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David Lewis      January 20, 2013

Beloved Chananda Darshan
David Christopher Lewis
January 20, 2013   11:50 am–12:05 pm MST
Livingston Sanctuary of the Heart
Livingston, Montana

Darshan with Chananda on Gun Control,
Abortion, and Reading about the Lives of Heroes and Heroines

 The darshan that we'll have after the sharing from Steve will be questions that you have for Chananda. So those online and those here may just take a moment to reflect on anything you'd like to ask the Master that would benefit all of us.

 Naja is the twin flame of—is she the sister of Chananda? Do we know who Chananda's twin flame is? Have we ever been told that? I don't recall. [Audience member replies: “Maybe we'll find out before the day is over.”]

Let's just take a moment in silence to send love to India. Some of us have been to India in this life. I can probably assure you that all of us have had at least one or more lives in India, some of us many lives. Send your love to Chananda to El Morya to Lord Maitreya, Gautama Buddha, many of the masters who have walked that sacred soil, masters of the Far East, even Jesus, Kuthumi, Djwal Kul, the great Babaji, Lahiri Mahasaya, Sri Yukteswar, Yogananda, Krishna and all the deities of Hinduism.

We don't have a lot of time for Chananda other than maybe about ten minutes. Does someone have a question for Chananda?
  There's one on the email.

David:  Okay, go ahead.

Boyd:  This is from __________.  Master Chananda, since you stood as the pillar of light with tens of thousands battling around you in India, how can Americans, who are so polarized on the the issues of the Second Amendment, the defense of self and country, resolve them? The mass consciousness of fear is so palpable and fragile that Americans are truly concerned for their safety.

David:  The Master is asking me to read something that I wrote this morning that touches on this subject in one point:

 “It is inconceivable to me that young women and young men alike can be convinced to approve of and partake of the murder of their own unborn child within the mother's womb by so-called physicians. The great lie of abortion will be so condemned by enlightened future generations that they will regard those of us who live in this time as the vilest of heathen, akin to slaveholders and cannibals.

 “We must meet this great lie with enough godly virtue within ourselves to lovingly inspire the weak minded to stand true, to accept themselves as worthy vessels of new life from on high. We must counter every form of the logical rhetoric with divine reason so that all mothers-to-be and fathers-to-be accept the concept of reverence for life. We must demand a new medical standard based squarely on the Hippocratic oath and replace the current barbaric laws that allow this disgrace with one that forevermore acknowledges that life begins at conception and that our bodies are sacred and truly temples of the living and loving God.

 “First we must erase within our minds and hearts any desire for lustful gratification and transmute our base feelings for sensual pleasure into a yearning for spiritual union with our dear Beloved. We must acknowledge that human passion can become spirited compassion, that the weakest among us may indeed be endowed and sanctified with a mighty mission, and that when we refrain from killing innocent animal life for our food we will begin the process of reconciliation with nature and with our Creator.

 “This is not an issue of bigoted religious do-gooders lording their theology over society. It is an issue of ethical logic and sane reasoning. When we consciously kill our own cells, our own flesh and blood, there is a direct result; for the law of the circle, the law of reciprocity, kicks in and says we must pay the piper. This payment comes in many forms and most assuredly has resulted in other murderous events. We cannot unlink civilized abortion from the recent mass murder of young school children. We cannot separate the warring of people's religions and nations across the globe from the warring within our own body temples, whether we call it intolerance or something else.

 “We now decry the bullying of children in our schools, yet abortion doctors are the most intolerant of the innocent, the most murderous of all bullies, for they perform their heinous crimes in the dark with the consent of the highest court of law of our land. We must change our culture now to avoid further suffering and loss. And the work begins first within us. Adopt rather than abort. Serve rather than sever life. Live and let live the unborn.

 “If our government leaders are demanding new gun-control laws, let us call them to task and also demand that the silent killing of the unborn cease. Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of dollars in taxpayer-funded federal aid each year to provide services that have resulted in the deaths of hundreds of millions of fetuses with beating hearts. Until abortion is outlawed once again, let every pregnant woman be required to see a sonogram of her own child and witness its beating heart and be asked the direct question, ‘Do you truly desire for someone else to end this little being's life within your womb?'”

 To end this tragedy, let us begin with ourselves. The reason we see mass murders and continuing war is because of abortion, because of the senseless killing of animals, the slaughter of the holy innocents within nature and now our own unborn children. When there is reverence for life throughout all lands, we will not require guns, armaments, weapons of war anywhere.

 Yes, our country has a Second Amendment, assuredly to safeguard the common citizen from a tyrannical government, such as what our early patriots experienced when they sought freedom from oppression from a tyrannical leader in Great Britain. Some are concerned with our own government now to the extent that many are even purchasing more weapons than ever before because of their fear that certain armaments, guns will be outlawed soon.

 It is amazing to see this dynamic occur. I have never owned a gun in my life. My wife had a husband who passed on from cancer shortly before or around the time that we met. He had three guns in his possession because he had been a Chicago policeman. We sold all three this past year because I did not want these guns in my home. Having said this, I champion the right of every U.S. citizen to defend their family within their home. I champion the right of people to bear arms because it is a right of our citizenry.

 Looking at this with a long-term perspective, in a world free from fear, war, hostility and violence, some may choose in advance to give up their guns and to not carry weapons or have them in their homes. Some may feel this foolhardy because of today's state of affairs. However, that is my choice, to live a fear-free life. So I see both sides of this issue. I understand those concerned with gun violence, gang violence, murders, especially in the cities and now in the schools. However, the change begins with us. If we eliminate, transmute and consume the cause and core of all violence, murder and mayhem within ourselves, then we will begin to see world transformation.

 Again, as the Master Omraam has shared, if we continue to eat animals, then how can we absolve ourselves of being part of this equation of violence in the world at large? And if we condone all manner of killing, especially through abortion, then how can we ask people to give up their right to own guns? It is one and the same dynamic, and we, understanding the linkage between all of this, can choose life rather than death. We can choose to be living beings living in our integrity rather to in any way engage in the death cult of today, or to even watch the violent movies that Hollywood continues to put out and which do not serve us.

 I watched one recently, Django Unchained. I was appalled at the violence within it, and I choose never again to subject my third eye and my heart chakra and my emotional body to such filth, even if inherent within it is a message of freedom for a slave, because the ends do not justify the means. And if we continue pouring out our money to Hollywood and their view of life, then we will continue to receive what we receive and it will bring about the demise of our entire civilization and culture.

 So vote with your money. Vote with your words, especially with your prayers and decrees. Let your voice be heard. Speak to your congressmen. Tell them the truth as you see it from your vantage point and the reference point of your life, whatever that truth may be for you. Each one may have a different perspective. Every perspective should be looked upon and attempted to be understood if we are to come to an understanding of one another.

 When you see the grief upon a mother's face whose young child has been murdered carelessly, you can understand why that one would desire to see guns banned. You have to get into the mind-set and the heart-set of that mother and feel what she is feeling, understanding. However, we cannot let politicians mandate or coerce to the point that our freedoms are lost in the process and we do not have what we require to defend life. For in defense of life, we do require at times the use of force, preferably the force of our words, but, if necessary, the force of our wills, using whatever means we have to defend freedom, liberty and life.

It is not an easy subject to deal with because there are so many dynamics involved. I do believe that the President is attempting to do something and that many well-meaning individuals in our government are trying to address and solve the problem. Let us simply pray for the highest outcome so that as a nation, as a people we do enter into a new spirit of understanding, divine tolerance and reverence for life, even as we solve the greater issues of mental problems, which are often caused by drugs, bad diet and all manner of factors.

 If we were to use taxpayer money for proper education and care of those who have issues and take the appropriate measures, begin to phase out the creation of weapons of mass destruction and armaments for armies, we would see the beginnings of a new civilization taking hold in which people no longer feel the need, because of fear, to have offensive or defensive weapons, which use all manner of new technologies to simply destroy life. Then we will see the beginnings of a new consciousness. Again, it begins with us.

 Thank you, __________, for that question, and thank you, beloved Master Chananda, for your very insightful response. God bless you.

            I'm going to go to __________'s question. He says: “I am reading a biography of Aimee Semple McPherson and I'm amazed by the many parallels between her life and the life of a loved one. Are their archetypal life paths that souls can choose to take when they are preparing for reembodiment, and would reading the biography of someone with a similar life path prepare you to pass the tests at critical points along that path?”

 It seems to me that the HeartStream by the Goddess of Purity almost answered this on one level. The masters do actually show us the lives of others who have passed their tests between embodiments and show us how we will be tested, when the tests will come, with whom and where. Now, we may not outwardly remember exactly what's going to happen with our testing, because to do so would spoil part of the spontaneity of it and the beautiful drama and opportunities presented. Yet there is, at a subtle level of our higher mind, a triggering mechanism, and when we are sensitive enough we can know, “Oh, I'm being tested. I had better be conscious and do what I know is right or listen to my Higher Self, listen my Christ Self and obey.”

 How many times have we had the experience of being prompted to do something and we didn't listen, and then we were caught and regretted not listening. Has anybody not had that experience? I think we all have, a number of times.

Participant:  I'd like to share an experience I had when I was twenty years old. I had gotten involved in a karmic relationship, and the day after we were married we were traveling along and for the first time in my life I became aware of being tested. And as we drove along, I'd say, “Oh, I passed that test. I passed that one. Uh-oh, I missed that one.” And all the way, for three days, that's what I did. I was totally aware of being tested in one form or another. And that impressed me immensely because I had nothing to do with the teachings at the time.

David:  But your soul knew.

Participant continues:  My soul knew, but it didn't happen till after this marriage took place and we were on the road. I still do it. I'm aware that I'm being tested and I'm aware if I don't pass it or, more rarely, when I do pass it. It's a good feeling.

David:  That sensitivity is born from a number of lifetimes of being obedient. So it's actually a grace to your outer waking consciousness for your soul to have that level of sensitivity, because then you can be careful. You can watch yourself. A lot of people are totally oblivious to this. They never know when they're being tested, and then they flunk, flunk, flunk, flunk, and then finally they get it. It's like the movie Groundhog Day, where he finally gets it. And so it's a blessing for you.

Participant:  I have a variation on that. It first started when I was about fifteen years old and I came very close to killing myself. But I first—

David:  Purposely or accidentally?

Participant continues:  I was doing something thoughtlessly, a little bit like we were just talking about, and I felt the impetus to stop and think—step, step, step, step ahead—of the subsequent things that would happen in the next twenty, thirty, forty seconds, or minute or so as a result of the decisions I was making just then. At the time I thought, “I've never done that before. Oh wait! I could die really soon.” And by God's grace I got out of it, but I've been able to do that ever since, which is to stop. First of all, I get a sense to stop, think ahead, and I see the future—boom, boom, boom, boom, boom through the stages that I just set in motion—and then I can change my course.

David:  Part of the problem of today, the Master is saying, in answer to __________'s question, is that the youth don't have the stories of heroes and heroines that people in the past, in early America had through all types of epoch tales, even reading Homer—the Odyssey, the Iliad and all these things. What they have now are examples, through the media, that are replete with violence and chaos and infamy. And they often glorify the anti-heroes, people that are involved in demonic stuff. Look at all the focus on these books and movies that are out on vampires. That's an example right there.

 So __________, whose written a book, I believe it's on Aimee Semple McPherson, asked if we should publish it. And the answer is, “Of course. You publish it. You don't have to wait for The Hearts Center to publish these stories of heroes and heroines, which would be good for the youth, because they require this.”

So in answer to __________'s question, yes, the more we read on the lives of the saints, the more it embeds that matrix, that engram in our consciousness. Then if we have to go through a situation similar to theirs, we'll stop and think, or there will be a little prompting that comes into our awareness that can help us pass our tests. We can overcome because we've seen, through our reading or through movies or whatever, that others have made it. So it is important to read the lives of the saints.

            And, yes, it's important, especially when you know that your life or a loved one's life has a similar track. In fact, those are the best ones to read. I've been reading a book that someone gave me on the pilgrimage about one of my past lifetimes. I had read two or three books about this guy, and this one is different. And I'm learning a lot more and actually seeing things that are really interesting. There were parallels to this life all along. Why am I traveling all over the world? Well, that guy traveled a lot, and maybe there's a parallel in planting seeds of light in this life. So, yes, do it. That's the short answer. Read 'em. Read 'em and write 'em.

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