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Padre Pio      March 23, 2013

Beloved Padre Pio
David Christopher Lewis
March 23, 2013   5:20–5:29 pm MDT
Spiritual Empowerment through Divine Love: Receive the Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

The Gift of the Interpretation of Tongues

Being an Interpreter of God's Fire and Love

Beloved Ones,

            I am your advocate for the gift of the interpretation of tongues. And in my office as mentor of light and one who is invested in your soul's freedom, I direct currents of spiritual fire into and within your chakras, which are your centers for interpreting God within you. When you are centered in love, every chakra spins with ease and glory. When you are engaged in divine work and service, there is an increase in your vibration that allows for resonance, harmony and the peaceable kingdom manifest within you.

            Those who interpret are those who are adept at bridging the gap between languages and modes of communication. Those who understand the nuances of speech and the patternings of the voice as it delivers its message can truly bring to bear within their words the essence behind the message and convey the light-energy proffered to the initiate and the world at large.

            Within you there is often a disconnect between what God is sending and what you humanly interpret the message to be based on your own experience. Gaining insight through stillness allows you to truly cognize and surmise the pure stream that houses the message and the words and is composed of their intent and their essence.

            Simultaneous translators are those who are adept at both receiving and giving, walking a tightrope and being able to balance the two—the cause and the effect at once—using the Alpha and the Omega, the right and left brain working in conjunction and harmony, listening and speaking and processing all within the eternal moment of the Now.

            When one does not fully cognize, an interpreter is often required to bring the message to that one's language and heart. Would you be the interpreter of God's fire and love for many, meaning that you are centered, you are still and will convey with accuracy and specificity what is delivered, with joy and an abundant heart, effulgent in love toward all?

            I AM Padre Pio. You thought I was Saint Germain. [laughter] He has allowed me to invest my energy here before his final message of love to you. You see, did any of you interpret fully that I was here? Thus it was a test, even for David, to discern my coming and vibration.

            Pleasant ones, I give you now the Master of Aquarius, who will augment what I have shared.

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