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Goddess of Joy      May 17, 2013

Beloved Goddess of Joy
David Christopher Lewis
May 17, 2013   9:16–9:31 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

A Spiritual Transfer of the Cosmic Frequencies of Divine Happiness

Joy Is the Key to Your Acceptance of Your Divinity

Precious Hearts,
            I am the Goddess of Joy. And my joy is extended to you, each one, through a spiritual transfer of the cosmic frequencies of divine happiness that are yours to employ and to enjoy because from within they are born of you, through you; and your inner joy expands with a radiance that brings cosmic Christ peace into manifestation. I have not spoken to mankind through an amanuensis for quite some time. And yet, it is essential in this hour that you have my loving radiance as a free gift to your heart and soul this day in order to move forward on your path of light, for joy is the key to your acceptance of your divinity, precious ones.
            When you can see the obvious through your inner sight—that you are one with God and always have been—there is a bubbling action of divine fervor that wells up from within you, that gives you that spirit that enlivens your life and enriches all that you experience as you move through the initiations of your day. Every initiation may be mastered, fulfilled and brought to the full fruition of victory through the light of joy. Joy is that glad gift of God that brings you into your highest perspective, the most rarefied of heights, and through the laughter that may roll through the plexus of the sun within you.
            Yes, dearest ones, through heartfelt sharing of comedy, of levity and of that loving laughter that engages you with one another from your hearts, there is born a new presence of possibilities for truth, enlightenment and freedom to ever be yours. Some have said that joy is the motor of life. I say it is the engine that thrusts you unto your eternality, because it is God's pleasure to give you the kingdom. You see, I meditated upon this phrase for quite some time as I was moving upward on my path long, long ago. And I saw that even the Divine One, the Almighty, takes pleasure in bringing all manner of virtuous gifts of joy to humanity. If it is God's pleasure to give you the kingdom, then it is your responsibility to accept that gift and to please God through your acceptance of the kingdom spirit that you have within you, as the master Jesus has said.
            Dearest ones, joy, joy, joy in the revelry of your inner selfhood, one with God. Joy, joy, joy in the love-spirit of happiness within the eternal Now, each moment. Joy, joy, joy in friendship with one another, where true friendship builds the Community of the Holy Spirit heart by heart, by acceptance, by listening, by simply revering the God light within all; for within that sacred space of the commingling of your heart fires, joy is born anew and there is the igniting of a higher walk and a higher way that all may walk, if you choose.
            Every Buddha is a joyful one, for the heart and the mind have been beautifully linked within the cosmic atmosphere of their auras. And where there is the dancing of wisdom and love together, there is always a happy spirit, a joyful ambience, a refreshing new mode of living that ennobles and enables all to live to and within their highest potential.
            Precious ones, would you be joyful with me today? Would you be joyful with me every day in some way? Find reasons to be joyful and happy. Expect to be blessed by the divine brilliance and radiance of heaven's glory. Let those cosmic chemtrails, as a profusion of God's great beingness, descend upon you to wash you clean, to make you understand the exigencies of the hour, the necessities of the moment to be loving, fruitful and kind in the compassionate ways of the living.
            You consider that you live within a stream of humanity consisting of those who are actually alive. Well, blessed ones, many are barely alive. Their bodies move, their hearts beat, and yet where is the spiritual fire burning within their breast that enables them to feel God's presence every moment within their lives? You can model the new existence of the Aquarian man or woman who lives a life of joy in divine abundance and holy purpose if you choose to accept the gifts that God extends unto you every dawn, every sunrise, every noon hour, yea, every moment if you would live within your eternal Spirit.
            Gracious ones, I am somewhat speaking to the choir, right? For I perceive that there are many choirs of angels surrounding many of you who love to sing your prayers and decrees. Yet, I am also spinning a new yarn of levity through my words that may just lift you up into a new dimension of beingness, raising you through your own joyful spirit to the new you, the True Blue you who, with Morya, lives a life of holy purpose within God's will, wisdom and love.
            I am joy within you. I am joy within every experience that brings the sense that God is real, that life is worth living, that happiness may be attained through acceptance of it internally and through the graces that are born of joy from within the heart and the sun of love within. Yes, I am the Goddess of Joy; and I employ a new joy-attitude that you may access through meditation, even for an instant, on what brings you your greatest God-delight, a hopeful attitude and a gracious demeanor and bearing toward all.
            Now blessed ones, be at peace, for within the joy frequencies that I extend to you there are also healing ampules of light to nurture your body, soul and mind. And through these ampules of pure light-energy, which will be time-released as you require them, your attitude of gratitude, even as you may be in the throes of travail, pain and suffering, will bring you peace, will bring you inner joy and surcease from distress and stress of all kinds. Breathe deeply each day and accept the sun-fires of pure light-love, for within them you will discover your own joy-spirit living in the greater Holy Spirit of the omnipresent consciousness of the One.
            I love you. Be joyful, yes, be happy, and live in oneness forevermore. I thank you.

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