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Amoghasiddhi      April 14, 2013

Beloved Amoghasiddhi
David Christopher Lewis
April 14, 2013   9:31–9:47 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Through an Action of Emerald Light, Resolve All Inner Conflicts
Arising from Fear of Your Resolution in God

            Amoghasiddhi I am, and with the Green Tara I come to exemplify the light of the all-accomplishing, fearless Buddhas. And I pacify that within you which may be envious of another and I extend the radiance of the double vajra in the mastery of the mind and the air to overcome those mental formulations and concepts which do not originate from the mind of God within.
            Blessed ones, the Five Dhyani Buddhas extend the radiance of the crystal rays again through you in order that, through an action of emerald light today, you may resolve all inner conflicts arising from a deep-seated fear of your complete resolution in God. There is nothing to fear when your Buddha nature manifests and you allow the subtleties of and the directed streams of God consciousness and the higher formulations of Spirit to move through your mind, one with your heart. Within this new ideal, God in you accomplishes all, for the lesser self—striving, anguishing and attempting through some sort of mental coercion—cannot complete the cycles of light within your dharma.
            Therefore, be still, allowing the wind representing the higher mind to speak its wisdom within. And allow the fearless within you to emerge to quell all doubt, fear and anxiety, which yet at times arise in reaction to that which you perceive may be manifesting through others. Blessed ones, we come to those who understand the dynamics of Buddhic living. What is this type of life that arises naturally for those who are attuned to their Buddha nature and therefore incorporate within their daily hours, minutes and seconds the stillness of presence manifesting through their actions, words, thoughts and emotions? Through higher mindfulness and attunement with the crystal rays focused through the sacred chakras of light that you all may utilize consciously, these streams of radiance provide for you a greater impetus to live in that natural state of Buddhahood, of Divine Motherhood, one with the Eternal.
            AH.1 The Pure Land of the Buddhas—I see, I know and extend to those of you who are willing to traverse samsara and every mayic stream of the extremes of nonawareness to intuit, through the higher faculties of your Atmic Self, those serene lands where devic beings with the Buddhas enjoy the serenity of perfect peace. Look to the north, from whence I arise with the Green Tara as my consort to extend, from Maitreya and other Buddhas of light, compassion and understanding of the Middle Way. Within you every answer may be surmised, yet first felt. And having risen to the surface of consciousness, the wisdom of every Buddha may be yours to use as you, as a Buddha yourself, invest mindfulness in how you enact the wisdom teaching through your dharma and active life.
            Blessed ones, in winter you know a certain type of stillness through observation of nature in its dormant state. And yet even here there is a higher type of activity as preparation for and investment in the new life soon to be unearthed and given root to. That new life is your Buddha life. That new life emerges from fearlessness to proceed through the darkness and access the light of the Pure Land of the Buddhas. AH. I extend the radiance of the heart and Visvapani to you, for she, as a bodhisattva of fearlessness, manifests the radiance of divine joy through her own all-accomplishing nature and the perfectionment of all sensory manifestations, both in this world in which you live and in the higher worlds where she abides in divine beauty and grace.
            Om Buddha. Ah Buddha. Hum Buddha. Hrih Buddha. Tram Buddha.2 We, with Vajrasattva, wield the seed syllables in a new matrix of crystal-fire light to assist devotees of all Buddhas to manifest their true reality. Spring, winter, autumn and summer and the non-seasons within them all are salted by the divine seasonings of the All-Accomplishing One within every Buddha, born and unborn. [Amoghasiddhi chants his seed syllable for 12 seconds:] Ahhhhh.
            May the vibrations of fearlessness move you into higher realms of living, for love casts out all fear.3 And compassion, complementary to the emerald light, brings all into balance and perfect harmony. AH. AH. AH.

1. AH is the bija, or seed syllable, of Amoghasiddhi.
2. The seed syllables of the Five Dhyani Buddhas are: OM (Vairochana); AH (Amoghasiddhi); HUM (Akshobhya); HRIH (Amitabha); and TRAM (Ratnasambhava).
3. I John 4:18.

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