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Maitreya      March 31, 2013

Beloved Maitreya
David Christopher Lewis
March 31, 2013   9:00–9:30 am MDT
Livingston, Montana

Hold Fast the Matrix of Light
of Your Own Eastertide Resurrection

Blessed Ones,
            May the light of Easter be upon you as the resurrection currents from the Christ awareness within your own higher Selfhood play upon you in this hour and bring you a resurgence in light and a step up through joy and the frequencies of love within.
            I am Lord Maitreya. I am the resurrection and the life. Dearest ones, I gave this sacred mantra to the Lord Jesus and he used it often to proclaim to the world that he lived in that eternal God-fire that the resurrection flame is as that which causes all to be renewed, all to be fulfilled through the grace of the Holy Spirit. It is the Holy Spirit that facilitates within the soul the resurrection of the light that results in the divine destiny to come forth and the victory to manifest.
            The Holy Spirit you have heard from,1 and some of you have been baptized in the fire of that great essence, one with the Trinity and yet personified in a representative who understands the nature of God as eternality with neither beginning or ending of days or cycles. Beloved ones, there is much more that you can learn about the resurrection and what it will mean for you on your spiritual path when you commune with the heart of Jesus and me and Gautama, Sanat Kumara and the lineage of the Great White Brotherhood back through eons of timelessness and spacelessness unto the original etchings of light upon akasha.
            Holy ones of God, when the Angel of the Resurrection comes to you and announces the initiation that you must go through after the crucifixion, it is time to be obedient to the great Law of the One and enter into the unity with God that manifests as that light that is a precursor to the ascension itself, for once the transfiguration has begun to occur and the light is stepped up within your Solar cells whereby your entire aura shines with Solar radiance, then it is not far off that the resurrection will take hold of you and cause what will result in the permanency of the light manifesting within your entire temple.
            Once you realize your essential oneness with God, it is only a matter of time, as you record it, that you will enter into this initiation of the full flowering of your Spirit, the anointing by your Oversoul of your soul wed to God. And then, blessed ones, the new life that you live in perfect joy and happiness ensues, for you are locked into a matrix of perfection. You live in the blessing of that holy Spirit and there is a cosmic connection that is sustained betwixt you and the universal Christ consciousness that allows for divine particles of pure being to flow endlessly unto you through your crystal cord, enriched by your own soul essence and then offered to all as a freewill gift of self through love.
            I have been called the Compassionate One, the Laughing Buddha, the Buddha who would come soon. I am here now if you choose to accept the radiance of your own Buddha nature and the resurrection fire that already exists and manifests within your Buddhic essence at a high frequency, a vibratory rate that you can access if you choose to be mindful, compassionate and living in that glad-free spirit of kindness and eternal hope.
            Jesus saw the ultimate result of his victory beyond the Crucifixion. And it is time within Christendom as a whole that a focus upon the Resurrection and the Ascension displace that which has been abhorrent to many as the signature of the Crucifixion—a man upon a cross, dead, with no more life within his physical temple. Do you think that the Lord Jesus would have desired, upon that first Easter morn, to have that emblem in every church for thousands of years? No, dearest ones; he lived in the effulgence of his victory and desired that all would come into full knowledge and beingness of their own oneness with God that he experienced in great joy and overcoming.
            Therefore, hold fast within yourself this matrix of light of your own Eastertide resurrection. And then, forty days hence, your ascension in the light on that beautiful Thursday, where you may also rise to proclaim the victory of your essence, one with God. And then ten days further on, the coming of the Holy Spirit on Pentecost, whereby that richness of the effulgence of God's living reality may breathe new life into you, for you have become that breath and that enlivening spirit of grace and holiness.
            Every initiation that you undergo represents a point on your path that you may climb up the spiral staircase of beingness to your own permanent oneness with God. That oneness already exists in potential within you and it is simply a matter of accepting and living within it—for you too, like Jesus and all ascended masters, manifest your destiny and abide within the eternal city of light that resides safe for those who love God with all of their hearts, minds and souls.
            Now, dearest ones, I bring a white lily to each one of you; and it perfuses the essence of its sacred aroma to your soul so that you may feel always loved and befitted to accept and know your eternal nature, your own Buddhic essence. Take this lily to your heart and feel the impressions of love that I and many Buddhas and Divine Mothers have embedded within it as an offering to you to understand the dynamics of your life today, on Easter, whereby you may rise and live refreshed, invigorated, and, yes, recreated in that image and likeness and holy form that you were created in, in the Beginning.2
            I am the resurrection and the life of every atom, electron and cell within my being. And through my attention upon the One, I extend the radiance of my heart to those upon Earth who look to God as their source of light and divine nourishment. And through the heart of Jesus and Magda and through the lineage of Padma Sambhava, the Buddha Mother Clare de Lis and many more who abide within our brotherhood, I extend a certain permanency of this radiation unto your Solar cells today so that you may be uplifted, supported to make greater progress and to be surefooted on your ascension path of light for the duration of this life and unto the future of your soul's eternal union with God.
            We teach the true teachings of light of the Universal Brother-Sisterhood all who have been witnesses to the throne of grace, the three-in-one within the Holy City, because they have entered in thereby through love of God, and love of God in self and in all. The World Teachers—Jesus, Kuthumi and the Master Omraam—stand before you today offering their minds, their hearts, their beings for you to be enriched within as you study our teachings through the HeartStreams and through all sacred testaments of light that the Brotherhood has released in these various epochs and ages of time and space.
            Now, dearest ones, I would ask David to read a few notes that he jotted down early this morning to share with his children later today of what a father would like his children to know of what he has gleaned on his spiritual journey. For that which a father or a mother leaves as a legacy of light for their own may carve a pathway of light for those entrusted to them for their victory, their ascension, their oneness with the heart of God.
            [David reads his notes:]

            God within you is worth knowing and loving.
            Learning and mastering the arts of listening and hearing, observing and seeing, sensing and then truly feeling are keys to spiritual happiness and self-mastery.
            Aligning with your purpose through following divine principles with passion in presence is essential.
            Make your labor sacred and, whatever your occupation is, it will be to your liking as you move toward that which will become your victorious vocation.
            Keep busy serving others. Laziness procrastinates your inner happiness and idleness leads to idolatry of self.
            “Work while ye have the light.”3 And find that light within as you work.
            As you are radiant from the within out, you will always be happy and joyful.
            Be truthful at all costs, learning when to speak and when not to speak; for at times the truth you embody may scorch others if shared inappropriately. Therefore, share when prompted, so that others may be moved to transform themselves.
            Witness and enjoy as many sunrises, rainbows and sunsets in as many different places as possible. For there God is—shining within nature, ready for you to behold and then to smile.
            Soar first to the Sun; then you will be a star, too.
            Floss daily so your smile may last a lifetime.
            Gather your thoughts mindfully, early each morning, and see the fulfillment of your dreams through conscious actions carefully planned and then implemented with cosmic abandon and with everything you can muster from within.
            Be at peace with yourself and refresh your spirit often in meditation upon the Beloved; for where love is, there the I AM within you will experience God's heart.
            Remember, you are a beautiful soul gifted with talents, virtues and graces that are unique and that only you can deliver to the cosmos.
            Give your best and God will do the rest for you and for all.
[David concludes his reading.]

            Blessed ones, Jesus now also steps forward with his beloved Magda, radiating the Sunfield of the Christ consciousness on behalf of you all this day. Feel the currents of his love and her love for each one of you deep within your heart and soul. And know thereby the resurrection fire that may be yours always to claim and use upon your victorious path of solar awareness.
            I, Maitreya, support Morya El in his plans to secure future dispensations of light for the Hearts Center movement. All who have put their pen to paper to support the master of the first ray through their will and testament,4 I now bless. And I, Maitreya, will support you in every endeavor, in every project, for I serve on the eleven o'clock line of God-victory. Remember this. And I am there to support you in the final initiations that come as that eleven o'clock hour test to see if you will be resolved enough to fulfill the final increments of work required for your victory.
            All those who have attested to Morya's presence in their life through their will, I suggest that you also secure Morya's testament through his book on the aura, for embedded within that sacred work and tome you will find much food for thought—new thought, divine thought, God consciousness, Solar awareness. And I, Maitreya, will be shining forth my light from within those words for you to access to know yourself as God and your own Buddha nature again. Om, Morya El, Om. God bless you and a happy Easter to all, to your extended families and to all who come within the auras of your love. Thank you.

1. The Maha Chohan is the representative of the Holy Spirit.
2. Genesis 1:26, 27.
3. John 9:4, 5; 12:35.
4. Heartfriends were encouraged to state within their final will and testament that a portion (at least 10%) of their assets be given to The Hearts Center upon their transition from this Earth.  As a result of many doing this, El Morya was able to continue to offer sponsorship of The Hearts Center and ongoing HeartStreams through the messenger.

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