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Gabriel      March 01, 2013

Beloved Archangel Gabriel
David Christopher Lewis
March 1, 2013   9:30–9:52 am MST
Livingston, Montana

Gabriel Comes to Remind Us of Our Divine Calling

Go Forth and Fulfill Your Destiny and Give Birth to a New Earth through Love

Radiant Ones Who Would Know the Voice of God Within,

            I am come into your midst to blaze forth the fire of God-purity, wholeness and perfection, whereby you, O soul, may rise within the spiritual vortex of your higher understanding, knowledge and feeling of God in order to ascertain a higher way of light, a more noble way of living.

            I AM Gabriel, and I ray forth the annunciation light that says to you, O soul: You are here, and you are real within the greater aura of God's awareness. Yes, I am here to remind you of your high and holy estate and your divine calling to live a spiritual life of union with your Source, of attunement with your True Self, who has always been within you, available for you to resonate with and to attune to in order to fulfill your highest purpose in this life.

            There is a stir within the cosmos, a cosmic energy that brings all to a heightened opportunity of Self-awareness in God. If you would access these holy frequencies that we the archangels bear on behalf of mankind, then be still and know that I AM God; that the I AM within you is God; that you have the right to claim your suchness within God's Presence, your essence within the holy field of God's eternal being; and that from that new point of reality, to live, move and have your being within the cosmic alchemical frequencies of purity, of presence, whereby all possibilities may come to fruition within your life.

            You seek greater awareness. How, O soul, shall you access this? It is a simple equation of focusing your awareness upon God, light, the Source, the All in all. Look no farther than within yourself to access this light, this energy, this divine frequency of pure beingness. For when you ascertain, when you fully recognize that the kingdom of God is within you, then all comes into play within your life. You know yourself as a true spiritual being, one with your Source. And then, O holy ones of God, all things are possible unto you through your Christ consciousness, within your Buddhic essence as your Mother energies are raised up the spinal altar to the crown of being and you have the full flowering of your divinity right within your body temple.

            There is a great teaching vouchsafed to one son of God, David Spangler, about the incarnation experience within time and space, here within the matter planes. We resonate with that which he has received and espoused because, blessed ones, I was the one who also proclaimed to Mary that the Christ, the one named Jesus, would be born, would be incarnated within her body temple, though at that time she was yet a virgin dedicated and consecrated to a pure path of light and oneness with God. You see, it is God's choice to incarnate within each and every son and daughter of God, not just one Jesus. Therefore if you take this understanding personally, deep within your heart, then you see that opportunity was laid before you before incarnating within this lifetime to anchor right within your temple the living reality of your Presence; whereby heaven descends into earth, even as you, within earth, ascend in consciousness unto the heaven worlds by your awareness of this “as Above, so below” dynamic and equation.

            Many seek to escape the Earth into another world, and flitting here and flitting there they dance and play within the cosmos. Yet there is no full anchoring of their God-essence and their sacred mission within works of the Spirit here in the matter planes. Dearest ones, you know the reality of how important your sacred labor is, whereby through your hands, through your heart and through your mind there is the employment of your talents and gifts to anchor in these three-dimensional planes all that you can to leave your legacy of light for humanity and for succeeding generations. If there is no deep and conscious work within your soul, within your consciousness to so employ that which God has vouchsafed unto you as these holy gifts of the Spirit, then you may just have to come into embodiment again and again until you understand this dynamic of the incarnation of the Spirit within you physically.

            You see, dearest ones, it took a body temple, namely that of Jesus, to allow the Christ consciousness to manifest within the Earth. It took a body temple, namely Siddhartha, called Gautama, who would anchor the living reality of the Buddha within the Earth. What will you anchor through your body temple of your highest essence, your true Solar Selfhood, within this lifetime so that you leave a heritage of Spirit and heart-centeredness; so that you, equating yourself with God, yet live within the realms of man in order to fulfill the fiat to be fruitful and multiply1 God's awareness within the Earth, to go forth and generate and regenerate God's Spirit within your world, O soul?

            You see, dearest ones, at times, as you may have heard, even the great archangels desire to come into your world with a greater physicality in order to bring into the awareness of humanity that which is beautiful, holy and divine of the higher worlds. So it was granted unto one, Mary, to so engage by fulfilling the cosmic mandate to be the one through whom the Christ would be born.

            Now, I daresay, that many of you are angels embodied, yet you may have forgotten your high and holy estate. You may no longer fully relate to the reality of who you are within your Higher Self, as angels from our bands of divinity. Therefore I am here this day to remind you that, through a simple shift in your understanding and awareness of your own angelic presence of light, there may be within your world a greater clarification, even a spiritual densification, of the high frequencies of archangelic choirs and serene seraphic and cherubic energy fields so that this Earth may receive through the chalice of its own being more of your God-essences in order that the Great White Brotherhood's plan may be fulfilled in this age.

            You see, dearest hearts, it takes each and every one of you to play your part within the great drama of light and life. And when you understand what is at play, what is truly at stake, then you will do all you can to be that point of reality, to be that one that God has chosen, because you have chosen the higher walk with God, to anchor that light and to bless mankind in the process.
            You know these teachings. I am simply bringing a slightly different understanding through the words that I speak this day in order to allow you to feel the integration of your Presence within your temple; to understand this equation through the resonant field of your true beingness, one with God; and then, more appropriately, to fulfill this divine calling through action, action, action—through words, deeds, works and dharma.

            I announce to you the imminent perfectionment of your soul wed to your spirit as you choose each day, each hour and each moment to live within your Christ consciousness, to live integrated within your Buddha Self and your Atmic Presence. It is a choice each hour to be or not to be God in manifestation. Choose life, and choose well how you live your life, trued to the Spirit, one with your Source, integrated with your reality, calling upon the Lord day and night, night and day, and being that pure vessel of kindness, hope, a blessing to all, a boon to humanity.

            We speak words of ennoblement because you are great God beings of light. You are spiritual dynamos of God-power, wisdom and love who chose to enter into a little bodily form; to go through the initiations of life; to evolve in your consciousness; to even go through the pains and travails, the trials and temptations; to come to resolution of all of your karma and your dharma in order to clearly identify with who you are; and then, through soulfulness, to act and give birth within yourself to the true light essences of your God Self.

            Hail, O soul, full of grace, the Lord is with thee! Blessed art thou among the sons and daughters of God incarnate upon Earth. And blessed is the chalice of thy being, through whom God, your own God-essence, is born and raised upon Earth this day. Holy soul, borne up in the winds of the Holy Spirit to understand your eternal nature, one with the Father-Mother God, pray for one another in love; cherish the hearts of everyone; know your eternality in Spirit and in matter; and then be that point of blessing to all life, including yourself.

            I AM Gabriel. I hearken always to the call of the Lord and sound the trump of the Spirit to call mankind to a new quickening of divine awakening unto their own Selfhood within the One. I call ye all to a new way of living, to a new way of loving, to a new land of light whereby all shall be made plain, all shall be resolved, and new gardens of the Spirit shall be planted within your lives so that one day all may partake of the fruits of a new world holy order of love, enlightenment and freedom. Yea, in this divine estate there shall be no more gnashing of teeth, no more tears or crying, no pain or suffering,2 only love, divine happiness, eternal joy and presence within the one light of God's reality.

            This may be, if you choose, your new world here and now within your own conscious awareness as you live in the light, as you love all with a holy equality and as you continue to give birth each hour, each day to a loving awareness of life where you are, O blessed one. Now is the time for you to live as a God being, integrated and incarnated within these matter planes. Now is the time for you to model what a true citizen of light shall be for this Earth. Now is the time for God to live within your heart, your mind, your words, your soul. As a spirited being clothed with substance, go forth and fulfill your destiny, O soul of light, and give birth to a new Earth through love.

            I AM Gabriel. I am here for you today throughout this twenty-four-hour cycle, with beloved Hope, to give you hope that all shall be well with you, that all is well with you and that life is worth living, because life is sacred—life is God. I thank you.

1. See Genesis 1:22, 28.
2. See Revelation 21:4.

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