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Kuthumi      March 24, 2013

Beloved Kuthumi
David Christopher Lewis
March 24, 2013  6:47–7:06 am MDT
2013 Spring Equinox Retreat
Spiritual Empowerment through Divine Love—Receive the Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Kuthumi Lends His Momentum of Peace
to Those Who Would Be Advocates of the Word

An Angel of Peace Fans the Fires of Cosmic Peace across Our Earth

            Peace, be still and know that I AM God.1 Peace, be still and know the I AM who is God within. Peace, be still; for, blessed ones, the life, the truth and the way of being may be manifest fully within you in the silence of Selfhood that comes when you access that still point of cosmic identity and the holy reality of your beingness in God when the outer is silenced and the inner is fully activated.

            In the freshness of the morning Spirit and the light and radiance of Palm Sunday, I come. I AM Kuthumi, and I support my brother Jesus in his sacred work as a World Teacher to bring greater God-consciousness to humanity through an understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.2 I lend my momentum of peace this day to you who would also be advocates of the Word, the living Logos, the Christos, as you embody that light in greater and greater aspects in a deepening awareness of your Presence and of the new possibilities for spiritual unfoldment that come because you have placed your trust in the Holy Spirit and now abide within that breath and as that breath of God.

            Understanding the gifts is not so difficult, dearest ones, when you simply breathe them in and accept them and then qualify them as the Spirit speaks from within you and emanates naturally in untold ways which are revealed to you each day as you dance with God, as you fly to the Sun in your meditation, and as you reinvest your heart through love unto the glorification of all that is beautiful and divine around you.

            It is a little cold here in the North, yes? And yet, at my home of light in the Himalayas we have learned to increase the lamp and the heat within that lamp within our hearts in order that the inner radiance may access what is required to sustain Holy Spirit comfortability every moment. For you see, the Holy Spirit truly regulates all through a type of cosmic autonomic system of the refreshment of self in God as you meditate continuously on the Source within and access all the essentials for your life lived in peace.

            Your Presence is a tremendous life-energy field that glows all about you. When you give reverence to this beingness, there is an effulgence in your world that all may feel and that will naturally magnetize to you those souls in alignment with our cause and who already have, planted within, the seeds of light, because they too know this great gift of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, accessing it through their own disciplines of the Spirit.

            It is an exciting time, blessed ones. The Earth is being raised in sacred fire crystal light, and you are a part of the dynamic of the transition from one age to another, whereby the old is let go of and the new is embraced. The angels witness the transformation and assist you in so many ways in your daily lives in this process. Go with the flow, and more importantly, grow with the flow as the flow of the Holy Spirit grows within you and expands your consciousness to new realms and dimensions of being. Why, I could say that if you are daring, every day you may access a new you in a higher dimensional vibration, pushing a little higher up into those cosmic domains of supernal light and having revealed from within a new testament of truth, a new gospel of hope, a new vision of a divine world yet to be discovered.

            Blessed ones, I consider you all holy brothers and sisters of the Order of the Ruby and Rosy Cross of Divine Love. Some of you have considered yourselves also to be members of our Order of the Golden Robe, whereby service and ministration as well as teaching are preeminent. The masters have called you higher to be teachers, presenters and advocates of holy truth; and so you have begun and offered new opportunities for training and for self-discovery through your website and classes. Continue on, dearest ones, and expand this movement so that those who feel called to offer their gifts and sacred talents may do so within the greater whole of your mission, finding their own niche within it. For, you see, it will take many more whom Jesus and I as World Teachers are calling to fulfill the great mandate of heaven to reach the hearts of thousands and, if you believe, even millions with our HeartStreams and your heartstreams.

            Precious ones, God's grace is great. You celebrate, in one sense, Jesus coming again unto the city of Jerusalem riding on that burrow, attended by many waving palms and placing them beneath the feet of the chosen animal.3 This symbology represents today a new opportunity for the Lord of Light to enter your heart and for a spiritual quickening that will afford many more the means whereby they may come to a higher altar of light to serve with you within this sacred movement of peace, brotherhood and divine love.

            An angel of peace now stands here in your midst, fanning the fires of cosmic peace across our Earth as an investment from those of our holy order, creating wave patterns and crystalline streams as light-avenues that many may now walk upon, ascending in consciousness to receive greater gifts of the Spirit and join forces with you in this holy mission to bring awakened consciousness and divine radiance to our planet.

            Let there be peace within every heart. I proclaim it, and I anoint you today even before the coming of the Great Lord, the Maha Chohan, preparing the vessel of your being and soul for the baptism of fire.4 You see, dearest ones, your souls chose eons ago to be here at this juncture of time and space to receive a certain quickening in order that your greater mission of light may ensue and be fulfilled in cosmic measure for the blessing of all lifewaves evolving here.

            The answer to every dilemma and every burden may be ascertained through stillness; and through that stillness, through peace; and through that peace, through love. You know this. It is simply a matter of setting aside the time, the focus and the energy to access it through a disciplined life of love, by God's grace, and through the gifts of the Spirit that are yours to accept and to acclaim on behalf of all life.

            Peace, be still and know that you, O soul, are again awakened within the I AM THAT I AM as God beings. I thank you.

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2. Gifts of the Spirit. I Corinthians 12. Also see Jesus, March 24, 2014, “To Your Higher Self Is Given a Chalice of the Sacred Essences of the Gifts You Have Called Forth.”
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