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Amen Bey      March 29, 2013

Beloved Amen Bey
David Christopher Lewis
March 29, 2013   8:04–8:13 pm MDT
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

A Clearance of the Astral Plane and of Your Emotional Body

            I am Amen Bey and I am here this night to lead you in a service dedicated to the clearing of the astral plane and of your own emotional bodies. Dearest ones, it is time that many more of you understand the dynamics involved in the complete transmutation of that which is unreal within you, within your emotional body, for this is where the majority of you make negative karma that at some point in your Solar evolution you are required to clean up once and for all in order to make that progress that is essential for your victory in the light.
                As you know, on this Good Friday the Lord Jesus, having been crucified, descended into the astral plane to preach to wayward souls a path of light and how they yet could be saved by accepting the destiny of their soul in the light; letting go of all that is past, dark and dense; and accepting the full radiance of heaven's glory within their being. The Lord Jesus, through his self-mastery as the living Christ, was able to assist many souls in making that leap into a new domain of beingness and presence.
                And the Lord Jesus comes this night also to assist us in this alchemical work of transmutation and of dealing with those frequencies in the subconscious and below the level of thought and feeling that most are willing to dig into in order that these pus pockets and dense vibrations may be utterly and permanently let go of and consumed for the victory of your souls and of the Earth itself.
                This process is a group effort, and so a number of ascended masters, including angels of Purity and my holy brother, Serapis Bey with his twin flame, within the retreat at Luxor will be involved in this dynamic sponsored by the Lord Jesus on this important day prior to the celebration of the resurrection. Therefore, dearest ones, understand the opportunity at hand and let go of that which you know to be unreal within you that can be dissolved by God's grace and through the laws of higher alchemy and transubstantiation. Let us begin, then, by the giving of the Crystal-Diamond Tube of Light1 as we invoke this holy radiance of perfection around us for the victory of our soul and spirit [prayer given].
                Blessed ones, I am happy to announce to you that twenty-seven thousand souls have been freed from the astral plane as a result of your work and the work of other spiritual lightbearers on this Good Friday. It is an important date in cosmic history, for these souls rising out of the astral, escorted by angels of Gabriel and Hope and resurrection angels, may now abide in the etheric octaves and learn more of higher truth. And the momentum that they will garner and gain in coming days, weeks and months will be important for the holding of the balance within the earth body itself for all that is about to transpire in the way of initiation for the evolutions upon Earth, that which is coming and that which is already beginning to manifest at deep levels of every being evolving here.
                In coming months and years you may just look back to this date, blessed ones, to see how it was a turning point for many and the beginning of the onset of a new field of beingness and of the activation within the soul of the Earth of new frequencies of light. You may use again and again, if you desire, the ritual that I have led this night if you ever feel the imbalance within your emotional body or feel that you require a certain boost to get beyond the malaise that may have temporarily set itself upon you of darkness in any form. For the angels of Purity, and Purity and Astrea themselves, will come again and again, carving away deeper elements of what you have accommodated within your being to allow the true you to shine forth with its holy brilliance and radiant stream of God-energy.
                Now my Beloved Clara Louise comes, the regent Mother of the Flame, 2 to seal the energies of this ritual and the radiance of her overshining and nurturing light. May you all feel the Mother Light from deep within you accelerating, the kundalini rising, and the brilliance of your being manifesting in a greater way day by day as you accept truly that which God sees within you as pure and real, making it your reality through the law of inner understanding, inner wisdom and acceptance.
                I request that you play my Beloved's keynote, “Calm is the Night.” And as she spreads the wings of her love-fires across America and the world, may the impelling reality of that Mother energy bless all with pure love and holiness.

1. Prayer 0.001 in The Hearts Center's Prayers, Decrees and Mantras.
2. The Ascended Lady Clara Louise (Kieninger) is Amen Bey's twin flame and the regent Mother of the Flame within the dispensation of The Summit Lighthouse activity. The office of the Mother of the Flame is held by one who humbly holds and radiates the pure white light of the feminine ray on behalf of Earth's children. Clara Louise Kieninger arose daily early in the morning for many years, praying for the youth of the world for many hours. The mantle of this office was transferred to Elizabeth Clare Prophet shortly before Clara Louise' transition and ascension from the Earth.

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