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Anastasia      June 11, 2013

Beloved Anastasia¹
David Christopher Lewis
June 11, 2013   8:35–8:47 am MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

In the Garden with Anastasia

Nature Can Help You to Know Yourself

            Nature's vision is clear because the divine ideal manifests through the natural order of life. Because Nature is clear in her ways, when we enter Nature's domain with reverence, respect and joy we can work with the wonderful creatures all around us, the beautiful spirits who magically work with all of the elements to co-create a new Eden, a new golden age upon Earth.
            We are all co-creating this new world together. And in what more wonderful way can we experience the light of God, the love of God and the love of one another than to do this work side by side in the gardens; to enjoy the fruits of our divine labors; to commune at the onset with a seed, plant it within the earth and nurture it through its gentle yet powerful growth cycles into its full identity; and then delight at its flourishing in the sun and its glorious manifestation as it comes to its fruitful and bountiful harvest.
            Planting, sowing, harvesting and reaping are all part of the process of life itself, and as you work in a garden there is also the sowing, the planting, the harvesting and the reaping of light within yourself. You learn from Nature, and Nature learns from you. You abide within Nature when you work with her respectfully, and God's nature abides within you during this procession of light.
            There is an answer to every dilemma of your soul within the natural order. And you can intuit while working with your hands in the soil and while gently caressing, speaking to, appreciating and loving plants of all kinds that which is emerging within you of your God-identity, your beloved and blessed Selfhood. Because the answers to every problem of existence are within Nature, when you work with Nature you will intuit the highest truths, the most sublime realities, the most beautiful matrices of light. These will permeate your being and find lodging within your soul and spirit in amazing ways that you and only you will comprehend, because their meaning will be revealed from within you naturally in a most gentle unfolding and gracious way.
            Yes, Nature is clear in her vision because she knows herself. Do you know yourself fully? Nature can help you to know yourself. A garden planted consciously and nurtured reverently can help you to know yourself. Each plant has its story. Each seed, powerful in its authentic selfhood, reveals its identity when you hold it in your hand, add your saliva to it by holding it within your mouth for a short time, and then gently and consciously plant it within the earth to perform its magic and reveal its secrets.
            You imbibe from within Nature essences that are very subtle and yet powerful for your health and well-being, your strength, vitality and endurance, and for the release of all burdens and the embracing of all virtues. Communing with the sun—as you sow, as you water, as you are involved in the processes of growth yourself and the ultimate harvest of light from within you—provides you entrée into the great Solar worlds all around us, in the farthest reaches of the cosmos and in the most sublime regions of light in microcosmic worlds within.
            Working within a garden is a blessing to all life, for you are one with every other gardener who enjoys this soil, not toil, experience. Working in a garden, playing in a garden, laughing in a garden, singing in a garden, crying tears of joy in a garden bring back to you your childlike nature of oneness with God. And communing with each plant as a living being, speaking to it lovingly and emanating love to it consciously allows its spirit to soar to the sun—just as yours can when you, as a spiritual gardener, a lover of life, an advocate for the great Mother Earth herself, do find yourself within her bosom, within her heart in your garden.
            I will be in your garden with you when you call to me, when you make contact with my heart, my spirit. And when the fire within you blends with the fire within me, in our oneness we can co-create, through our collective vision, the new Eden of Aquarius.

David's comments:
            These are the thoughts, the musings of Anastasia. Much more will be shared. You can get a sense through this message of the spiritual components that will be released. And I hope and pray that all who can do so will consider being there with Mona and me and Anastasia in the garden.

 1.  Anastasia is an actual person alive today in Russia. Through a special dispensation David was given permission to make contact with her telepathically in order to present current teachings during an upcoming (as of the release of this HeartStream) Meru University Class: In the Garden with Anastasia, June 19, 2013 in Livingston, Montana. You may read about Anastasia in the Ringing Cedars series of books, all available through the online store of The Hearts Center.

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