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Lanello      December 28, 2012

Beloved Lanello
David Christopher Lewis
December 28, 2012   9:45–10:30 am MST
Paradise Valley, Montana

Let There Be Light!
Lanello Encourages Us to Make Greater Progress on Our Path

Precious Ones,

The light of God is shining forth this morning upon your soul and within your being to provide for you, each one, a greater impetus of light for you to ascend in consciousness to the heart of God and fully embrace your Presence—the Presence of love, the Presence of divine joy, the Presence of eternality within the One.

It is my great pleasure to be with you again in spirit and within these domains of time and space where you abide, consciously applying the sciences of your being to the great dilemma of the age, which is whether you will fully embrace your Godhood and merge with your true reality or whether you will require another round or rounds of existence in these veils of time and space in order to learn the final lessons of life and move into those higher dimensional planes of being that the ascended masters live within in pure joy and divine bliss.

Your choice is present each morning as to what you will engage in and embrace of your true purpose, your divine plan, your holy mission of life. And when you forthrightly agree with your higher mentors to engage at the highest level that you are capable of in this sacred work of the ages within your own being and ascertain, through your connection with your Source, what is essential to move forward step by step, then we will assist you in this great work and allow you, through your freewill experience, to know God with an ever deeper presence of purity, possibility and presence.

I AM Lanello, and often I come on that birthday of my last incarnation, Christmas Eve, to anoint you with light and to provide an impetus at the time of the Christ-mass for you to move into a greater conformity with the Spirit—the Spirit of the One, the Spirit of the Christ and of the Buddha and of all true avatars and teachers of the ages who have moved within the flame of divine love to be an encouragement and an example to humanity of a pure life of oneness.

If I could say, dearest ones, one thing that would encourage you to make greater progress on your path, it would be for you to embrace yourself truly as a pure son or daughter of God; to accept who you are as a Sun-center of being; to live in the effulgence of that which God has vouchsafed to you in the beginning of your existence as the purity of your soul and spirit; and to truly know with a surety, with a cosmic certainty, that you are vested with the authority to live within your Presence, shining forth your light and blazing forth the reality of who you are.

As I descended into my little body form as Marcus Prophet on that Christmas Eve, I was assured by my mentors that truly I would come to the point on the path within my life where I would be sublimely inspired, not accosted, by the Master El Morya to attend to the details of my already planned mission to be a great servitor of light to humanity through the messengership, which would be provided unto me so long as I was true to my destiny, my divine course, and fulfilled all through the flame of divine love.

Well, dearest ones, I am here to tell you that before you incarnated within these veils of flesh, you too were given the cosmic mandate to go forth and to fulfill your reason for being, to invest yourself in the work of the Universal Great White Brotherhood in all possible ways and to prepare yourself judiciously and expeditiously so that you could truly be both a witness to that light and, through your own sovereign and divine work, a participant in our great plan for the advancement of souls and of the age of divine reason, that holy age of Aquarius dawning in this cycle.

Look at your life clearly. See where you have come from. Feel your Presence now and know that where you are going—into the light—is your divine course. As you accept the reality and the physicality of your Presence light shining within your chakras, your auric field and your being, dearest ones, then you, as a Sun center of light, may fully employ all the gifts of the Spirit, all the precious gems and pearls of divine beingness that you are able to in order to be successful in every way, to be victorious at every turn, to truly make divine progress on your path.

In the very beginning of all that is, was and ever shall be, there was the outbreath of the One whereby, through the song celestial, the Great I AM did declare, “Let there be light.”1 Consider how you may make this fiat every morning as you arise and embrace yourself as a new being, as a new creature in Christ. “Let there be light, O Lord, within my heart, enough to love everyone and everything with the effulgence of your Spirit. Let there be light within my home, within my mind, within my soul so that I may serve you to the highest purposes today. Let there be light within my body temple so that I may overcome all elements of my not-self and embrace fully my divinity and be of greater service to all.

“Let there be light within my community and through the circle of oneness of all of our connectedness and all that we together are employing of our gifts and graces. Let the Spirit move through us and create new possibilities and probabilities and even the potential for the resolution of all conflict and all disparities so that as one family of man we may truly bring forth a world of peace, beauty and joy right here, right now. Let there be light within the world at large, that I may magnetize to myself and to my family all that I require of the heavenly resources of the Spirit to fulfill my greater purpose on this day and within this hour.

“Let there be light within my voice so that my words may ring true to you, O Lord, that they may find resonance within my heart and that, truly, each word may be acceptable in your sight—prayerful, beautiful, reverent and holy. Let there be light within every chakra of my being. May their spinning be true and purposeful, and may the petals of love, wisdom and power—yea those threefold-flame-fire petals of God-glory within me—burn brightly this day and awaken and quicken many to a higher concourse with the Spirit, to a new purpose of beingness in your glory, O Lord.”

Yes, dearest ones, you may use this original fiat of the Lord God in so many ways to employ his Spirit, her divine beingness within your world, within your life in order to bring you and all greater joy and presence each moment.

Now I would tell you a little story that I was privileged to observe from the ascended state when reviewing the records in akasha of the coming of the Lord Jesus as the babe in arms within Mary and Joseph's sacred company. The star of his appearing was great, for the light shone throughout the entire region, and many a soul wondered at this astronomical anomaly and what portent it bode to the Earth and to the souls living within that region of Palestine. The star of the Presence of Jesus shone brightly over the place where the little physical body temple would emerge from the womb of his beloved mother. And as that star did shine, the shepherds sang and the angels sang, and the glory of the Lord descended through the rays of light from that starry presence over the crèche.

The hour of tenderness had arrived, and the infant child was born to a humble family, to those who had prepared themselves so lovingly, so consciously for this great cosmic event upon Earth. It was cold that night and so beloved Joseph prepared in advance, with Mary, the swaddling garment that he would be enfolded within, so that he would be received into the world with the purity and the softness of this fleecy garment and feel comfortable within it.

Once the birthing process was over, the little babe opened his eyes and looked tenderly at his mother, and there was the conveyance in that moment of the most holy love of a soul for his mother that could ever be imagined, understood and embraced. And the tears that fell from the eyes of Mary reflected that smile of the beloved child. And one of those tears, through a simple wisp of a zephyr that an angel carried, fell upon a tiny little creature that had nestled itself close to Mary. And that little being, who was ill at the time, was instantaneously healed by this droplet of love from Mary's face.

You see, dearest ones, even in that very moment, the miracles of light of this great mission of the Holy Family began. And the humblest of creatures was involved in the divine affairs of God outplayed through these three in that hour. Now, you may wonder just what creature this was, yet I will leave that within the mystery of life itself for you to ascertain through your own communion with the Holy Family and with the akashic record of that moment, most sacred, most holy.

Yes, the tears of the Mother, the blessed Mary, do continue to flow at times through her images, her icons here and there across the world in remembrance of her children, suffering where they ought not, lost in unawareness, when they could, if they would, embrace their own eternal nature, learn the science of divine joy through righteousness and turn their lives around to live in the fullness and in the effulgence of God-glory and holy love.

Mary has even shed tears for each one of you when, at times, from the heavenly octaves of light she has observed that which you have unfortunately accepted within your lives that is not of the highest order, of the most divine vintage of the Spirit's fire and holy essence. Let us agree today that some time soon the tears of the Mother will cease to flow and that we will wipe them with our own kerchiefs of light; that we will embrace all of the teachings of the Universal Great White Brotherhood, desiring and conspiring to employ all that we know to be true within our lives so that humanity as a whole, so that families everywhere will live in harmony and peace; that through this universal sacred space of light, all tears of all mothers for their children shall be wiped away; and that we will embrace the consciousness of the Holy City, where there are no more tears of sorrow, as Jesus himself said in his dictation to John,2 and only divine light and joy, holy gladness and peace manifest.

As we hold hands in spirit as one community of light, let us understand the dynamics of motherhood as Mary embraced them and modeled them for all life and all mothers upon Earth. Truly the tender regard for the innocent child, the newborn and the unborn is what is required so that we may move beyond the seeming need for abortion upon this Earth and embrace each child in the mission that that child is destined to fulfill within its life. Yes, dearest ones, if we can simply be love in the totality of our beings and allow each soul to embrace, through love, its own divine destiny, then there will be no more need for war, division, strife and violence, and a new divine world, embraced through this understanding and grace, will dawn upon our Earth and all shall be well—truly, all shall be well.

O gracious ones, I shine forth my light unto you, each one, this day, embracing you as a holy brother or sister. I hope that you can feel that same magnanimous heart fire, love-spirit that many of the pilgrims on our journey to Peru felt when I embraced them at the end of our Meru University course on December 20. Truly it was an opportunity for me to both feel the pulsations of your heart and to extend through my heart to you, each one, that which God gave unto me so that you would be enfired with a new divine light-energy field in order to make greater progress and come into your true gnosis of Selfhood in God.

O blessed ones, I could almost speak to you forever of the divine delights that await you in the heaven world after your ascension. For it is truly ever a new day in Spirit that manifests beyond time and space within the eternality of the great Holy City of light that you will live in once you have sublimated all that is unnecessary and embraced the completeness of your true I AM God Presence, your eternal Selfhood of light.

Let there be light now, O Lord, flowing within the lives of these your devotees, who so love you and would share that love in so many new and wonderful ways with their friends, compatriots, family and newfound heartfriends. Let there be light flowing heart to heart in a new antahkarana of the Spirit that allows all to be invested in a simple path of embracing God—God's plan, God's wisdom and God's love—within their lives so that we may once more have a world of peace and harmony, as there was in the beginning within the golden-crystal ages of the first three root races. And it shall come again in that time destined when the Earth and her peoples are quickened again by the holy flame of love.

Yes, gracious ones, I am here for you during this cycle of Capricorn. For I embodied within that time in order to bring the fire of God-power into play within the world through the voice of the Spirit that would speak through me as a messenger of light at the cusp of two ages. And I chose this one speaking unto you in this hour to also be my emissary with El Morya and many other masters to provide a continuing resource for our mission—yea the mission of the Two Witnesses—for it be carried forward into that age divine of divine love so that each one of you could fully embrace who you are, the sanctity of your soul and the sacredness of your mission, unencumbered by the potentates of darkness and the constraints of outworn methodologies, human and religious laws, and be free to be who you are as a God Self-realized one.

Yes, I embrace you again unto my heart to cherish your soul, to breathe upon your spirit a new breath of life, charged with the essence of God-consciousness from Solar worlds and empowered by that holy breath, which weaves its essences through the lives of those who are chosen because they have chosen God and placed the Divine first in their lives.

Clare de Lis and I invite you to that new retreat where we now abide above Lake Titicaca in the Island of the Sun. It is not new to the world at large. It is somewhat new to us, and we are redecorating, if you would, some of the sacred rooms, while also maintaining the essential elements of what the great God and Goddess Meru have invested within the holy environs of light of this power center of illumination for the Earth, for South America and for all of the Americas.

As you see or hear the replays of our various HeartStreams, we are invested in your lives. And we invite you to learn all that you can learn from us in coming weeks, months and years in order to fulfill your mission as a teacher and representative of the Brotherhood in those ways that you truly have been called, in order to serve life in your highest capacity and with your greatest gifts of spiritual light and fire. New classes are beginning on January 1. We are so eager to share with you these divine essentials, which are required by all who would employ their spirits' fire in facing the challenges of this world. And we invite you to utilize the new resources that the God and Goddess Meru and Helios and Vesta themselves have provided for our use in assisting Earth in her Solar journey unto oneness again.

How do your new mantles feel, dearest ones? Can you, in this very moment, accept the virtues of God that are embedded within them, those that you have accessed and even mastered over many lifetimes of service to the light? Can you even see, some of you, what divine substance these mantles are composed of, the pure light-energies and sacred strands of divine consciousness that you have woven over vast eons of time through the employment of your hearts' love fires to create this mantle itself?

You see, in a sense you have created it, and we have simply allowed it to be reinvested upon you on 12/21/12. And the Lord God himself has honored you within this initiation and new cycle of light, in order that you may once again feel fully invested in the greater work at hand.

O Clare de Lis, blessed Clare de Lis how I love that new prayer inspired upon David that you have begun to give, along with that prayer honoring me as your Sun King. Whenever you give these sacred prayers, dearest ones, we come, we bless you and we also suffuse our Presence around the world to bless many with the light of God and with illumination's fires and the great joy of our spirits.

In the tenderness of this hour, light and love flow to you from every ascended master whom you know. Receive it, accept it, embrace it and assimilate it deep within your being so that once that hour of midnight strikes between 2012 and 2013, with Gautama's coming, you will be sure of what you will accomplish in the new cycle. You will move forward ever in the light and, come what may in terms of challenges, initiations upon your soul and within your lives, you will stay true to your course, be firm in your resolve, clear in your understanding and honor God with your every choice, every word, every feeling and all that you engage in.

I AM Lanello. And as your jolly good fellow, I laugh the laugh of the victorious ones who have overcome and who are encouraging you—yes, you, O soul—to join us as overcomers and as the cosmically blessed, who behave righteously and therefore have succumbed to the divine love-embrace of the Almighty and merged with the Presence of pure love. I AM that love within you. I AM that joy within you. I AM that light shining ever and always within you, O blessed one of God.

1. Genesis 1:3.
2. Revelation 21:4.

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