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David Lewis      May 31, 2013

David Christopher Lewis Discourse
May 31, 2013   10:00–10:28 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Developing the Victorious Sense of Life

To have the victory sense of life is imperative for every aspiring adept and master. The victory sense allows you to weather the storms and to bring the divine imperative into your life as a driving force and energy of God-fulfillment. Every great master has overcome and has required the victory sense to move beyond constraints, limitations, burdens and those chains of the lesser self that at times crop up.

The victory sense is a spirit of fire and light that we all require to move forward, ever forward on our path. The victory sense gives us peace because we know that God is the doer, that of ourselves, of our limited human selves, we can do nothing; yet with God all things are possible.1 The victory sense is a living reality that becomes a part of our consciousness, a part of the way that we live, the desires that we have for others, for ourselves—ultimately, for God everywhere, in everything, all the time.

The victory sense transmutes everything in the way of our one-pointed attainment of our dreams and goals. The victory sense allows us to wash ourselves clean of our past and to stay centered. The victory sense bores through the rocky outcroppings that come into play that would divert us from our pure path to the Pure Land of the Buddhas. The victory sense instills within us love, wisdom and power in perfect balance. We do not run roughshod over others or ourselves; we glide and sail through experiences with joy, with a fun spirit.

With this victory sense, I come to you today to encourage you to take part in our Meru University course Saturday and Sunday with Ralph Raaths from South Africa, with beloved El Morya, beloved Lord Lanto, and beloved Paul the Venetian overshining Ralph and me as we look at the threefold approach of Rudolf Steiner, and how divine education can be brought forth upon Earth, how our entire educational system throughout the Earth can be transformed and a divine culture emerge.

Meru University is a stupendous opportunity for spiritual uplift, education, divine learning. Some of you may feel, “Well, David is not the primary teacher. Someone else is and therefore I'm not going to attend this class.” I can tell you, the power of God will be there through the voice, through the message, through the mien and the means of delivery of Ralph, augmented by these three chohans, which will help us to balance the world economy, the world educational system, the world social order by love, wisdom and power, ennobled and spun through the words, the teachings and the inspired messages.

I am looking forward to spending these six hours of time with you and with Ralph. For in six hours, with focused attention upon an initiate's inspired message, we can transform education everywhere. It will require us locking our auras together, our minds together, our hearts together with the victory sense that what we focus upon, what we learn, what me meditate upon is now coming into reality by the collective consciousness of our great God Presences as one.

You see, every Meru University course is much more than just education and learning. It is about building spiritual community, heart to heart, mind to mind as we commune together. The activation within your higher mind of some of these divine impulses that come through the sponsoring masters is essential for some of you to have the greater quickening and awakening that you require for your Buddhic attainment, for your Christic attainment, for your spiritual immortality. Why? Because there is an action of alchemy that occurs through the transmission of spiritual fire from these masters, who hold an amazing alchemical field of grace around those who pay the registration fees and attend.

Now, some of you, because you work for The Hearts Center, you volunteer many hours, attend free. The masters recommend that actually all of us, including myself, give something to Meru University for each and every class that we attend—whether it's a dollar, ten dollars or the lesser registration fee or the entire registration fee. Why? Because what we value and what we put our money into allows us to have activated within our worlds that which we allow through this valuing process.

This may be a shift of thinking for some—“Oh, I put in forty hours of volunteer work. Oh, I work on these teams all the time.” Yes, it's true, and I haven't paid, personally, for any of these classes. I've attended them all, sponsored by the masters, giving my all during them. And yet even I am called today to give. And so I led that first prayer, “I live to give, I love to give, God loves to give through me,”1 because I am called today to give more, to love more, to give to you, to give to humanity, to give to the ascended masters the allness of myself. We have to build Meru University into the glorious manifestation of what it is destined to be as an amazing tool and focus for the masters to bring forth greater teachings.

We've held over fifty courses—it's probably going on sixty now—taught by many of you. And yet do we truly value and cherish everything that has come forth? Do we realize what the masters are doing through these courses? Therefore I'm going to pay the $75 for this course today, and I'm going to help our university grow by my givingness, because I will learn from Ralph Raaths directly. I don't know everything that he's studied in his sixty-plus years of this lifetime, especially focusing on Rudolf Steiner's teachings. Yet he has brought forth an amazing compendium of lectures and teachings over much of these sixty years of his experience, studying beautifully and coalescing within his mind and consciousness concepts that are essential for us to learn and to embrace. I even notice that the director of operations for Meru University paid for this class twice because she valued how important this class was, our own Claire Brown. She's the director of Meru University and she values it enough to see to it that we have the funds, and she has given and given again and again. If Claire can do it, I can do it. I'm encouraging our board of directors, our council and those of you who, yes, get free Meru University because of your volunteerism, to yet still give to support our university.

The masters have spoken about the import of our classes, our courses and of the university. And what I shared fairly recently from the perspective of the Angel Deva of the Jade Temple was amazing to me. I didn't even know how important and how far-reaching these teachings are that have been going forth on inner planes within the retreats of the Great White Brotherhood. So thank you, Meru University staff for your givingness.

What we put our money into, what we value we get a lot out of. And I don't think a lot of us have valued fully what this university is and means. You know, many of you pay for other courses beyond The Hearts Center. You attend universities and you pay the big bucks to pay so-called professors who have credentials to teach you various things. Many of these are essential for your profession, to have that baccalaureate degree or that master's degree or that doctorate. Yet we are working on our spiritual doctorates. We are working to become true ascended masters. Some of us are almost in the infant stages of our spiritual development as compared to the great masters. Let's consider giving to our university by paying the full registration fees, which are really not much when you consider what people pay for so-called education in other realms. In schools and colleges and universities the fees are much higher, and yet what we are working on has inestimable value to our souls, our spirits.

What you focus upon, you become. What you put your attention upon becomes a part of you, and you ultimately merge into that by your consciousness, by your awareness. If we collectively desire this university to be successful and victorious, then let us do what is required and attend these courses. Put in your alchemies that you will attend every Meru University course and you will pay the full registration fee, whether you're a senior or not. I believe the value is there; I know it is there. I feel the power of the Master's presence over me. I feel the light glowing within my chakras and flowing unto you as every teaching comes forth from the altars of heaven, as every bestowal of grace is showered upon you and those in the retreats who are watching and listening to these courses. So, immediately after this presentation and then our huddle, I will be paying my $75 to support this university and this class.

Ralph Raaths deserves five times what we will be paying him for his presentation in these six hours tomorrow and Sunday because of the decades of study that he has gone through to concentrate and to coalesce within the words that he will speak and what he will share with us of Rudolf Steiner's amazing teachings. You may not have ever studied Rudolf Steiner's teachings.

Well, in our activity we are now because he was a visionary, well ahead of his time. There was a sharing a while back that he was 200 years ahead of his time, I believe. If that's true, we have some catching up to do ourselves. Maybe the message in German was a little different than what we're used to from what we've studied through the ascended masters' teachings. And yet when I really delve deeply into it, I see the amazing insight that this being had. And now he's come back, reembodied, and is working with us to help us to make greater spiritual progress, to help Africa, to help the sons and daughters of God everywhere to awaken and be quickened to become one with their own Buddha nature.

You know, we all like to get things free. I do. I take advantage of every discount that I can in the commercial world. Yet I know how business works; I've owned a business. Sometimes I'd have to cajole or offer special rates to clients in order to seal the deal of having them purchase something—a framed art print, framing itself or something that I was selling. Yet now, from a different perspective, I often give the full retail price and a tip, especially to waiters and waitresses, because I know that in my giving the full amount there is the valuing of what is provided as a service, as what is precipitated into physical reality. And by paying the full amount, I bless those whom I pay with the resources that I've been graced to receive from heaven because I tithe and because I love God, I love humanity, I love to give, I love to serve.

This discourse today is a shift for us. Sometimes I hear in meetings the desire of department heads or team leaders to discount this and discount that in order to get new people into our movement. It's time for a shift, people. It's time for us to value and to hold within our mind's eye the value of what we are providing so that those who come will energetically feel what we value. They will value it and pay the full amount and help us to build and grow. If we continually demean, debase what we are co-creating by discounting it beyond what is appropriate, we're not valuing it, and therefore we're not holding that field of energy for it that will allow all of our collective work to grow.

I see other spiritual movements that charge ten times what we charge for our events, and they get people to come because those people value what they're receiving. They think it must be amazing if they charge so much. Now, we desire to have you value what we are presenting, primarily by giving donations, because it's tax deductible. You can write it off and it will help your personal economy. So if you prefer, pay the registration fee, the discounted one, if you desire, and then give above and beyond that a donation to our general fund to support what we do collectively. That is a great option.

I know that many of you are already tithing. Jackie Fleder has sent a beautiful letter, a mailing out, which I even got, with a stamped return envelope encouraging us to tithe or to increase our tithe to twenty percent or even fifty percent. I'm here to tell you today that tithing works. I see the immediate results of when I tithe and when I give—immediate. I gave a tithe the other day, actually more than a tithe, and I saw the immediate 200 percent return on my investment, because every tithe, every gift is an investment. Every time you register for a Meru University course, it is an investment in our university, our staff, our work, our collective mission. Don't look at it as an expense or something that's draining your finances. Shift your awareness to see that it is an investment in our collective future and the planet's future, for the enlightenment of humanity.

When you shift your awareness to see that money is God, money is energy, and money is yours to precipitate to do good, then by investing and giving, and giving and investing again and again, you see the return come to you and then you give again. You receive more, you give more, and the spiral rises higher, and eventually you're rich beyond your wildest dreams. Well, now your wildest dreams become even wilder and there's no sense of lack any longer. You abide in your heart, you love life free and you accept your abundance as your divine inheritance. I'm accepting mine more and more, and I'm receiving more and more and I'm giving more and more. And by my giving, I know that God will bless me, my family and all of you. And oftentimes when I give, I give and ask that what I receive go to the The Hearts Center and to heartfriends, for their abundance. I have the essentials of my life in order. I have my will set. Our vehicles are paid for. Our home is not fully paid for yet, and yet I know within a few years it will be completely. I'm working on strategies to avoid energy costs by being more self-sufficient, self-reliant through wind power, solar, et cetera. Some of you have taken great action in this realm, and some of you may not feel you have the resources to begin to alchemize your abundance at this level. And yet because I'm shifting and going up higher in my awareness, I'm extending what I'm receiving and experiencing to you to consider experiencing and receiving.

When Alice told us of an unexpected gift from someone from her past, out of the blue, I felt so much joy in my heart, and I thought, “Here is a person who gives and gives by being on the broadcast, and it's now her time to receive.” And then she was able to give more and to pay off some bills and debts, and she's happier. I could feel it; I could sense it. The burdens are lessened; the burdens are lifted. Great new expectations, great expectations, a la Charles Dickens, are now manifesting.

Let us have these great expectations. Let us have the victorious sense of our lives. I AM the great expectation of every heartfriend within our movement. I AM the victorious sense of every heartfriend, every servitor within our movement and those who are destined to join us and be with us, love us, sing with us, praise God with us, come to our events, come to our Meru University classes. I AM the victorious sense manifesting now within all of us, and I infuse, by God's grace, within the subconscious, the conscious, the unconscious and the superconscious this new victorious sense of abundance within our movement so that we will have all that we deem essential and that we spiritually and physically require for our mission to be fulfilled; for new and powerful divine messengers to come forth, even after I'm gone and have fulfilled my mission; and for a powerful release of light day by day across the Earth to manifest.

So to sum up, I'm challenging all of us to register for this class at the full rate or at the appropriate rate that you can afford, and to give more and to see this class full of students, to see our university and our Hearts Center movement expand exponentially, our budget to increase, our staff to increase, our love and light to increase.

God bless you. God keep you. Amen.

1. Matthew 19:26;
Mark 10:27; Luke 18:27.
2. See The Hearts Center—Prayers, Decrees and Mantras, prayer 60.008, “We Live to Serve.”

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