—still.

Silence your being in the Presence, for here I AM, I AM, I AM.

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