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Milarepa      April 21, 2013

Beloved Milarepa
David Christopher Lewis
April 21, 2013   11:27–11:44 am MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

An Opportunity for One Ancient Pattern and Record
to Be Completely and Permanently Erased

            I am Milarepa. And I come this day to extend the radiance of the mind of many Buddhas unto you, O holy ones of God. For in the presence of great joy, I bless you with Buddhic beingness. And I charge you with the radiance of the Sun, which extends a mother's heart and a father's spirit into so many domains, dimensions and planes of being. In your Buddhahood you are complete. In resonance with the Buddha mind, you enter into divine thought, which is far beyond human logic and carnal reasoning.
            If you would be a Buddhic magician within me, then enter into the white arts and the sciences of invoking light; and see, feel and know in a greater action just how you may fulfill all—walking the Middle Way, understanding the Four Noble Truths and discerning the inner teachings of the Buddha within and behind the Eightfold Path. Many of you have lived in Tibet or Nepal and India and other countries in that region of Southeast Asia in past lifetimes. You have walked amidst the Buddhas and now you walk among some who emanate the same divine frequencies of mindfulness as what Manjushri, Maitreya, Gautama and Padma Sambhava emanated during their physical incarnations upon Earth. How will you reconcile your being with the truth and the essence of who you already are, as an integrated one, from the vantage point, the framework of your soul identity, which is seeking this resolution?
            Well, dearest ones, I had to resolve much in my incarnation during which temporarily I entered into the dark arts, using what I had learned of light to wreak revenge upon some as I saw causative of my own pain and travail and that of my family. Many have erred in past ages and are coming to the point of having opportunity to resolve age-old karmas wherein souls have been maimed or killed. If you feel, at a certain point on your path, an inner anger cropping up to wreak revenge upon another whom you see as unworthy of an office of light or a hallowed station within an ascended master movement, find the nadir of this matrix within self and seek to resolve that conflict, and transmute the energies at play within your own mind and your subconscious through which and by which this angst arises.
            Yes, dearest ones, as you reach subtler and subtler levels upon your Buddhic path, the Lords of Life come to you and offer you opportunities for the ultimate destiny of your being within the universal consciousness of the One. Yet there must first be this dissolution of all that is unreal and all that has been maintained within your awareness that has separated you from your Buddha nature, your True Self. At each point where you have been tethered to a point of unreality, there is a type of crisis or a knot that you must move through in order for that resolution to occur. And so, often the universe itself brings it to you as tension or as a situation that stirs up the ancient pattern or record and brings it to the surface of your mind, emotions, your vision in order that you may come to terms with what you have done and, by God's grace, have the complete and honorable forgiveness and reconciliation of self and others to be able to move on to the next point of identification and resolution until you are Buddha—free in the light.
            What will it mean for you to be a Buddha-being? In order to know, seek it through desirelessness and through Buddhic indifference. I bring to the mind now of each one, on the inner, an opportunity for an ancient pattern and record to be completely and permanently erased today as a result of the action of your violet-fire prayers, songs and mantras. Therefore, I send a ray now into this sticky situation; and working with your higher mind, with true soulfulness, I blend the resources of my own Buddha-being with your God-attainment for the complete erasure of this matrix of density and darkness.
            Burn through! Burn through! Burn through and let the white light consume the dark “skiffs” and patterns that arise from this nodule, this node, of anti-light.
            Burn through! Burn through! Burn through, O sacred fire! And with the lightning and with the vajra let there descend concurrently a new matrix embedded within your being that will allow you complete surcease from the inner struggle and the anxiety of letting go of this pattern of imperfection.
            Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn it up now, O Lords of transmutation and Buddhas of the All-light and All-love of God!
            Burn! Burn! Burn! Burn it up now, O devas and cosmic beings who come to the aid of these, your servants and servitors. And let them know freedom in the integrity of their Buddhic beingness.
            Now there is the integration and the reintegration within you of a portion of your Higher Selfhood as this alchemy is completed. Washed clean in the victorious Buddha mind and matrix of pure love and compassion, you are free to be a new seed and seedling of the One. Plant yourself within the Earth and see what new shoots of truth, wisdom and understanding arise from within you to feed a world hungry for who you are as the dharma proceeds, as the teaching is given forth, and as Manjushri, Maitreya and Milarepa sanction you to be the Buddha who you are, causative of new waves of love-light across the world this day.
            Through the power of the fiat and the resource of fire within my heart, this miracle manifestation of the ultimate forgiveness, as oneness, has been brought forth because one intrepid one in your midst worthy of the title Buddha-being, has been there for us, day in and day out, as a compassionate one to see a new day manifesting and a new way arising.
            Om Buddhas. OM. OM. OM.

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