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Sanat Kumara      December 18, 2012

Beloved Sanat Kumara
David Christopher Lewis
December 18, 2012   8:25–8:35 am MST
A Sacred Journey to Peru and Lake Titicaca: The Torch of Illumination Is Passed
Lake Titicaca Pilgrimage 2012
Lake Titicaca, Peru

Be Bold in Your Love

Children of the Sun, Sons and Daughters of the One Heart,

We are here to bless you with the presence of Venusian love, and we sing our song of love to you, and our angels come to anoint you with light. This is the love-light of heaven; it is the love-light of the conscious ones who ever behold the face of God, and in that bliss of oneness, know perfect presence. You know that you simply must live in your Presence, for in the Presence of God, there is love. In the presence of true love, there God is within you.

When you are expressive of love in a tender way, heart to heart, there we are. And a divine lullaby sings from within your soul to that one whom you cherish in a moment of timelessness and spacelessness where love is present. The light of love shines forth through you and the effulgence of God is manifest because you have allowed your being to be love.

Every divine culture that has ever manifested upon Venus, Earth or other planets has come into being by the love of the progenitors of those civilizations, who saw a clear vision of what could be for their people, and then it was expressed in all manner of creative ways, powered by love.

Would you be bold in your love this day for God and for one another, for the Earth and for all of the children of the Sun? [Audience responds: “Yes!”] This boldness will require of you, each one, a new type of sacrifice, surrender, selflessness and service, beyond what you may have conceived of up till today. For to be truly bold in love requires that you give beyond the self, that you give as God gives and as the angels also give. Many of you are embodied angels and you know internally how love can be expressed in very gentle and simple ways: through a glance, through a prayer and now through a new type of blessing, by simply being within your Presence the purity of love.

O holy ones, we draw forth love from your hearts and send it to the sun in this hour so that the sun itself and the Father-Mother being who ensouls the sun may multiply that within you which is true and then shower it again and again, as a gentle rain, upon your lives, your mission, your Earth. Feel now already this gentle shower of your love multiplied, returned unto you so that you may enter into the continuity of sharing it again and again with life. As you breathe deeply each day, you are refreshed in love from your Source in order to give as the sun gives.

The Master Jesus said, “Love one another as I have loved you.”1 We witnessed Jesus's love of his disciples, and many of you have witnessed the love of a number of divine teachers in this and in past ages who were so expressive of the purity of love that even the stones would cry out in honor of that level of presence and love.

Dearest ones, we are with you when you are loving. We are with you when your kind hearts respect others who do not understand you. We are with you when you move through trials, challenges and even temptations to leave the path for a moment and to move in the domain of self rather than of selflessness in God.

Yes, do not let go of love, even for a moment in time or space, blessed ones. For in that second when you lapse into unconsciousness, the forces of darkness may attempt to thwart you on your path of love. It must not be so. Remain present in love's power, love's divine embrace and the aura of love's effulgence, for in this you shall be true to Self and be victorious on your path.

May God's glory shine upon you. May God's Spirit move through you. And may love ever abide within your hearts, O precious and holy ones. God bless you.

1. John 13:34. 

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