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Cosmos      March 23, 2013

Beloved Mighty Cosmos
David Christopher Lewis
March 23, 2013   6:51–7:10 am MDT
Spiritual Empowerment through Divine Love: Receive the Nine Gifts of the Holy Spirit
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Learn to Be Still

I Initiate You if You Choose to Be Disciplined Ones

            I am intent on your delivery from your lesser self. What does this mean? It requires dedication, consecration to a holy purpose of beingness.

            I AM Cosmos. I AM still in God. Yes, I have remained still in God, you see, over vast eons of time, during which, through my connection with the essence divine, I have sustained the cosmos for the All in One.

            Did you think that somehow you could reach the pinnacle of being through a reference point of identity outside of the cosmic oneness? I say nay. Therefore learn to be still, to still the mind, the emotions and the body temple. For if you would merge with that holy essence of beingness that is God, it will require much more of you than what you feel now in your human experience is possible.

            Therefore fling open the doors of oneness with your Source by accepting light—the light of Cosmos, the energy of Cosmos, the radiance of Cosmos—now. For, blessed ones, if you cannot be obedient, remain still and be on time and in your appointed space within our sanctuary of light, how do you think that you can attend to the Almighty within the vast Cosmic Egg of the cosmos as an enlightened and God-free being, always attentive to the laws that govern diurnal worlds and sensitive to the most subtle vibrations of God's heart of pure love? Attend to the details of your life with reverence and with cosmic specificity. Determine that, come what may in terms of what you now call opportunity, you will see through all that opposes your victory and your oneness through foresight and will correct self in the process of being delivered by your reality from that which is untrue about you.

            If you think the Maha Chohan and Serapis are disciplinarians, dearest ones, I am much more fiery than they, and I am determined that each and every one of you sitting here in your chairs will have your victory in this life. All things are possible if you are one-pointed and enter the one point of God's being by focused concentration upon light, pure unadulterated God-light.

            In the past within the sacred retreats of the Brotherhood, the disciplines were a thousand times more intense than what this one sitting before you as our advocate is requesting, dearest ones. Why, you should have seen that which was required of initiates in ages past in India, in Egypt, in Lemuria in terms of that which brought the being to stillness and oneness.

            I have come because of the necessity of the hour for some among you to make the great leap—through faith, knowledge, wisdom, healing, miracles, tongues, interpretation of tongues, discernment and prophecy—into a new realm of holy beingness with the Holy Spirit. For you see, this one has come to me and requested to know just what it will take for some upon Earth to give birth to a new age of divine reason and holiness.

            Therefore I call you and I initiate you if you choose to be disciplined ones. I enfire you with the spiritual energy that is essential for your oneness. Do not make exceptions or think that somehow you are not required to abide by that which the masters of this movement have asked, have lovingly requested and at times have even, through great fire of intention, directed the leadership, the heartfriends, the staff and the volunteers to accomplish.

            There is a reason for every request. And if you could see the stream of the cosmic activity of what could be if you would set your hand to the plow, you would give up your lesser self fully and employ your greatest gifts of the Spirit on behalf of these beings of light who have sacrificed much to sponsor you and this movement. You would, I daresay, be much more fiery than you are now, blessed ones. This does not mean that you are not loving or kind, compassionate or gentle in your speech and in your communications one with another and with all life. It means that there is an inner, steely resolve that you will be virtue embodied; that you will be love incarnate; that you will be that which the Lord Jesus demonstrated through his own Christ consciousness as the way, the truth and the life for an age dawning; and that you will use your voice to choose life over death and nihilism, as Saint Germain will convey to you today by way of earnest teachings on the path of light, even of prophecy.

            Precious ones, I hope that you feel some directed fire deep within your soul as an impetus for greater accomplishment and spiritual development. No one else can ascend for you. It requires the all-givingness, by conscious choice, of you and you alone, determined every hour to be true to your Self, to live according to the cosmic laws that you already know. And when you are ready for some that are beyond the current ken of your mindfulness, I will deliver them; I will lift you up; I will invest cosmic frequencies within your subtle bodies that will allow you to experience greater light, greater God-beingness, yea, greater love.

       I assign an angel of cosmic fire to each of you who will now, as a signal of your assent, raise your right arm and accept that this one will be there to guide you, to guard you, to direct you to the allness of the true path of cosmic love, of holiness and of virtue. I daresay again, dearest ones, that this will require more than you may have heretofore been willing to give if you are to follow this cosmic scout into divine battle, even passing through the fiery initiations of the transfiguration, the crucifixion, the resurrection and the ascension. (You may lower your hands.)

            Some of you have as your goal your ascension. I provide to your Holy Christ/Buddha Self now the scenario that must be fulfilled, within cosmic parameters and within cosmic and human space and time, in order for you to move to that point where you will one day stand on the dais of light at Luxor or at the retreat of your choice, having fully qualified for this initiation. And the love fires of God pouring through your soul will lift you up into the arms of the Divine, free forevermore to live as one with God.

            Yes, I will provide, as it were, an early panoramic life review, with the addition of a vision of opportunities in your immediate and progressive future for you to lovingly pass through so that you may be victorious. I set cosmic markers that you will know from within are essential for you to meet upon this way. You will feel internally the prompting to go here, to go there, to do this, to do that, because the angel assigned to you will look directly unto you and, with great joy, lead the way through all.

       What an opportunity! What a blessing is bestowed this day through this dispensation. Some of you have asked for divine direction. You know not fully your dharma or your plan for next week, let alone next year or ten years from now. Walk in the light; live in the light; abide in the light; drink in and assimilate the light. No matter what your pathway looks like, no matter what your vocation or your calling, each is required, as a lightbearer, to bear more God-light.

       I increase the light in this room so that you may feel what it is like to live with Cosmos for a minute. [Audience sits in silence briefly.] Yes, it is joyous, cosmically so. And it is also daunting to understand, through the initiatic path, the essentials of love that must be accepted and emerge from within in order to continue in the way to be pure cosmic fire.

       I irradiate you with divine love now. And through the gentle pressure of this light, I seal you in your true spiritual essence, forevermore to live as godly beings, one with the eternal Heart. I thank you.

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